Spiritual posts are certainly very important in our day today life but sharing motivational quotes in between makes all of us enthusiastic of such spiritual posts.

We all are living on this earth therefore we have a moral obligation to perform our duties perfectly so that there is a decorum on this earth.

When we will be the citizens of Paradise we will be asked to praise adore and worship incessantly as there won’t be any requirements of performing worldly duty over there.

Therefore we need to be motivated to be successful and to avoid distractions.


Very often we fight shy of activities which seem to be tough but we ought to remember the fact that the very same activities are performed by human beings like us.


To be successful we only require firm determination and perseverance and above all self confidence.There are limitations but those are made by others,we have to define our own limitations because others don’t have any idea of our capabilities.Others make limitations based on their capabilities.


So many have ignored their own potential simply by looking at the perfect works of other people .We must not look at a perfect painting and judge our abilities because the person who is a legend today had perhaps begun his career with broken chalks and the walls of his/her rooms.So there’s no harm in starting any work with scratches.

Thank you very much.Take care.💗


As we find so many things on this earth to be happy we also find enough issues of separation in the present world today.

From the ancient time, may be from the primitive age men’s unending search for the real objects,real relationship and real love has not ended yet.

We all suffer a lot whenever someone offers fake love or artificial objects to us.Sometimes we don’t accept it but there are straight forward people who objects or protests such attitudes.

We love to be happy with whatever real objects we can afford otherwise we remain alone, a solitary life is far better than an artificial or fake love affair.

We are the most intelligent creatures on earth hence we understand very well that love for artificial things don’t satiate our thirst.It is transitory, when a fake object is destroyed or spoilt we feel bad so we avoid anything that is fake.

When the person whom we love dearly abandons us we find life miserable.Sometimes we curse such people.

When we cheat someone or bluff someone we prepare ourselves to be cheated in the similar way.

Please read the full texts to understand the consequence of falsehood.(It is a bit lengthy but worth reading)

27 When Isaac was old and his eyes were so weak that he could no longer see,he called for Esau his older son and said to him, “My son.”

“Here I am,” he answered.

Isaac said, “I am now an old man and don’t know the day of my death.Now then, get your equipment—your quiver and bow—and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me. Prepare me the kind of tasty food I like and bring it to me to eat, so that I may give you my blessing before I die.”

Now Rebekah was listening as Isaac spoke to his son Esau. When Esau left for the open country to hunt game and bring it back,Rebekah said to her son Jacob, “Look, I overheard your father say to your brother Esau, ‘Bring me some game and prepare me some tasty food to eat, so that I may give you my blessing in the presence of the Lord before I die.’Now, my son, listen carefully and do what I tell you: Go out to the flock and bring me two choice young goats, so I can prepare some tasty food for your father, just the way he likes it.10 Then take it to your father to eat, so that he may give you his blessing before he dies.”

11 Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, “But my brother Esau is a hairy man while I have smooth skin. 12 What if my father touches me? I would appear to be tricking him and would bring down a curse on myself rather than a blessing.”

13 His mother said to him, “My son, let the curse fall on me. Just do what I say; go and get them for me.”

14 So he went and got them and brought them to his mother, and she prepared some tasty food, just the way his father liked it.15 Then Rebekah took the best clothes of Esau her older son,which she had in the house, and put them on her younger son Jacob. 16 She also covered his hands and the smooth part of his neck with the goatskins.17 Then she handed to her son Jacob the tasty food and the bread she had made.

18 He went to his father and said, “My father.”

“Yes, my son,” he answered. “Who is it?”

19 Jacob said to his father, “I am Esau your firstborn.I have done as you told me. Please sit up and eat some of my game,so that you may give me your blessing.”

20 Isaac asked his son, “How did you find it so quickly, my son?”

“The Lord your God gave me success,” he replied.

21 Then Isaac said to Jacob, “Come near so I can touch you, my son, to know whether you really are my son Esau or not.”

22 Jacob went close to his father Isaac,who touched him and said, “The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau.” 23 He did not recognize him, for his hands were hairy like those of his brother Esau;so he proceeded to bless him. 24 “Are you really my son Esau?” he asked.

“I am,” he replied.

25 Then he said, “My son, bring me some of your game to eat, so that I may give you my blessing.”

Jacob brought it to him and he ate; and he brought some wine and he drank. 26 Then his father Isaac said to him, “Come here, my son, and kiss me.”

27 So he went to him and kissed him. When Isaac caught the smell of his clothes,he blessed him and said,

“Ah, the smell of my son
    is like the smell of a field
    that the Lord has blessed.
28 May God give you heaven’s dew
    and earth’s richness—
    an abundance of grain and new wine.
29 May nations serve you
    and peoples bow down to you.
Be lord over your brothers,
    and may the sons of your mother bow down to you.
May those who curse you be cursed
    and those who bless you be blessed.”

30 After Isaac finished blessing him, and Jacob had scarcely left his father’s presence, his brother Esau came in from hunting. 31 He too prepared some tasty food 

Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel

After Jacob had stayed with him for a whole month, 15 Laban said to him, “Just because you are a relative of mine, should you work for me for nothing? Tell me what your wages should be.”

16 Now Laban had two daughters; the name of the older was Leah,and the name of the younger was Rachel.17 Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel had a lovely figure and was beautiful.18 Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, “I’ll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.”

19 Laban said, “It’s better that I give her to you than to some other man. Stay here with me.” 20 So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.

21 Then Jacob said to Laban, “Give me my wife. My time is completed, and I want to make love to her.”

22 So Laban brought together all the people of the place and gave a feast. 23 But when evening came, he took his daughter Leah and brought her to Jacob, and Jacob made love to her. 24 And Laban gave his servant Zilpah to his daughter as her attendant.

25 When morning came, there was Leah! So Jacob said to Laban, “What is this you have done to me?I served you for Rachel, didn’t I? Why have you deceived me?”

Jacob bluffed his father and brother Esau for the blessings. His uncle Laban bluffed him by offering her elder daughter Leah in place of Rachel for his rigorous seven years of service to his uncle Laban. (His own mother’s brother) Jacob had to offer his service for another seven years to have beautiful Rachel as his wife.

Sometimes we work for years and remain unsuccessful.

Now we realize the real issue.Don’t we?Whenever we bluff a child of God we forsake the Lord,he never does it. We are responsible for our own debacles.

Thank you very much.Take care.



There are so many beautiful things on this earth which delights us whenever we come across such things.We try to find some time to visit those places for a feast of our eyes.

We can come across so many beautiful things in our daily life yet we love beautiful people and the beautiful acts of fellow human beings.

Practically speaking everybody wants to perform their duties in a perfect manner but in trying to put things in order for ones perfection we make the tasks of others imperfect.

I mean those who are hindrances to our perfection are the toxic people,they are the ones who gives birth to negativity in us.We need to forgive them but at the same time we have to keep a safe distance from such people for our perfection.

This has become a major problem in today’s world .We have to take few projects if necessary to avoid negative people.

I am sharing my personal experiences of how some relatives of mine react when we speak of our charitable activities?

They call us saints,they don’t like our spending time in prayer meetings and in Churches .They do so because they are far from it .They don’t believe in the providential grace of the Lord rather they believe in their luck.

I can understand the reasons of their children’s unemployment,their bad companions but I don’t dare to help them with my pious advice lest they divert my good intentions .

Like many of you I am also fighting a battle to get rid of the negativities of life so that the beautiful ideas would turn into reality one day.

Don’t give up but be judicious to avoid negative people because we would love to see more of beautiful things created by all.

Thank you very much.Take care.💗



I am sorry as I was out of my state I could not read your inspiring posts  due to non availability of internet.

Nevertheless I am back so I shall be able to read your posts.

Today I shall share some photographs of the specially abled girls of an orphanage image.

Serving meal to the girls
Greeting Cards made by the girls using threads only.
Greeting Cards.
Lovely thread works.
Beautiful greeting card of lamp .If you wish to help the girls of the home you can order for greeting cards .

It was really an amazing visit to another state,I am thinking of helping the girls but I don’t know how I shall be able to do it ? I know God will help me find a way to do so.

Works of charity is a special grace of God,it is never a burden because it rejuvenates a person and strengthens to get the energy one requires to move on and on.

If you have everything and yet don’t have joy and peace of mind get yourself involved in some kind of charitable work.

We don’t require more money to start a charitable work.Sparing a little money for sharing brings more joy .

Thank you very much .Take care.💗


I myself don’t understand as to why I am so inclined to devotionals?Perhaps it’s because of my past and present sinful acts.The Lord has decided to make use of me to help people who are struggling.

Practically speaking the life of a human being on this earth ends in dust and ash whether it’s king size or a begger size.

If I have to die one day then it’s prudential to take care of both life,death and thereafter.When I can’t carry my hard earned riches then why should I spend so much time in earning more wealth?

If anyone has the opportunity to earn more than enough then let him/her use a part of it for those who cannot earn.Sorry I am not asking anyone to help me but you can spend it among the poor in your own region.

Those who have read the Holy books have learnt the fact that on the Day of last Judgement the poorest of the poor will have a upper hand and they will point out at you for your charitable work.

They will speak on your behalf ,they will insist on taking you with them to heaven.(Just imagine about the last Judgement like a movie)

If Heaven is to be occupied by the neglected and abandoned people of this earth then it’s better to live among them so that I don’t have to choose the other option of going to hell.

I don’t know whether I shall qualify the test of visiting heaven once but I shall be happy to be able to see the face of the Lord only once before the supreme Judge decides my fate.

Nevertheless I still have a hope of winning because I live with the poorest of the poor.

We have to be in peace with everyone ,we have to love everyone on this earth because we will not have the opportunity to complain about a person whom we hate here on this earth for receiving a confirmed ticket to heaven on the day of last judgement.

In that case we have to go for the second miserable options of living in the eternal fire because two persons hating each other cannot be in the same place.😔

Why am I writing this?I am doing so because we can’t see God on this earth but he has said “Whatsoever you do to the least of brothers that you do unto me.”

Thank you very much.Take care.💗

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I thank the Lord for giving us freedom to live our lives the way we like.We are so insignificant yet we have been rewarded because he had that faith in us when he created us.

He didn’t leave us like orphans,he has assigned an angel for everyone so that we can be guided whenever we are in trouble.

An angel is truly a powerful entity whom we can’t see but he can summon a thousand other angels if required to help us .

I remember a story of a pious young girl .Suzan was a beautiful girl who lived in a beautiful hilly region and one evening she was walking down a cobbled street when she noticed a fearful looking man standing beside the street with weapons but she was not distracted as she was reciting her prayers while she walked down towards her home.

After a few minutes she reached home,had a wash then took tea and  and sat in the parlour where her mom and sister were listening to that day’s news broadcasting.

She was shocked to hear the news of a young girl,who was molested and was wounded very badly exactly in that place which Suzan had passed few minutes before the accident took place and the wounded girl has been hospitalized .

In the next days newspaper she read that the police had nabbed some suspicious criminals to identify the criminal who had tortured that girl.

Suzan was very curious to look into the matter as she had passed that street on the same day and almost at the same time where the accident had taken place .

She decided to identify the criminal so she reached the Police Station in time.The Officer -in -Charge made all the criminals to stand in a queue.

Suzan began the identification procedure from the first one then the second one and when she reached the sixth criminal she screamed loudly and caught hold of his shirt and asked him, “why did you spare me when I too had passed that street when you were standing there with your weapons?”

The criminal said,”I could not harm you because I had noticed a strong and handsome person walking beside you in white robe.”

My beloved friends,never feel lonely because you are so precious to God that he has deputed a security guard for your safety.

If anything on earth fascinates you just ask your guardian angel to decide on your behalf to know whether its good for you or bad.

The battle is indeed a terrible one,no one can fight it alone and win it.

When Pharaoh’s soldiers chased the Israelites and tried to cross the Red Sea they were all drowned in the sea.They did consider themselves to be very powerful but that didn’t help them.

We have enemies so we have to be ready to fight a battle every moment because we belong to the Prince of Paradise .We are all princes and princesses so the Prince of Hell has arranged many tests and temptations so that we become his counterpart.

God never said that we are weak or feeble it is we who call each other by the names assigned by the evil one for the degradation of strong human beings .

Encourage all by telling them that they are indeed very strong and can win the battle that’s going on behind the curtain,inside our body,mind and soul.

Thank you very much .Take care.💗




It is impossible to find happiness without sufferings and it is an open secret today.

Everyone has to face the challenges of life to make others happy.So far no one has been successful by avoiding the sufferings of life.

Some how many of us have become habituated in exclaiming at the success of others but we don’t really know the hard work put into it.

Trust me I would have given up all these hard works if I would not have been a father.I feel it’s a sin to ignore the proper growth of a child .

In fact the staggering number of criminals on this earth is because of the selfishness of either a father or a mother or a dear one.

We all know that the birth of a child is possible because of the decision of two responsible people .

A child is like a little flower,very innocent and it doesn’t consider anyone an enemy.

Very often I come across many such incidents in the newspaper where a mother poisons her child and then she commits suicide.

Just imagine the little child must have swallowed the poison happily because of its trust in everyone ,especially its mother.

I had also come across another news of a mother who had to use her strength to throw her 6 years old daughter in the river before she jumped into it to die.The girl didn’t want to die.

I don’t blame people for their separation because I can’t put my feet into their shoes.

Parents are the real blessings of children therefore we have to move on and on for their sake.

We have to remember that when we abandon our children and seek God’s blessings for ourselves it becomes contradictory because we don’t keep our parental vows of looking after our children so the liabilities of the mighty one also becomes optional.

It is indeed a time of despair,people are ever ready to quit because of lack of patience and grace.We are living in a polluted environment,an environment polluted in every spheres of life.But at the same time We all are responsible people so whatsoever may be the reason we have to stick to our promises for a better future for those who are following us for their growth.

Thank you very much.Take care.💗



It is a message of patience and hope.If we are dreaming of an awesome encounter with the mighty one then we have to learn to wait till it’s time to receive a mighty blessing.

God sheltered Paul in the Arabian desert for three years and empowered him with the zeal of preaching the Gospel.He even sheltered him in the Roman prison where he wrote the prison Epistles;Ephesians,Philippians,Colossians and Philemon.

Mosses was under the guidance of the mighty one for forty years before he delivered the Israelites from the slavery of the Egyptians

God looked after Daniel for about seventy years in Babylon when he wrote the Old Testament book bearing his name.

We have so many people in the Bible who waited on the Lord patiently for his great commission and no one was belittled.

Don’t worry if you feel that you are unworthy because the Lord is capable of making anyone a worthy person provided we learn to wait on him patiently.

Mosses was dumped in a little basket to die in harness,Saint Peter was only a fisherman.Saint Paul was a criminal before he received the grace of the Lord.

Yet very often we feel that we are lacking so many things for example the strength to wait patiently,the grace to withstand sufferings and the wealth to help the needy and so on….

As human beings we know that our children will be employed only when they complete their studies ,I mean when they will complete their graduation or post graduation.

As a father I am ready to work hard till my son completes his post graduation as he is only in his 3rd semester of his honors graduation.

Why do I wait patiently? I do so because I know that I am helping him to prepare for his service hence he has to learn a lot of things before he is employed.

My beloved friends,when we understand that there is danger in taking up any responsibility without a thorough preparation then we have to learn to wait patiently till we receive the answer of our prayers.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born I set you apart;
    I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”-Jeremiah 1:5

So long we don’t find the real grace of the Lord to start something new means he is allowing us to be trained in that field with lot of joy and hope .

He is only preparing a way for you for us and also for me .Don’t make haste to jump into any venture without his grace,if we do then we will certainly be in the soup.

We have no objection to an unknown person jumping in the fire but we are always alert so that our loved ones are not in a fire because they rely on us .

Similarly when you, as a beloved child of God are trying to achieve something ,the mighty one will remove all that is evil in it,he will remove all that is toxic for your body ,mind and soul and only then you will achieve it.

So allow him to prepare all that you are trying to achieve and don’t forget to be in touch with him lest he feels that you are not interested in it.

Thank you very much,take care.Love you all the children of God.💗

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Thank you very much for your constant support without which I would not have been here today .

I am truly grateful for every view,like,follow,reblogging and comment I have received.

I know that I have miles to go before I close my eyes for ever.I am planning to preach through Vlogging so I request you all to pray for me and bless my future endeavor for the glory of the Almighty.

May the mighty God bless you all abundantly.

Thank you very much .💗Take care🙏



Behold, the Lord makes the earth empty and makes it waste,

Distorts its surface

And scatters abroad its inhabitants.

2 And it shall be:

As with the people, so with the priest;

As with the servant, so with his master;

As with the maid, so with her mistress;

As with the buyer, so with the seller;

As with the lender, so with the borrower;

As with the creditor, so with the debtor.

3 The land shall be entirely emptied and utterly plundered,

For the Lord has spoken this word.

4 The earth mourns and fades away,

The world languishes and fades away;

The haughty people of the earth languish.

5 The earth is also defiled under its inhabitants,

Because they have etransgressed the laws,

Changed the ordinance,

Broken the everlasting covenant.

6 Therefore the curse has devoured the earth,

And those who dwell in it are desolate.

Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned,

And few men are left.

7 The new wine fails, the vine languishes,

All the merry-hearted sigh.

8 The mirth jof the tambourine ceases,

The noise of the jubilant ends,

The joy of the harp ceases.

9 They shall not drink wine with a song;

Strong drink is bitter to those who drink it.

10 The city of confusion is broken down;

Every house is shut up, so that none may go in.-Isaiah24:1-10

It is strange but it’s a fact that whatever the Prophet had said thousands of years ago is happening today.

We have all the predictions of the next centuries but we cannot believe in the predictions from above because we belong to this earth.

You all are intellectuals yet I can feel that we have to pay heed to what our invaluable holy book says or suggests to ward off the calamities of the near future.

From the ends of the earth we hear singing:
    “Glory to the Righteous One.”

But I said, “I waste away, I waste away!
    Woe to me!
The treacherous betray!
    With treachery the treacherous betray!”
17 Terror and pit and snare await you,
    people of the earth.
18 Whoever flees at the sound of terror
    will fall into a pit;
whoever climbs out of the pit

    will be caught in a snare.

The floodgates of the heavens are opened,
    the foundations of the earth shake.
19 The earth is broken up,
    the earth is split asunder,
    the earth is violently shaken.
20 The earth reels like a drunkard,
    it sways like a hut in the wind;
so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion
    that it falls—never to rise again.

21 In that day the Lord will punish
    the powers in the heavens above
    and the kings on the earth below.
22 They will be herded together
    like prisoners bound in a dungeon;
they will be shut up in prison
    and be punished  after many days.

We all are looking for some encouraging message but this one is a bit tricky but our good lies in conforming with the instructions we find in our Holy Book.

Human beings guide us but with their own interests whereas the words of Prophets who are no more on this earth were selflessly expressed as they were directed from above .

This message reminds us of the saying ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’.

If we keep in minds the predictions and move forward then we will be cautious of the consequences of our wrong steppings.

Thank you very much .💗 Take care.I

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There was a time when it was very difficult for preachers to convince Atheists that God is present everywhere even though we can’t see him.

It’s a perfect time to tell them that even if you can’t see you have to believe because the virus is causing havoc everywhere.

No one is vulnerable so you have to maintain a social distancing,you have to wear a mask ,you have to wash your neat and clean hands to stay away from the deadly virus.

My dear friends,I don’t know whether you will believe me or not but the truth is people believe in the virus because it is killing and they don’t believe in God because he is always saving us .

Right now we have an example to show to the non- believers that just because we can’t see doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Whether people believe in God or not is not a big issue for the Omnipotent because He is 💗 love.He doesn’t know anything about hatred.

Hatred is a separate department managed by the Satan.Anything that is the handiwork of Satan is billions of miles away from God .

I believe that even if we all stop believing in God still he will not be rude to us .

Now the question is then;why are some people in trouble and are suffering every moment ?

You won’t believe that even I had this idea that my meeting with an accident was the consequence of my sinful act.

Yes it was so but it was not from the mighty one .It was a gift form Satan.

If I spend time with my friend in his bar or liquor shop he will often offer me drinks as a token of my friendship.If I spend time with my florist friend he will certainly offer a bouquet free of cost whenever I need to visit someone on an auspicious occasion.

We will always live with problems because we are accustomed with it yet we have to find time to spread the message of love to everyone.

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? -Romans 10;14

We find millions of You tubers trying to share videos on different topics to help people .They didn’t start to have a few subscribers but a huge number so their hard work pays .

The only topic that is likely to cross all records of subscribers is the topic on “living” because death has been a terror since ages and it is so during the present times.

If you are planning of vlogging  you can plan of spreading the message of the Messiah … amazing message which teaches everyone the ART OF LIVING.

Thank you very much .💗Take care.

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That will be outstanding.