Sundays are great days,a day different from the other days.On this day one can rest,look after the cleaning of the house and it’s also a day when one can look after one’s soul.I decided to read the Holy Bible.After reading Genesis 4,I stopped and felt like sharing something new;my own findings which are not in the book.

Cain took his brother Abel to the field and killed him.Cain committed the worst sin even after getting the assurance of the Lord “If you do well,will you not be accepted?And if you do not do well,sin is lurking at the door;its desire is for you,but you must master it.” Genesis 4:7

Then the Lord said to him,’Not so!Whoever kills Cain will suffer a sevenfold vengeance.’And the Lord put a mark on Cain,so that no one who came upon him would kill him.Then Cain went away from the presence of the Lord,and settled in the land of Nod,east of Eden. -Genesis 4:15-16

Cain knew his wife,and she conceived and bore Enoch;and he built a city,and named it Enoch after his son Enoch. -Genesis 4:17

Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named him Seth,for she said,’God has appointed for me another child instead of Abel,because Cain killed him. -Genesis 4:25

Adam and Eve were the first man and woman whom God had created in his own image.The Holy Bible speaks nothing about any other creation in the land of Nod,east of Eden.The question is ;Who was the wife of Cain?Where did she come from?

Before the creation God lived with his beloved Archangels and angels,who worshiped him,adored him and stayed beside him.Out of those angels and archangels he had some favourite ones. Lucifer was the favourite one just like archangel Michael.Lucifer had mastered almost all the art of the Almighty.Everything was going on well but when God decided to make man and woman in his own image Lucifer didn’t like the idea.He felt sad persuaded the Lord to give up that particular idea as he knew that his importance would become less.So he revolted and said that “He was like God” and archangel Michael cried aloud and said “Who is like unto God?” and thus a worst battle had begun in which archangel Michael won the battle in favour of God and drove Lucifer and the other angels who supported him into a deep pit of fire called hell.

From that very moment Lucifer’s plan was to spoil the newly created man and woman.He entered into the serpent and tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the Garden. -Genesis 3:3

As one sin gives birth to thousands the eating of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden of Eden gave birth to sin like disobedience,then the sin of jealousy grew in Cain’s mind when the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering.Then out of jealousy grew the sin of anger in Cain and finally the sin of murder.Lucifer was successful in his activities.

In the meantime When God created Adam and Eve Lucifer also started creating human beings with all the negativism in them.To get the offspring of Adam and Eve have relationship with Lucifer’s created human beings the plot of Abel’s murder was planned and carried out successfully. Finally as a murderer Cain got his wife in the land of Nod.The meeting and mating of good and evil had begun.

It happens with us too,whenever we are in a state of sin and are not God fearing or haughty we come across people like us to make our lives worst.It is our uncleanliness that enable us to invite people of poor quality into our lives.

Bad people have no power to come into the lives of good people.If I have chosen a bad person to be my life partner then I must have been in a state of sin at that moment.I wasn’t in a good state. Yet I have changed that situation into good because of the grace of our Lord, that special mark which he had put on Cain’s forehead as he was about to run away after killing his brother.

The battle is going on behind the curtains, which is invisible but many are able to notice it in their daily lives.Sometimes we plan for the best but we end up in the worst.We plan to repent and hold on to something or someone like a climber to rise again but we fall repeatedly. That is the moment when we have to ask the lord to have mercy on us,to forgive us our sins and cleanse us with holy blood of the mighty one who had shed his blood to fight the battle against hell.No one can fight this battle alone because there is someone who has been empowered to rule over hell and he is the prince of peace,king of kings.

He is not like the powerful kings of this earth who are always worried of the powers of their enemies.So have courage and be strong to fight the battle and be a winner at the end of this life.

N.B.I am not a theologian,I don’t want to hurt the feelings of anyone through this article but I solicit your comments, suggestions and references if any and bring me to the true light if possible.I ASSURE YOU THAT IF NECESSARY THEN I SHALL REMOVE THE POST IF YOU CAN SHOW ME SOME OTHER VALID PROOFS/ANSWERS OF MY QUESTIONS.THANKS A LOT.

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In my previous posts I had written about grace and curses.I do not know why I feel like sharing more of spititual matters.I am always attracted to spirituality especially when I notice the sufferings of people around me.There is lack of joy and happiness in every spheres of life. There is a feeling of emptiness in most people.We all are looking for something but we do not know exactly what we are searching for.

What is it that we really need?People are very intelligent yet they are hankering after things like overwork,unlimited entertainment and many other things which ultimately make them sick,unhappy and even deceived.There is backbitings, criticism, jealousy haterd,Vanity, lies,greed and so on.We are ready to pray but not ready to forgive,we are ready to help but for special credit. We are ready to spend time for yogas and exercises but not at all ready to eat less.

There was a time when people had limited money so they ate less.Today people have more money but are not allowed to eat more.That’s because we have violated the laws of the nature and have brought upon us unknown diseases, complicated relationship. I myself feel that there is less love and affections among us today.I can see that people are least bothered of the illnesses of their dear ones. I have seen people returning home from the hospitals and nursing homes after admitting their dear ones,they sit for a while to think and when it’s time for the favourite soaps and serials they cannot refrain.

I have to think of every activities of my life.I have to find the reason for every accidents. Every accident occurs for a reason.After reflecting on all those matters I had decided to offer everything to the Lord. So I pray to the Lord to forgive my sins, the sins of my dear ones and ancestors to be protected from occult,witchcrafts and illnesses.

I do not know whether it will be of any use to anyone or not but on this 💞Friendship day💞 I wish to share a beautiful prayer of help which I recite almost everyday.


O Merciful God,I and my forefathers violated your commandments,laws and judgements.Our ancestors sinned;they are no more,and we bear the weight of their guilt (Lam 5:7).Forgive us our sins and break the generational curses caused by our ancestors through their worship of false Gods,witchcraft,adultery and unnatural sex,injustice towards the weak,the helpless and the widows.The earth is defiled ;for we and our ancestors violated your decrees (Is24:5).O Loving God,break our ancestral curses of theft,perjury,dishonouring parents,murder,violence,alcoholism, abortions,cheating,cruelty shown to human beings and to animals and other sins.

O Loving God, we have sinned, we have done wrong, we have acted wickedly, we have betrayed your commandments and rulings and turned away from them.We have not listened to your prophets and priests/pastors who spoke in your name to us and to our ancestors and to all the people of the country (Daniel9:5-6).Have mercy on us, O loving God and pardon us because Jesus Christ has redeemed us from the curses of the Law(Gal 3:13-14),I now wash away all our sins through the blood of Jesus and break all the bondages and remove all the personal and ancestral curses.Deliver us and our coming generations from the consequences of curses,like hunger,thirst,lack of clothing and total privations (Deut 28:48).Set us and our children free from curses of our ancestors (Ex 20:5).Put us, O Lord, always at the head, not at the tail,on the top and never underneath (Deut 28:13).

O Merciful God,bless us, extend our lands,and let your hand be with us,keep harm away from us and remove our distress (1 Chr 4:10).O Merciful God, give us peace in the land where we live.Rid the land off beasts of prey.Never let the sword, violence and riot pass through our land.Give us and our children and their thousand generations ” the blessings of heaven above,blessings of the deep lying below,the blessings of the breasts and womb (children),the blessings of grain and flowers and the blessings of eternal mountains and the blessings of everlasting hills”(Gen 49:25-26).We make this prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.Amen.

Special thanks to Rev.Fr.Dr.George Varghese Arackal V.C for the prayer which he has published in his book “My delight is in you”



My love for my Deity is different from many other affairs,

it’s really very unique as he looks after me and cares.

My own praises and prayers to him is enough and sufficient,

for he never abandons me and he is ever present in my tent.

I remember him always so I sit to pray early in the morning,

that’s what makes me different from others & a unique human being.

After the day’s hard work when I return home late at night,

I forget all the other tasks and thank him which makes me upright.

I am so unworthy that I don’t praise and adore him on my own,

his love for my prayers enables me to follow the path he has shown.

It is such a divine relationship that he won’t allow others to spoil it,

he has allowed this affair to go so far cause he has considered me to be fit.

Do we call else one to love our dear ones when we are unwell or ill?

Let’s not force others to love our God it’s a matter of heart we have to feel.

The name of our God is so sacred that it can’t be uttered by any Tom & Dick,

hence we must not force others to utter it as it’s a reverential trick.

Isn’t a poor widow mother happy with the call of ‘Mom’ of his only son?

Why do we need unknown people to praise our God and make it a fun?

He can create billions of angels in a moment for his praise and adoration,

he doesn’t want the love of all as many are agents of devil among his creation.


What should we give to the Lord?

As human beings we all have a soft corner,especially when it comes to be grateful to the person who takes care of us, who is always beside us, in our bad times as well as in our good times.What we do or give such person is a matter of the heart,a matter of love.We don’t hesitate to stand firm in support of our benefactors even if there is a hidden danger.We do so much for mortal men and women whose capabilities are limited.

What should be our attitude towards the person who is always looking after us?

How should we thank him for blessing us with abundance of grace?

I quote from the Holy Book

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;

bring an offering,and come into his courts. Psalm 96:8

So we have an answer of our questions. The Lord wants to be happy in our prosperity.We should approach the Lord,the king of kings with the best of all that we have.

He is certainly not unhappy with those who have nothing to give him like gold,silver and dollars but he knows the physical,mental,spiritual and financial status of everyone,so we can’t bluff him.Only the financial growth of an individual is not enough.A person’s prosperity is safe and secure so long he/she strives to pay due homage to the Lord of everything.

Some people ask themselves a valid question;does the Lord require our financial or earthly offerings?

To know the appropriate answer let us read PSALM 50

The mighty one,god the Lord,

speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting.

Out of Zion, perfection of beauty, God shines forth.

Our God comes and does not keep silence,before him is a devouring fire,and a mighty tempest all around him.He calls to the heavens above and to the earth,that he may judge his people:’Gather to me my faithful ones,who made a covenant with me by sacrifice!’

The heavens declare his righteousness,for God himself is judge.

Hear O my people,and I will speak, O Israel,I will testify against you. I am God,your God.Not for your sacrifices do I rebuke you;your burnt -offerings are continually before me.I will not accept a bull from your house,or goats from your folds.For every wild animal of the forest is mine,the cattle on a thousand hills. I know all the birds of the air,and all that moves in the field is mine.

If I were hungry,I would not tell you,for the world and all that is in it is mine.Do I eat the flesh of bulls,or drink the blood of goats?Offer to God a sacrifice of THANKSGIVING,and pay your vows to the Most High.Call on me in the day of trouble ;I will deliver you,and you shall glorify me.’

But to the wicked God says:’What right have you to recite my statutes,or take my covenant on your lips?For you hate discipline,and you cast my words behind you. You make friends with a thief when you see one,and you keep company with adulterers.’You give your mouth free rein for evil,and your tongue frames deceit. You sit and speak against your kin;you slander your own mother’s child.These things you have done and I have been silent;you thought that I was one just like yourself.But now I rebuke you, lay the charge before you.’Mark this, then,you who forget God,or I will tear you apart,and there will be no one to deliver.Those who bring thanksgiving as their sacrifice honour me;to those who go the right way I will show the salvation of God.’

Very interesting indeed as well as frightening,we literally have nothing to give him except our self sacrifices.He doesn’t like the prayers of a lier,a slanderer,a person who finds faults with his neighbours and relatives.The offerings of such people are considered as bribes to the Lord to continue with the works of the devil.

He certainly enjoys our thanksgiving but at the same time he doesn’t want us to continue with our sinful ways of living.Our love for God and our thanksgiving must reflect in our faces so that the evil people will be forced to flee from among us. They will not dare to harm us. The darkness will be scared of us,hell will tremble at the sight of God’s beloved ones,the storms and the earthquakes will forget their activities at the sight of such blessed people.That is the true sacrifice to the Lord.That is what will enable the Lord to boast before the devil as he had done with Job the great lover of God.

The clean tongue that which never speaks evil but praises and thanks the Lord always will be sufficient to defeat an army of billions of soldiers.

The Lord is with us but we have to make ourselves worthy vessels to hold his grace and blessings.Holy things dwell in holy objects and not in unholy objects.



The scorching heat and humidity have made our lives real hell,

everyone waits for the rain so that we can all be well.

The drooping leaves of trees speak of their sad plight,

the toll of the warmth on nature and creatures is really a horrible sight.

The global warming is truly a grave concern for us all,

we eagerly look for the lovely winter and the company of the fall.

Who do we blame for this intolerable and scorching heat?

Isn’t it because of our ill temperament that for others we use to treat?

We have legalised all illegal relations for our lust and greed,

even though we have enough with the poor we cannot share and feed.

We are fast developing in our daily lives and in technological field,

those are boons of science no doubt for death they can never be shield.

Success is nothing but fast pace towards the unavoidable death,

so let’s listen to the true life and resurrection as Jesus hath saith.

No powers can save us from total annihilation in the end,

for our sins only when with contrite heart before God we repent and bend.

The soothing blessings from heaven in the form of rain is often withheld,

for the irony that we have given deaf ears to the prophets who had yelled.

Yet with so much advancement in life we are scared of the Typhoon,

remember being careless with the nature we may not get the monsoon



Humility in our relation with God.The spirit of faith tells the humble that Providence governs atoms as well as astral bodies,traces the paths of human lives as well as those of nations.Every event has been forseen and ordered by God.The humble man suffers without complaint.He admits that God has every right to use others to punish him.He recalls his faults and thinks that perhaps these sufferings are a just punishment and a remedy. God’s acts of kindness are everyday occurences.One gets used to them as if they just happened, without a controlling thought.Sometimes an unmistakable special favour makes us see God’s goodness.We are like little children,surrounded by every loving care,but never giving a thought to the author of it.

Humility in our relation with fellowmen.

It is easy to humiliate ourselves before God.But it is almost heroic to be humble before one’s neighbour. This is the touchstone of humility.Only the humble soul is just and reasonable,gentle and patient.Harshness and lack of consideration betray an absence of humility.The love that we bear those for whom we naturally feel aversion,as a sign given by our Lord by which we recognize that we love him.Humility represses the tendency to make ourselves the equals to those in authority.The humble will not dwell on the faults of superiors,which might make their authority hard to bear, even intolerable,from a human point of view.

Humility towards equals and inferiors.

The soul that has a sense of greatness of God and his own lowliness,avoids claiming equality with any one.He holds his equals superior to him in some respects.He has an instinct to discover natural and spiritual advantages in his equals,and takes the lowest place among them.He is ready to defer to their opinions,to respect their judgements and wishes.”Never think that you have made any progress till you look upon yourself as inferior to all.”(Imitation).The humble man does not forget his worthlessness,when he has to exercise his authority.Jesus came “not to be ministered unto, but to minister.” When he commands, he is not imperious,remembering our Lord’s words, “He that is greatest among you shall be your servants” (Mathew 23:11) He never makes public or private reproofs which might hurt anyone’s feelings.

Exterior practice of humility.

St.Francis de Sales says,”The exterior acts are not humility, but they are of great use to it:they are the rind of this virtue and protect the fruit.” Superficial minds do not realize the influence of the physical on the moral.Things enter us by the senses.A constant attitude of humility can take us far in this virtue there is a correlation between the physical and the moral,by a prudent restraint of my movements,voice, eyes etc.the soul can receive an ingression of humility.Only the truly humble soul always strives to have a humble bearing.An exterior devoid of humility is incompatible with interior virtue.

God has made everything for his glory.

Otherwise God would not be God,because he would be subordinate to an end other than himself.In contemplating himself.He holds that he merits infinite glory on account of the plenitude of his being and the ocean of his perfections.God cannot, without ceasing to be God,tolerate that his glory be attributed to another than himself.In all we do, we should ascribe to God what his due,not attributing more than our share to ourselves.God makes use of temptations to show us the abyss of our nothingness and to insure that all glory be ascribed to himself alone,for the graces which he bestows on us.

God’s glory.

As all the natural and supernatural qualities in us come from God, all glory is due to him.When an artist creates a masterpiece,it is he,and not the canvas,that is to be praised.If we do not fall into certain sins,we owe it to the grace of God.Since humility is co-terminus with truth,if God has given us some skill,physical or mental,it would be a discourtesy to God to pretend that we do not have it.All the praise for it is really due to God.God alone has,strictly speaking, the right to say “I”. God alone exists of himself ;and everything else exists only by His will,and for him.Everything else has no value whatever,but the value he gives all.

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A long love

Lance Sheridan

Love is handily made of what is necessary
To replace a loneliness;
A plainly made agreement on paper to stop
The holes- the one in the heart,
The one for a singular arrangement established
By a length of emptiness.

Did she mean, did he say, you do not cry,
Tell lightly what you meant;
All of which nobody not you knew.
But it is so. Once in a while you wait.
There is no search, but there is hope.

A circle of a ring and a chance for pleasure
And not getting tired of it,
It shows there is no mistake.
A commitment is a commitment and does
Not connect under a bed.
The sight of a reason, the same sight slighter,
The intention to wishing,
The same splendor is a necessity needed.

A method of love, a single climb to a system,
Lily white with a noise and a…

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