The world won’t be the same again,
with it’s sufferings and pain.
The nature with all it’s landscapes
is lovely with the sun and the rain.

There’s no war and no natural calamity,
yet our sufferings are for our vanity.
We had thought we could hurt others,
exploit the way that suited all of us.

We can’t give life to a dead person,
but we’ve legalized the deadly abortion.
Killing is no more a matter of tension,
but to the creator it’s an abomination.

Creator creates lovely human beings,
isn’t involved in destruction of things.
The pestilences are the work of Satan,
as he enjoys our sufferings and pain.

The creator is also sad as we all are,
He puts in us courage and never fear.
The pandemic is here to curse our God,
to neglect his grace and learn to avoid.

We don’t bother and allow others to die,
for our wellbeing we respect every lie.
We have divided the world into two,
the best for us and the worst for you.

It’s time to feel the pain of the needy,
realize that we can’t afford to be greedy.
All that we’ve on earth is for everyone,
in sharing with others we can be fine.

The pandemic is only the beginning,
end of everything it will not bring.
It’s an opportunity to mend our ways,
repenting in time certainly pays.

A super power rarely fights a war,
as a real war is always far never near.
Being prepared makes things easy,
even at death bed we might be cosy.

For our survival we rely on brevity,
faith in God’s grace and our charity.
Don’t forget there’s power in his blood,
so don’t be sad just pray and be glad.



It was really a dull Easter for most of us because the Churches were closed for devotees. It was sad as well as painful for the faithful.I wondered a lot for this particular matter and I was also shocked when few people had send whats app messages to me and that message stated “God can not help anyone during this pandemic so all the places of worship are closed”.Trust me I could not digest that particular message hence I could not sleep well till I found the reasons for the closures of places of worship.
I hate ,I despise your festivals,and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies.
Even though you offer me your burnt -offerings and grain-offerings,I will not accept them;and the offerings of well -being of your fatted animals I will not look upon.
Take away from me the noise of your songs;
I will not listen to the melody of your harps.
But let justice roll down like waters,and righteousness like an overflowing stream.-AMOS 5:21-24                                                                                              (HOLY BIBLE)


‘We have sinned and done wrong,acted wickedly and rebelled, turning aside from your commandments and ordinances.We have not listened to your servants the prophets,who spoke in your name to our kings,our princes,and our ancestors,and to all the people of the land.
                               Righteousness is on your side,O Lord,but open shame,as at this day,falls on us,the people of Judah,the inhabitants of Jerusalem,and all Israel,those who are near and those who are far away,in all the lands to which you have driven them,because of the treachery that they have committed against you.Open shame ,O Lord,falls on us,our kings,our officials,and our ancestors,because we have sinned against you.To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness,for we have rebelled against him,and have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God by following his laws,which he set before us by his servants the prophets.
      All Israel has transgressed your law and turned aside,refusing to obey your voice.So the curse and the oath written in the law of Mosses ,the servant of God,have been poured out upon us,because we have sinned against you.He has confirmed his words,which he spoke against us and against our rulers,by bringing upon us a calamity so great that what has been done against Jerusalem has never before been done under the whole heaven.Just it is written in the law of Mosses,all this calamity has come upon us .We did not entreat the favour of the Lord our God,turning from our iniquities and reflecting on his fidelity .So the Lord kept watch over this calamity until he brought it upon us.Indeed ,the Lord our God is right in all that he has done;for we have disobeyed his voice.
And now ,O Lord our God,who brought your people out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand and made your name renowned even to this day – we  have sinned ,we have done wickedly.O Lord,in view of all your righteous acts,let your anger and wrath,we pray ,turn away from your city Jerusalem,your holy mountain;because of our sins and the iniquities of our ancestors,Jerusalem and your people have become a disgrace among all our neighbours.Now therefore,O our God,listen to the prayer of your servant and to his supplication, and for your own sake ,Lord let your face shine upon your desolated sanctuary.Incline your ear,O my God,and hear.Open your eyes and look at our desolation and the city that bears your name.We do not present our supplication before you on the ground of our righteousness,but on the ground of your great mercies.O Lord,hear,O Lord,forgive;O Lord,listen and act and do not delay !For your own sake,O my God,because your city and your people bear your name!’
                                       –  DANIEL 8:5-19


Be it known that the number of armed soldiers were 150;those who trailed me while I was bound were 23.The executioners of justice were 83;the blows received on my head were 150;those on my stomach,108;kicks on my shoulders, 80.I was led,bound with chords by the hair,24 times ;spits in the face were 180;I was beaten on the body 6666 times;beaten on the head,110 times.I was roughly pushed ,and at 12 o’clock was lifted up by the hair;pricked with thorns and pulled by the beard 23 times;received 20 wounds on the head;thorns of marine junks,72;pricks of thorns in the head,110;mortal thorns in the forehead ,3.I was afterwards flogged and dressed as a mocked king;wounds in the body,1000.The soldiers who led me to the Calvary were 608;those who watched me were 3,and those who mocked me were 1008;the drops of blood which I lost were 28,430.


Hello beloved ones,we are passing through a very hard phase of life.We are receiving thousands of videos and messages to be strong mentally and of course physically. A times it’s tiresome but we can not ignore a good friend’s message so we are finding times to go through it to keep the bond of friendship and love intact.As you know well I can’t say anything that is not related to Spirituality,so I am Sharing with you all a very interesting fact of the Holy Bible.
We do find time to read the Holy books but the problem with few people like me is that we don’t understand the inner meaning of the sentences we read.We have read the Chapters of Isaiah so many times but we didn’t know the messages it contains.Since most of the countries are having lockdown to avert the deadly disease called Covid-19,it’s a long list of countries which have either enacted lockdown or are about to do it.Italy,France,New Zealand,Poland,UK,Israel,Argentina,Jordan,Germany,The Czech Republic,Spain,Norway and Denmark,India and so many other countries have restricted virtually all aspects of life for its citizens,including retail,leisure,worship, schools colleges and offices.
Most people have decided to be quarantined to save other people’s lives to ensure that the contagious disease is not spread. There are places where the citizens are still taking the matter lightly but isolation or to be quarantined is no more the verdict or order of the governments of respective states or countries but it is the verdict of the Living God .The date is 25th March ’20 today and the date tomorrow  will be 26-20 so beloved ones please spare a few minutes to go through Isaiah 26:20 of the Holy Bible.It states “Go,my people,enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you;hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.”-Isaiah 26:20
I don’t think it’s a coincidence, even the dates are mentioned in the chapter and verse.So it’s time to be happy and cheerful because the Lord is with us and it won’t be proper to ignore the message of the Lord.Let’s find a little time everyday to find other messages of the Lord so that we will be able to avert the other catastrophes in future.


The world won’t be the same again.It certainly is disheartening and also disappointing as we find healthy people dying helplessly. So much has been written about the so called disease called Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Social media is full of messages concerning the precautionary measures to avoid or avert it.I am also part of this planet hence I am also at risk, I can’t say that I am vulnerable to this disease.Like many others I have my beloved ones so I am also worried of their well being and last but not the least the people of this lovely planet.
We are passing through the Lent season means we are very close to Pasca or Easter.We remember how the Israelites were freed from the slavery in Egypt.The Angel of death passed through every Egyptian homes and killed their first born as their doorposts were not smeared by the blood of the sacrificial lamb.That was a worst pestilence which killed millions of  first born Egyptians including Pharaohs own son.
That pestilence was aimed at destroying the first born but this one Covid -19 is not going to spare anyone.Covid -19 is not the handiwork of the Almighty .It is the work of the Prince of hell.The Satan wants to remove all kinds of faith in the Almighty.He is able to do so because we have empowered him.As we all know that for ruling over people there is a need of the support of the majority and I am sure he has acquired it hence he is capable of doing all that he wants .He wants to inflict upon the people of this earth with all kinds of pestilence so that we will turn away from the love and  mercy of the Lord.He wants to see disappointment, hopelessness and total chaos in the society.
There are people who are happy to find Closed Churches and above all Satan’s source of happiness the cancellation of Holy Mass for the laity. Since the death and resurrection of Christ this is for the first time  he will find believers praying at home even on Sabbath. We cannot ignore our contributions to his temporary win over faith nevertheless it’s time to speak of hope.It’s true that we cannot go to churches and pray together but we can read the Holy Bible for sometimes.We can use the sacramental like holy water,Crucifix and blessed salt to use in all our food items.Catholics can make confessions if there are scopes for it otherwise reading the Holy Bible for at least half an hour will enable a person to have some of his/ her sins forgiven.The Satan hates the Holy Bible ,he shivers whenever a faithful reads it regularly.These are for the believers of Jesus Christ and for the people of other faith ;they can make confession to their own conscience and make a resolution to give up at least one evil practice of theirs .We are sinners so as an individual we know our weaknesses very well.We have to choose one such practice that is detrimental to the overall growth of a dear one, a neighbor,a colleague.It is the time to forgive and forget all the iniquities of others which have harmed us.It is the time to pray for our enemies ,those who want to destroy us.
It’s true that we won’t be able to celebrate the Easter in a proper way in the Church but we can reflect on his sufferings and death on the Cross.God is a loving father so he has the power to transform a mess into a message. It depends on our understanding the present situations and making a proper use of isolation and other activities during this sad times of our lives.
Covid -19 is not the end but it’s the beginning of a great battle between Archangel Saint Michael and Lucifer the prince of hell.Lucifer wants to prove to us that God is not a loving father that is why people are dying of this dreaded disease.Saint Michael needs our confidence in God to spoil Satan’s handiwork called Covid-19 .So we need to tell the Lord,”your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”We also need to tell Satan that we have sinned against God and our neighbours and so we seek God’s forgiveness for it .We have to tell the Lord that even if we all die of this dreaded disease we believe that you are our Lord and Master .The more people will take a little time to reconcile with the loving father the disease will become weaker and finally it will be  destroyed.If you don’t have holy water at home then take it to the Priest or the Pastor and tell him to pray over it in the holy name of Jesus Christ.In return give him something for the poor if you have anything.Sprinkle the holy water early morning in your rooms ,on your dear ones and on yourself, use it in your drinking water,food articles.If the Church is far away and Priest or Pastors are not available then take a little salt place it before you and all the members of the family kneel or sit before the alter and then shed tears for your sins and read the psalms and ask the Lord to bless the salt in the Holy name of Jesus Christ .Thank the Lord for everything and use that salt in the water and that very water will truly become holy for the Glory of God.
My sixth sense is reminding me of the destruction of almost all the artificial satellites in the space very soon.The Satan will certainly not be triumphant at the end as all his handiwork will be like the boomerang. So there is enough hope for the repentant prodigal children.The more we chant ,praise adore and worship him individually the more strong we will be physically as well as Spiritually.So pray for everyone and think that we have nothing to lose so long we are with the Lord.


It won’t be proper to say that we all are struggling to achieve our goals.For that end we all are trying hard as we cannot accept our failures in certain matters like the success of our offsprings.The success of our children depends solely on our good performance.Our failure to win means the sufferings of our beloved ones.So we are really cautious about certain things associated to our daily routine.In such matters usually we don’t compromise. Our troubles in family ties,our sufferings in our workplaces are all borne with ease only to make sure that our kids don’t suffer.

Very few speak or rather call our so called diligence as MORTIFICATION but it can be rightly called as so.Infact many would love to call it as sacrifice.The term mortification is used by sages,by celibate people who are trying to achieve a greater achievement like spiritual powers. So the common people fight shy of this term.Nevertheless this very term is important in the lives of true parents,for bringing up children in the true perspectives parents must deny certain things, certain attitudes to ensure the well being of their kids.

Why is it so necessary?It is necessary so that our children learn to stay away from certain things which are harmful for them, When children see that their parents are hard working,are very honest and loyal to each other they think many times before committing a serious mistake and try to avoid anything that will defame the family.Most of us know little of the hidden spiritual powers available for everyone on this earth or in nature.In fact everyone except a few pray or worship as a ritual.That is because there are no laboratories to prove the powers of prayers and mortifications in our society.

I want to bring out some points in favour of my sayings

-There is no need to believe it before realizing it,and to realize it we (Parents)must keep our eyes open to the surroundings around us.We must look at the parents of other children, and study for a while if they are performing well and then the reason for that. If they are not performing well then the reason for that too.

-You don’t have to believe in what I am writing,before judging it.Good parents are rewarded with good children on condition,and the condition is you have to be loyal to each other.You can’t for any reason spoil the relationship of faith between husband and wife.That is the true mortification a couple can perform for the best performance of the child.

The moment the relationship of faith is broken anything can happen.We all know that there are two different powers ruling the people of this earth.The Good and Evil the mysterious fact is that they don’t support each other in any case.Only when a husband is not loyal to the wife the evil power or the devil takes the chance to distract the child by enticing with different evil practices. Trust me I have studied it in more then a hundred families and the consequence has been worst owing to parent’s misunderstanding

In today’s world, we can not have good citizens without mortification the devil is scared of mortification and he is allowed to destroy family ties in a quarrelsome family, where their is no respect for each other, no responsibility , no self sacrifice. Parents ought to be pious.The dishonesty of parents allow evil people to make hell of their chilren’s lives.The hard work of parents can be useful only when children grow in a loving and caring family.Apart from genetic or hereditary reasons no child is supposed to be born deformed or handicapped.( I have already mentioned that there are no labs on this earth to prove spiritual powers.) It is because of the presence of evil power, that does the harm.Now if you ask me for a proof then I can only say that a perfect teacher never creates an imperfect student.Similarly when we human beings can give a guarantee of the products we make or manufacture then can The Good Lord/God make or create deformed children……? Ponder over it and let me know.


Every year we try to do something for the good of our soul during the Lent season,like avoiding non- veg for 40 days,staying away from those evil habits of ours which we can’t give up.It’s indeed a beautiful time for sinner like me as I really try to pray more at this time of the year.Chances like these are really rare as every year we miss some of our dear ones because they have departed. They are no more with us on this earth,they are in their resting place.

(I am extremely sorry I cannot thank the person who has created this beautiful card as I do not know the name of the person I hope the maker won’t mind and forgive me my ignorance)

No one can say whether next year at this time I will be on this planet or not.So it’s judicious to make proper use of this chance.Some say Lent is not mentioned in the Holy Bible, so why do people follow it?

It’s like calling that person dad whom my mom taught me to call,it was not known to anybody else, it’s not mentioned in any other book yet we follow our mom’s instruction.That helps a child to have a overall growth in the company of it’s parents.Some even say that the scripture tells us to practise our piety privately not to make a show of it and that’s absolutely correct.Still I would love to tell the world of my duties at this time of the year so that my well wishers will help me to stay away from those activities which I would like to stay away from because I am a human with weaknnesses.The pious and religious people who are aware of their duties throughout the year need not bother of doing anything special at this time.It is an ideal time to gather grace for oneself and for others especially for the sick and ailing dear ones who need God’s providential grace for healing.

Lent is the time of alms giving,saving something for the unfortunate ones.Thanks be to God for the many poor and helpless people around us. They are among us so that we can be charitable.Charity is the one and only motive of the God fearing people,without it we are really very helpless and aimless too.After all what matters to God most is our attitude.We cannot be enough with our charity but our trying to do it will help us to grow in the heavenly love of the father.The way of the cross good confessions and daily prayers for the next 40 days will certainly take us closer to God through our intimacy with our fellow human beings.Lent is the special season to think of our nothingness before the creator.Everyone has to go one day leaving behind either a huge wealth or little.How lofty is the work of charity before God and in the mind of man.It gives us a sense of satisfaction and immense joy which can’t be explained to rude and unkind people.It is the time to cleanse the soul of it’s filthiness. We should pray for those who hate us and are trying to harm us.It’s time to shed tears for the atonement of our shortcomings. Above all it is the perfect time to love everyone.Love covers a multitude of sins.It is love that helps an individual to survive even in hostile circumstance. A LOVELY HYMN FROM THE’ SING TO THE LORD’

“Love it was that made us, and it was love that saved us,love was God’s plan when he made man, God’s divine nature is love.

Born of God’s love we must love him,That’s why he made us to love him,but only when we love all men,can we partake of God’s love.

Love is a wonderful thing,Joy in our hearts it will bring,where there’s true love there is God and where there is God there is love.


I am very sorry to say that I have been inconsistent in writing a post on JOVIAL.I read posts of you all whenever I get a little time.It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about but like many others I am also suffering of my weaknesses. It’s not really physical weakness but it’s spiritual weakness.My worry is to be truly a righteous person but that is distant goal to achieve. Practically speaking I am little bothered about the deadly virus or any other dreaded disease because I know that there is someone who has taken care of me all these years.The Good Lord is true to his commitment hence he will not let me down when I am living for a purpose.The same applies to all the others,in the last 48 years great leaders,billionaires have left this earth empty handed yet I have survived like you all.This is a startling miracle for me and I can’t find ways to be grateful to him nevertheless I am trying hard to live a pious life but it’s not possible without his grace.

Trust me,the only fear that haunts me always is to grow spiritually in a world of fantasy. I have realized the fact that the true path to overcome fear is to fear the Lord.First of all we have to trust ourselves to trust the Lord.A man of little faith cannot have great faith without a miracle,without the power of the Lord.The Lord is the master of not only of the Sabbath but he is also the master of everything.He has the power over everything but to tap that power we have to be in touch with him .Whether we are trying to resolve our problems or not depends on our activities and the good Lord understands it well when we are trying to stay away from the statutes of this world to be closer to him and that is the sign of our healing.

Let us not give up our hope in the Lord,he wants to take up all our iniquities once again to save us all.His only pleasure is to look after the lost ones and that is why he died on the Cross .He has paid a ransom so that we don’t remain as Satan’s slaves.Friends, always find ways to present special gifts to friends.Satan also present gifts to those who are loyal to him but the sad fact is that the devil deals with things like hatred,lies,greed,lust,destruction, conspiracy and diseases. So whenever we are friendly with the evil one we receive presents like inspiration to commit evils and also diseases. It is the Lord who can free us from fears and phobias.He is the one who commanded dreaded diseases and even death to depart from innocent people of his time.So beloved ones let’s take the decision to live a chaste life to avoid chastisement .


I wish to sing your dear dream song,
as you’ll chat with me and walk along.
We’ll be together, won’t be alone at all,
’cause I’ll be at your side if you fall.

So cheer up dear and give up your fear, listen to me sing as you lend your ear.
Just smile a lot to your heart’s content,
I’ll be ever yours just like the pendent.

This life of ours lovely and worth living,
you’ll like it lot learn the art of giving.
Bone chilling movies will not scare you,
you are blessed like the fortunate few.

So cheer up dear and give up your fear,
listen to me sing as you lend your ear.
Just smile a lot to your heart’s content,
I’ll be ever yours just like the pendent.

No need to hold your breath for a grace,
share your stories with a smiling face.
Just believe love exists and it is there,
to know it fully need to learn to share.

So cheer up dear and give up your fear,
listen to me sing as you lend your ear.
Just smile a lot to your heart’s content,
I’ll be ever yours just like the pendent.I hope to give it a melodious tune but at present I shall be glad if anyone would love to give it a lovely tune .Thanks



Dear Friends,I received a message of the medicines of CORONA VIRUS from a reliable person last night .I have no time to waste in sharing it hence I am forwarding it as I had received. With just 2 simple herbs the illness due to Corona Virus can be treated.My guruji,through his great grand fathers has got the knowledge transferred to himself.Two herbs required 1.Neem 2.Phyllanthus niruri(Keezhanelli).Grind equal portion of these leaves to a paste.Take a 50 mg ball sized quantity for 3 days morning in empty stomach.Do not take anything for 1 hour.This should be taken only in paste form.Powder or juice form will not work.You can prepare the paste and keep it in the freezer also for consumption. Taking these herbs will not have any side effects.Kindly help to spread the awareness.If you have anyone in China or any other place please tell them.We cannot send a Bhodi Dharmar to China but our message can be sent.Let us help and support our brothers and sisters in China.For more details contact Sivasankaran Vipraana Herbals 9094854442(WhatsApp)8667752935.

Disturbed Mind.

Pressures ,problems,misunderstandings and strife create negative vibe,

however hard we try to be happy we cut a sorry figure in life.

Our trials become intolerable and relatioships bitter,

hence all that we consider as gold are not so though they glitter.

Finding ways to resolve all our problems of life and pain,

we all spend our life for better result but a times it’s of no gain.

It’s not possible to make everyone glad as well as gay,

that’s because it’s not interesting to all whatever we say.

Our sufferings and tribulations have little to do for others,

so in your bad days you will find few people who really bothers.

Does that mean we are unfortunate and really helpless?

No,not at all our sufferings and trials we have to learn to face.

Who is really happy with all the riches and all that he needs,

only the innocent,sinless people and in mother’s lap little kids.

The kids have no ego and they have no problem with their enemies,

to be happy,joyous and carefree we all do need such keys.

Thanks to our dear Almighty one for he is always at our side,

even though we are worried today on the last day he will take us for a ride.

For nothing will go with us everything will remain here,

we all can be happy and gay if only in God we fear.