Life without grace is really meaningless.Such a life is full of sorrows and problems ,life without grace too can be full of sorrows and problems then what is the use of being in grace?Being in a state of grace means we are able to comprehend our problems .We can easily understand the purpose of such problems.

Whenever we are in trouble we have two options before us ,first we have to either get out of the trouble or be with it.A person with a hopeless relationship can go for a divorce and live a separate life.Many prefer separation because life is short so there is no need to waste it for someone’s non co-operation. No one can impose or inflict sufferings in another person’s life but accepting it for some time can make things different.Trust me I have found the most precious thing in life out of sufferings.I mean Jesus has converted a mess in my life into a real message. That has been possible because of my patience and God’s grace.

We cannot get anything invaluable simply out of our pleasures.A student gets a good job after studying for almost fifteen years.We get the best doctors, engineers ,professors and teachers after a struggle of long period .Those who give up regret later for their lack of determination.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ allowed his disciple Judas to carry on despite his weaknesses towards money.That’s an excellent example for all of us to ponder over .Judas Iscariot was there for a purpose because Jesus Christ was the blessed one .Things could have been the other way but God’s grace was always there with Jesus.He himself was the grace so no evil could spoil the plan for which he had come to this earth.

Allow me to write about one of the great popes of the church John Paul ll .Pope John Paul ll had a pathetic life in his early days because his mother Emilia Wojtyla,died of heart and kidney problems on 13 th April 1929 in Wadowice,Poland.When Karol Jozef Wojtyla(Pope ) was only a lad of 9.His only sister Olga ,died in infancy before Karol was born.

After Emilia’s death ,his father a non-commissioned officer of the Austro -Hungarian Army and a captain in the Polish Army ,an intensely religious man who did most of the house work ,brought up Karol so that he could study.As a child Karol was called Lolek by friends and family .He grew closely to his brother Edmund ,whom Karol had nicknamed Mundeck.Edmund graduated from the Jagiellonian Universcity in Krakow and practised as a doctor in Wadowice.There was an epidepic of scarlet fever in winter of 1932,and he contracted the disease from one of his patients.Edmund died four days later on 5th December aged 26;Karol then ,12 was profoundly affected, Papal biographer George Weigel recalls that when Karol was 15 yeare old a young person playfully pointed a gun at him not realizing that it was loaded.On pressing the trigger ,the gun fired and narrowly missed the target.

When in September 1939 Germany invaded Poland, at the outbreak of war Karol worked as a messenger for a restaurent and continued his education.Karol worked for almost four years as Manual labourer in a limestine quarry,and was well paid.His father died in 1941 of a heart attack.

In 1942 ,he entered the underground seminary run by Cardinal Sapiecha,the Archbishop of Krakow.On 29th February 1944 Karol was walking home from work at the quarry he was knocked down by a German truck .The German officers tending the injured Wojtyla, and the decision to commandeer a passing truck to use as an ambulance for the unconscious patient,is in sharp contrast to the harshness normally expected from occupying forces during that period.

He spent two weeks in hospital and suffered severe concussion,numerous cuts and a shoulder injury .This accident and his survival seemed to Wojtyla a confirmation of his priestly voaction.Later on (Karol) Pope John Paul was shot and wounded on 13th May 1981,in St.Peter’s Square in Vatican city.

So we understand from the extract as to how a person destined to work for peace,charity and for God is saved again and again ,even when all the other members of the family die in short succession.

Anyone wants to know about God’s plan for him or her must have problems and sufferings in life.If you are in trouble despite your good attitudes and intentions then there is certainly a hope of salvation for you.So beloved ones don’t be in despair even when you are the only one left in an isolated island to survive.So long you are in a state of grace you are in the arms of the loving father.He has a better plan to save you and give you the best of all that you require.

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A friendly chat

I am truly a slave to my tummy & tongue and my passion,

nurturing hatred in my mind and destroying compassion.

I speak often of love to you all and stick to hatred,

even for my love sometimes I would love to be paid.

I write whatever I want to waste your invaluable time,

making you read all those posts I really feel it’s a crime.

To read my posts you often spend your inestimable moments,

to go through my posts you do dare to remove all your opponents.

So it is high time I write something that’s jovial and useful,

not forgetting to keep always in mind that very golden rule.

The rule to not write that which will possibly make you sad,

something that will encourage you to read and really be glad .

Don’t spend all your time on reading this post,

find a little time to read the book of the Holy Ghost.

Art is long and time is certainly fleeting,

let’s be prepared for the Lord’s day he has arranged a great meeting.

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.

The festival of the cross is indeed a great day for humanity across the world.It certainly is very significant to millions of people on this earth.It is the cross that has stopped many from being rude, unkind,and selfish.The peace we speak often is because of the Cross,the cross has taught us to love .The cross makes our lives full,without it we are somewhat like cannibals, we don’t really eat the flesh of another human being but we do more harm than that.

Even a very powerful person bows before a cross that’s because it is not possible for everyone to acquire that special power to accept humiliations, criticism silently.Our greatness lies in our acceptance of hatred from somebody for whom we have immense love and respect.The cross has divided the world into two;if you believe in the cross then you certainly have love for all but if you have no affections for human beings of all denomination then you can never ever accept the cross as a symbol of your salvation.

It is not only the devil who is scared of the Cross but even great dictators,kings, princes and princesses had great fear of the Cross,because they knew the fact that no other weapon was more powerful than the cross.Yes the cross has conquered the hearts of billions and billions are scared of the cross because they also know it’s real power but cannot accept the teachings of the cross because it doesn’t speak of any easy things,it has no easy message for mankind.The message of the cross is nothing but sufferings,forgiveness. It doesn’t speak of unlimited pleaures, it doesn’t assure anyone of easy life or easy death.The cross speaks of afflictions, terrible pain and sufferings.It is the truth, it is the real meaning of life.No one can avoid a cross on this earth, we all are carrying a cross of our own may be small or a huge one depends on the kind of responsibility we shoulder.

The interesting fact is that almost 52 countries have banned the teaching or preaching of the holy Bible because of the message of the cross.Legions of devils flee when they see the holy cross in the hand of a righteous person.Dreaded diseases are healed by the touch of the holy cross.I love the cross because billions oppose it. In the present world we find people oppose only the good activities not the evil one.Accepting the message of the cross means living a simple life of chastity and It is really very difficult for wealthy people to remain chaste,a life devoid of unnatural lusts,perversion etc.

Pornography has not been banned by many but the message of the cross has been banned and that is the twist in the history of mankind, that speaks of the glory of the cross.We all know that there are laws in almost every country concerning the private life of a human being that is why we are all jealous of an illegal relationship, we speak ill of people having such relationship yet most people love it.

Sometimes the statutes of men are contradictory to their real interests.We understand it but we love to keep it because our real pleaures lie therein.So the teachings and the messages of the cross will never ever be accepted by all.

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Enemies of the Christian

It’s a great post indeed. A relevant post for the present time when most people are at a fix at the times of temptations.So this article is certainly very helpful for those who are still fighting their battles to come to the path that will take them to Paradise. Thanks a lot “CHILD OF GOD ” for sharing this beautiful and amazing article.God bless. đź’•

From The Darkness Into The Light

Look to Christ when under attack

Enemies of the Christian

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
— Ephesians 6:12

Possibly you have already found that you have enemies. These are dangerous, vicious enemies who will use any method to defeat you in your Christian life. Within minutes after you made your decision you found these enemies already at work: either you were tempted to commit some sin, or you had a moment of depression and discouragement. To be sure, everything is exciting and thrilling just after you have made your decision for Christ! But it is also natural to have doubts, problems, questions, temptations, discouragements, and even difficulties.

The Bible teaches that you have three enemies that will be warring against you as long as you live. You must be prepared. They must…

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Complete -dictation from THE END TIMES

If people only reflected to what subjection they hand themselves over when they espouse sin,they would not sin but people do not think.They look at the fleeting moment and its joy,and worse than Esau they barter their divine generation for a plate of lentils.

Nevertheless,Satan does not make use only of this violent seducer of mankind.However few people do reflect, usually there are still many who,not out of love, but out of fear of punishment, do not want to sin mortally,and so behold the other Satanic minister, the second beast. Beneath lamb’s clothing he has a dragon’s spirit.

He is the second manifestation of Satan and he corresponds to Gabriel,because he announces the Beast and is its stronger power:he is the one that dismantles without being noticed and persuades with false sweetness that it is right to follow the footsteps of the beast.

It is useless to speak of political power and of the world.If anything, you may attribute the name of human Power to the first and human science to the second. While human Power by itself produces rebels,when Science is merely human it corrupts without producing rebellion and drags to perdition a countless number of followers. How many are lost through intellectual pride which makes them despise the Faith,and how many kill their souls with the pride that separates God!For though I will reap on the last day the harvest of the world,already a reaper is amongst you.It is this spirit of Evil who mows you down and does not turn you into ears of eternal grain,but hay for the dwellings of Satan.

One,only one science is necessary, I will repeat it a thousand times :to know God and serve him,to know him in all things, to see him in what happens, and to be able to distinguish him from his adversary,so as not to fall into perdition.Instead you are concerned about increasing your human knowledge,to the detriment of superhuman knowledge.

I do not condemn science.In fact I am pleased that mankind should learnedly probe the knowledge which it has been accumulating, so as to be more and more able to understand Me and admire Me in My works.I have given you intelligence for this purpose but you must use it to see God in the law of the stars, in the formation of flowers and in the conception of beings, not use it to violate life or deny the creator.

Rationalism, Humanism,Philosophism,Theosophism,Naturalism,Classisism,Darwinism,:you have schools and doctrines of all kinds and you are concerned with all of them,though the truth is much perverted or eliminated in them.It is only the school of Christianity that you do not want to follow and examine closely.

Such resistance is natural, after all. If you examined your religious culture closely, you would have to either follow the Law,and you do not want to,or openly confess that you want to trample upon the law,and again you do not want to and so you do not want to become learned in supernatural Science.

You poor fools! What will you do with your little schools and your little words when you have to take My exam?You have put out in yourselves the infinite light of true science and you thought you could enlighten your souls with makeshift light,just like some poor lunatics who would think they have put out the sun and made a new one with many little lamps.But even if the fog hides the sun,the sun is always there in My firmament.Even if with your dictrines you create a fog which veils Knowledge and Truth,Truth and Knowledge still exist because they come from Me, who am eternal.

Seek true Wisdom and you will understand Science as it should be understood.Clear your souls of all their artificial superstructures,and set up in them true Faith.Like spires of a spiritual cathedral there shall flower in your souls Science,Wisdom,Intellect and Fortitude,Humility and Temperance,because real scholers know not only what is humanly knowable.They know also the most difficult of all things :self -control with regard to the passions of the flesh and turning their lower parts into the pedestals for their souls to be raised and their spirits to be launched Heavenwards, towards Me,who came and am in all things, and who love to be the true and holy Master of My brothers and sisters.

( As Jesus said to Maria Valtorta)

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Are we habituated in spreading rumours and hatred?

May be that’s why we are so sad and are discontented.

Success through true hardships give all of us true joy,

fake success!Our mental peace and happiness certainly destroy.

To be truly happy we have to call a spade a spade,

if we pretend to be happy to please others we will be somewhat dead.

It is painful to be poor before others in body mind and souls,

but in it lies the secrets of reaching our true goals.

What are we going to do with few days of fake friendship?

When such friends will go away we will be alone in our trip.

A lonely life of truth and honesty looks somewhat dull,

but at the end of our journey the real beauty it will unfurl.

There’s no harm in allowing the world to know who really I am,

so that later on in life they don’t declare me a damn sham.

I am unfaithful so I do have little faith in others,

I am scared I will be cheated and that’s what bothers.

Many had started together the monotonous journey of life,

yet some have reached top today as so fast I couldn’t drive.

It is often said that ‘slow and steady always wins the race’,

but being successful by cheating others I will have a shameless face.

So cheer up my soul there’s no harm at all in being unsuccessful,

trying to be just and honest is life’s true and perfect rule.

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A visit to ‘GOD’S OWN COUNTRY’ Kerala

It was a really an amazing trip to Kerala, God’s own country for which I could not be in touch with so many beautiful people, I could not read your lovely, inspiring articles. It was not just an ordinary Holiday trip rather it was for a purpose. Great Vincentians from almost every Diocese gathered at the same venue at Muvattuhpuza to attend the AGM.The local committee under the leadership of the National President Dr.Johnson Varghese worked tirelessly to make it a grand one.They spared no pains to make the visitors happy and feel at home.We never felt out of our homes because of their presence. They arranged everything we required. The early morning coffee at 6am to sumptuous meals at lunch, their local snacks at tea break and gala dinner at night was prepared in an orderly manner to ensure that everyone was fit and fine during their stay over there.The AGM was blessed by a holy mass and then the Most Rev.Bishop of the Diocese prayed and lighted the lamp after the enthronement of The Holy Bible.For three days we had a rigorous discussions and sharing of the work done by different Central Councils of different areas.Every one was given the chance to speak about his/her works in the respective region.I was really surprised to find the National president always in a friendly mood.sometimes I noticed him perspiring but he always had a smile on his face.After the real work we got a chance to visit few pilgrimage centres like the tomb of Saint Alphonsa and the Church where the remains of Blessed Kunjachan have been kept.It was really worth visiting.The ambience in the pilgrimage centre was truly amazing.People prayed and maintained silence to ensure that no one was disturbed.I looked up to the beautiful shrine like many others, prayed and thanked the Lord for his amazing grace.It was worth attending the AGM as I learnt so many things and ways of serving the poorest of the poor and the downtrodden. Helping out the needy doesn’t require so much of wealth but it does require the attitude of serving.One has to feel that something needs to be done and the support will be there for such a person.Works of charity eradicate suffering from the society so everyone is benefited from it.Some are really very busy with their work but they can contribute or are ready to contribute provided they come across the right person with the attitude of serving.That is the real job of the members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Receiving certificate for two of my conferences from the National President of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Dr.Johnson Varghese Principal, Nirmala College, Muvattuhpuza,Kerala.