‘The fruits of silence is certainly Prayer’

knowing it’s value is nothing but real power.

It’s really useful in almost everywhere,

Sometimes it is like a soothing cool shower.

In schools, colleges, hospitals and prayer halls,

Can’t say you may find it even in shopping malls.

The good thoughts and ideas peep out of silence,

they also love it who are in trouble and tense.

The students and teachers all like it as it’s a grace,

the result of it is often visible in the face.

The tired and ailing they pray for it as they rest,

maintaining it in the class room is the students real test.

Are you bored of noise around you and really restless?

What you really need at that moment?Any one can guess.

Ask the man of prayer and do learn what he says-

silence is indeed a true friend as it never betrays.

Who doesn’t really love it and turns away such a guest?

Everyone requires it in life and it’s a fact not a jest.

You want God’s presence whenever you sit to pray,

without it you won’t succeed in praying trully I say.

Even great love stories required it a lot,

so they also prayed for it as they didn’t want to be caught.

The mothers with little babes do summon it often,

With noises the child in cradle they feared would wake up again.

In the darkness of the night when the robbers meet for theft,

whatever they discuss they make sure that silence is kept.

The priests in the temples and churches prefer it too,

If by chance they find a talkative person immediately they shoo.

To be successful in life love silence with your heart,

For we all will require it when it’s time for us to depart.


After almost a year I have a list of five hundred great bloggers .I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation, comments,likes feedbacks and reblogs.Actually I didn’t work the way I should have done. I didn’t give my full time for ‘JOVIAL’,it was only a part time work so I ought to be happy with the result.I wish to write frequently to share more of my feelings and thoughts with you all to gather more feedbacks and support.

I also assure you all that from now onwards I shall try to comment on every article that I come across in the reader’s section.Blogging not only helps a person to read more but it enables a person to learn more about people ,their activities, choices sufferings, joys, hopes, aspirations, failures,success and so on.To be able to see those places which one cannot afford to visit.So it’s really an interesting affair of life.It strengthens a chicken hearted person by teaching him /her to face the reality of life.

I apologize my failures to go through every article of yours.Finally I seek your constant support to move on without stopping. I assure you all of my prayers and request the good Lord to bless you all abundantly. Thank you very much.πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž


It is very important to thank all our well wishers as well as those who are trying to help us despite our shortcomings.I am very sorry to say that I am writing after a long gap as we had to pass through a time of trials .We were blessed in a special way to suffer viral fever with temperatures as high as 103Β°F and with literally no effect of medication.It’s the perfect time to thank everyone for their prayers and supports including our Loving Lord without whose blessings we would not have survived.Especially when in this part of the world people are dying everyday owing to the dreadful virus called dengue.

So a big thanks to the Almighty for considering us worthy to survive for good cause.It was a great realization as days passed without any improvement and our Hope’s in the Lord swayed .As usual our prayers were fruitful at the end and that certainly is a great miracle for my family.Those who are righteous and have strong faith in the Lord don’t give up easily but solving problem with men of little faith like me is quite difficult .As human beings we always wish our beloved ones especially our kids to be showered with the best of all.Sometimes in trying to do that we hide or destroy our bad experiences in order to ensure that there is no sufferings in the lives of our little loved ones.The reality is something else,our beloved ones not only inherit the best of all that we have but they are also entitled to suffer for our wrong deeds.

This is undoubtedly very sad but it has a very bright prospect, we are not assured of sufferings for our mistakes that is why we ought to think before every action of ours.As parents or guardians we cannot inflict upon us a particular sufferings for penance’s sake to ensure that our beloved ones don’t suffer.That is not within our capacity. That solely depends upon the Lord.Hence we have to be judicious before every move of ours.We cannot remove anything bad inherited by our kids because of our shortcomings because we allow them to enjoy the best things that we accumulate by our hard work.That assures every parent to live a life of honesty & chastity .

If I am truly loving to my child then I shall certainly refrain from :

1)Abusive languages and keep my tongue clean to pray whenever there is a requirement .

2)Watching vulgar pictures and movies and enable my body to be in a state of grace always.

3)Sin of flesh that is adultery to ensure that my child is always considered a fruit of true love and grace of pious parents .

4)Cheating others in terms of financial matters for an unlawful luxurious life of my loved ones.

5)Addiction of any kind that which will bring an early end to an invaluable life and thus be matter of grave concern for a child who will then be an orphan for no mistake of his/her own.

6)Being rude or unkind to anyone friend or enemy so that our children will find a world full of friendly and lovely people.

7)Activities that go against the chastity and morality of others.

There are so many more dos and don’ts to create an environment free of fears and phobias for the new generation.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your constant support since January 2019 the beginning of my journey in WordPress ‘JOVIAL’.You all have been really very kind and generous to me despite my repeated failures to like and comment on your outstanding posts.On this auspicious day of THANKSGIVING I also thank you for your prayers wishes and invaluable comments and reblog.Above all I thank you all for accepting me as a part of this great community and for sharing your awesome talents with me.



A crowded world with not enough space for animals and human beings,

where we can rule the way we like as now there are no kings.

So many are loving,generous, courteous, honest and very kind,

yet some are still lonely and say very sadly good people they can’t find.

With a wall built around oneself if you really love to stay alone,

who will know you are lonely & to help should enter your zone?

Though there are a few bad ones but the rest are really best,

choose someone for your lovely heart and have a lovely test.

For best relationship you ought to have an open and broad mind,

but with narrowness he/she will go ahead leaving you alone behind.

It’s good to accept the shortcomings and fault of your dear ones,

and rectify those with loving care but never with guns.

It’s bad to think that all are bad and only I am the person who is good,

that does harm a lot and often changes even good people’s mood.

A person who always had a balanced diet may find himself sick,

the food of heart is good friendship missing that makes a person weak.

Being scrupulous when it concerns the heart can really be very fatal,

the heart is made up of flesh and blood it’s not at all made up of metal.

To be joyful and carefree sometimes you ought to have fun & humour,

just enjoy yourself to your heart’s content ignoring all that’s rumour.

Keep your inner eyes open & find the one who will be your friend,

and heal your cuts and bruises of your heart and evil ways to mend,

Last but not the least if you wish to be jolly & want your friendship to grow,

waste no time to have control of your emotions and to kill instantly your ego.


Where there’s a will there’s a way.

At that time Jesus came to Jericho and intended to pass through the town.Now a man there named Zacchaeus,who was a chief tax collector and also a wealthy man ,was seeking to see who Jesus was;but he could not see him because of the crowd ,for he was short in stature.So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus ,who was about to pass that way.When he reached the place,Jesus looked up and said ,”Zacchaeus ,come down quickly,for today I must stay at your house.”And he came down quickly and received him with joy.When they all saw this,they began to grumble ,saying ,”He has gone to stay at the house of a sinner.”But Zacchaeus stood there and said to the Lord,”Behold,half of my possessions Lord,I shall give to the poor,and if I have extorted anything from anyone I shall repay it four times over.”And Jesus said to him,”Today salvation has come to this house because this man too is a descendant of Abraham.For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.”

It’s a lovely message for so many especially for those who are worried of their shortcomings,those who consider themselves to be sinners or unworthy. We have read about the chief tax collector of the Roman Government, he was not an ordinary man people knew him well,he had enough riches but he forgot all that only to see Jesus.He didn’t think of the crowd .He ignored even his dignity of being a chief tax collector when he climbed the tree to see Jesus.He knew his own height, so the idea of climbing a tree helped him to have an encounter with the Messiah.

We all know what happened thereafter.He honoured Jesus by offering to give away half of his riches to the poor,he promised to repay back four times the amount he had cheated while collecting taxes.Jesus didn’t order him to do all that but he realised his errors after meeting Jesus.Yes beloved friends sometimes we need to come in touch with the right people and situations to understand our follies and may be after that we realise our mistakes.

Very often we find ourselves to be helpless.We cannot solve problems so we carry the problem with us just the way a turtle carries it’s shell on it’s back.May be it’s because we are not ready to give up our little interests,name ,fame for a greater interest.When we know that there’s a need for certain thing then we must ignore all the pros and cons to make things happen.It’s somewhat like shedding weights to be real sportsperson .No one is out of the race to win a trophy. So let’s ponder over the issue to take or make quick decisions and then the tournament of life will certainly be full of excitement and joy.



I had written about relationships and separation in my previous post ‘Every messy affair has a lovely message to convey ‘. I did mention the issue but I am against it.Such problems always existed and are always there in the society but we can get rid of such thoughts and ideas by having full control over our minds and thoughts.Every good or evil action takes root in the mind therefore we have to control our thoughts ,thoughts of negative activities must not be allowed to grow in the mind.

Rationalism has helped us all to lead luxurious lives but it has also made us cruel by means of reasoning and by putting forward different options to be less charitable to others.In the present world scenario we hear of conflicts in different parts of the world.Governments of developed countries spend more money for defense purpose than for raising the standards of living of the common people.The important thought is every human being has a right to enjoy the blessings or resources of the nature,yet it depends on a person’s own parental or ancestral wealth or riches.That means a person born in a poor family has little right or nothing at all on the best things of this earth. A person is blameless so far his/her rights are concerned but we don’t or can’t accept it and name it as audacity. Those people are despised or deprived for not having the said standard to enjoy life so finally they find a path of hatred .In today’s world we find many such people who seems to have become a menace to the society. (Here I am sharing an image showing the defense budget of the developed countries )

That menace has become a real fear of most people,a fear of being despised,a fear of being neglected. When the so called good citizens or wealthy citizens are occupying every little space in every renowned concerns for a better future of their offspring the downtrodden are keeping an eye on such activities. We can’t afford to have two separate world for rich and the poor,which means the offspring of the rich will have to live in a world where the children of the poor will live.

Literacy has made modern man and woman somewhat blind and hard hearted.It’s not good to be scrupulous but at the same time we need to be judicious to attain peace in every spheres of life for the benefit of all.Owing to the divisions in the society one can easily predict a probability of a war of survival among the common masses. Due to socio-economic problems ,in near future we will find more hungry people in the streets,in the locality. As a result a section of the people in the society will be forced to live in worst fears of such helpless people.

The developed countries have taken a strategy of creating fear by spending more on defense budget but I am sure it would be better if they would all spend a part of their defense budget for the hungry people of under developing countries.It is a matter of grave concern or fear that needs to be addressed for a better world for the next generation. This strategy is not of God but the devil’s.We are so much habituated in living with fears that we are least bothered to get rid of such fears and phobias.Let’s imagine that our beloved children are going to bed without a proper meal for days and we are unable to help them with foods, only then we will be able to understand the meaning of retaliation.

A proper suggestion for a better living is to fear only the Lord and then none of our activities will be detrimental to our or other peoples interests. When we fear the Lord we are kind,generous and loving to all irrespective of caste, creed, colours,religion and nationalism.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,and the knowledge of the holy one is insight.” – Proverbs 9:10

Image,Google wikipedia.


How shall I tell you all of my little hurts

and pains?

When never before I have shared with you about my gains.

Very selfishly I enjoyed the good and my joyous moment,

the unknown facts of love and glory alone I had spent.

You say,”Joys are moments that we all ought to share,

sharing only the sad things with friends is not at all fair.”

Though very late yet I have understood that sharing is caring,

I’ve also learnt that for caring someone we’ve to be little daring.

The world won’t really stop you for your worst work or deeds,

for sharing and caring you’ve to go on even when someone forbids.

A path of charity is initially full of difficulties and uncertainty,

yet for the helpless ones you can’t afford to stop having pity.

You have in you the urge to help others in need is in your blood,

the blood that flowed on the cross as he was pierced with a lance by the guard.

Are you looking for love and contentment wherever you go?

Only prayers will enable you to find the path the good Lord can show.

We will keep on moving with our little crosses towards our destiny,

good/bad thing is that we will never be crucified like Jesus on Calvary.

A path of prayers is nothing but the real way of the cross,

though we’re carrying our little crosses yet there’s none but He is the boss.