I had posted a part of it in the social media few years back and now I wish to repost the part of the content on Jovial. “The End Times” by Maria Valtorta is a contradictory book as many people doubt it’s authenticity, but I have been testing it’s contents for years as I believe in what I see and what I am able to taste somewhat like the great Saint Thomas.I find every sentence matching with the day today happenings in human lives across the world.

The rest of the contents are as dictated by the author

When I put in Zephaniah’s mouth that I will take away everything from the earth,I am having him prophesy what will happen the day before the eve of the last time.I then announced the same thing when I spoke about the destruction of the world,veiled behind the description of the ruin of the Temple and of Jerusalem.Later the beloved prophesied it again in his Apocalypse, 14:14-19; 19:11-21; 20:1-15

The voices follow each other. In fact I can say that,as in a sacred building erected to testify the glory of the Lord,the voices climb from pinnacle to pinnacle,from prophet to prophet previous too Christ,until the highest point on which the word speaks during His human life,and then they climb down from pinnacle to pinnacle,over the centuries, speaking through the prophets after Christ.

It is like a concert which sings the praises, the will, the glories of the Lord,and which shall last until the end.Then the angel’s trumpets shall gather the dead of the tombs and the dead of the spirit,the living of the earth and the living of Heaven.All will prostate themselves before the Lord’s visible glory and hear the words of the Word of God-that word whom countless have rejected or neglected,disobeyed,sneered at,scorned,that word who came:Light in the world,and whom the world did not want to welcome,preferring darkness.John 1:1-11

I am the peak of God’s building.There can be no words loftier and truer than mine. But my spirit is in the mouths of the lesser ‘Words,’ because everything testifying what is of God,is a word inspired by God.

Famine and deaths due to epidemics will be one of the forerunning signs of my second coming.These chastisements designed to punish you and call you back to God will carry out,with their distressing power,one of the sortings -out between the children of God and Satan’s children.

Hunger will arise from plunder and cursed wars,decreed without the justification of national independence,decreed only out of power’s savagery and the pride of demons in human guise.Hunger will arise from the stoppage, by God’s will, of the cosmic laws:cold will be bitter and drawn out;heat will be scorching and not moderated by rain;the seasons will be turned around and you will have drought in the rainy seasons and rain when crops are ripening;plants and trees will be tricked by unexpected warmth or unusual coolness,plants will bloom out of season and trees,after having already produced, will cover themselves with new, useless flowers that will exhaust them fruitlessly.Because every intemperance is harmful and leads to death- remember that, O people –hunger will cruelly torment this haughty race hostile to God.

The animals,lacking hay and fodder, grain and seeds, will starve to death,and to still people’s hunger will be destroyed, given no time to breed.Birds of the air and fishes of the waters, herds and flocks,will be atracked on all sides to give your bellies the food which the land shall but scantily put forth for you.

Deaths caused by wars and scourges, earthquakes and heavy storms will hasten both good and wicked into the hereafter.The good, for your punishment, in as much as once you are deprived of the best,you will get worse and worse.The wicked, for their own punishment, in as much as they will have,before the expected hour,hell for their dwelling.

The victim prepared by the Lord to purify the alter of the earth desecrated by the sins of adultery, lust,hatred,pride,is you people who shall perish by the thousands and tens of thousands,cut down by the sharp scythe of the divine thunderbolts.Like April grass mown down on a field, you will fall on top of another:lily flowers mixed with poisonous flowers,the delicate stems mixed with prickly rambles. My angels will pick the blessed and separate them from the damned,bringing the blessed to Heaven and leaving the damned to the demons’ pitch forks for hell’s pasture.To be kings or beggars,learned or ignorant, young or old,warriors or priests, will make no difference,will be no bulwark against death.There will be a chastisement and a fearful one.

God’s eye will choose the destined by taking away the ‘lights’ so they no longer have to suffer from the fog caused by the people united to Satan,by taking away the ‘darkness’ because possesssed by the father of darkness:Satan.

God’s eye enters the palaces, churches,consciences- and there is no barrier and no hypocrisy that prevents its seeing.God’s eye will scrutinize the inside of the church,today’s Jerusalem, and will scrutinize the inside of souls and will write the one decree for the slothful,the indifferent, the lukewarm,the rebels,the traitors,the murderers of the spirit,the deicides.

No, people, do not think that God will do you neither evil nor good for your works,I swear to you, I swear to myself,I swear it for my justice’s sake,I swear with triple oath,I WILL DO YOU GOOD FOR THE GOOD THAT YOU DO AND EVIL FOR THE EVIL DONE BY YOU

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You met him at the station,at the bus stop and market,

he has a gloomy face as something he isn’t able to forget.

He doesn’t speak much as he seems to have lost his last battle,

he lost all he had his riches,farmhouses and cattle.

He loved his only daughter from the bottom of his bruished heart,

his only hope his spouse who died on her way to hospital in the cart.

You look at him and frown whenever you see him beg,

he covered distances walking despite his weak and thin leg.

You don’t allow him to come closer for the stank of unwashed clothes,

the question that disturbs you is; why this profession he chose?

He donated the inner parts of his body to save his ailing wife,

he had thought she would be alright and be happy the rest of life.

They worked very hard for better future of their daughter,

they had sold all they had to spend for her studies further.

Their immense love for her forced them to keep the matter a secret,

she doesn’t know her mother has expired and father in a pitiable state.

He is very weak and feeble can’t even walk well from place to place,

the stray dogs don’t like so sometimes they bark at him and chase.

He lives far away from his dear ones for the love of his grown up child,

he is in a hurry to send enough money to her before he becomes wild.

His name is not known to them who often give him alms,

the calculations of his life was correct he made a silly mistake in the sums.

His worries are now less as his daughter will complete her course,

he started to smile as there was no reason to be remorse.

You want to know his name his whereabouts for love’s sake,

he is ‘the destitute’ but his love is genuine not fake.

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It wasn’t that difficult to write few sentences about ‘women’ but I am reluctant to write about ‘Mother’,may be it’s because the word mother is divine.It is related to heaven and so it is difficult for an impious person to write something about ‘MOTHER’.First of all I pray for the departed souls of those mothers who are now in heavenly abode and are no more on this earth.I also thank God for keeping my mother close to me and for taking care of all the mothers and their children.

My mother is a super mom like many other moms.Usually we don’t get the opportunity to speak about our mothers but an auspicious day like this one is perfect for telling about mothers. I have seen my mother in many moods and I am very excited to share a few of those. I have seen my mother climbing tall trees when I was a small boy.She had to pluck fruits and at the same time she wanted me to learn the art.She is a very good swimmer, so I remember how she swam across the overflowing lakes during the monsoon.Our jute plants(stalks) were submerged in water for microbial retting in a particular place close to our house but when owing to the torrential rains the jute stacks flowed to another place with the flow of the water current.She took a tall bamboo and jumped into the lake and kept swimming while I ran beside her following the bank of the lake finally when she found it she stood on the boat like stacks of jute stalks and rowed and brought it back to it’s place.

Another interesting incident of my childhood, being the elder son of the family she taught me many things at an early stage.I had to go to the market, to the mill and to collect ration I had to cover half an hour walking distance from my home.One day my mother packed three or four kilograms of wheat in a cloth bag with two tiny handles,then she put that on my head without tying it.I walked for sometime with the bag on my head, as I walked I tried hard to reach the top of the bag to hold it so that it won’t fall.Finally as I had feared I dropped the quantity on the unmetalled muddy road.I stood there for a while and waited for someone to pass by that road.When I found a passersby I requested him to inform my mother of my activity.Within a few minutes time she ran to the spot with a winnow, she smiled at me and sat there beside me and then removed all the soil particles with her winnow,she put the wheat in the bag and tied it properly and allowed me to continue my journey.

Another sad incident that occured made my mother really uncompromising.On one Christmas eve I had lost few rupees so I was beaten very badly my hands and feet were swollen and there were cuts on my lips and hands so I had to lie on my bed.As I was thinking of my mistakes I heard my father’s voice he told my mother to prepare the special dishes for Christmas but my mother turned down his request and said ‘there won’t be Christmas celebration this year’

Mothers are ever ready to do anything and everything for the good of their Kids.For the sake of their children they can become ferocious. A great warrior is nothing before an angry mother.All the powers of this earth fall flat at the feet of a loving mother,so let us promise not to make them sad by our attitudes.

Happy Mothers Day




Since my childhood people always said that ‘I am very good’,

that’s because even when I was hungry I didn’t stare at other’s food.

I always learnt to be tolerant in every odd situations,

just to be obedient I walked on without knowing locations.

I had no problem even when for no reason I was punished,

I didn’t complain at all but those moments I cherished.

The worst part of my learning is the art of compromising,

they all say I am very good but I know I am a very bad human being.

Speaking when not needed is certainly a bad thing,

but not speaking when it’s needed is called a person good for nothing.

A hellish life it is when I can’t speak the naked truth,

when for someone’s conspiracy lives of others are no more smooth.

With high hopes I toiled hard so that things may really go well,

the secrets of life are so many which I am not supposed to tell.

I did shiver a lot when I read of Sodom & Gomorrah’s fall,

but if we compare our sins with them their faults were rather small.

The sermons of today speak only of what the disciples of Jesus did,

we are incapable so we often say how five thousands did Jesus feed?

Saint Paul did that & Saint Peter healed the sick and blind,

our faith is still in the pages of Bible so we are seldom loving and kind.

The present generations have heard enough work of great soul,

they want us to perform the washing feet with water in a bowl.

We pray and advise to forgive and for justice we drag people to court,

we only read the word of God but don’t practice them rather distort.

I wanted to be a true and perfect human being for all,

but my spotted heart with sins has made me really very small.

The more I try to give up evils just to be the best,

but I fail to withstand life’s struggles small and little test.

Saving one’s soul is not easy but a real herculean task,

if you have any doubt about it to the angels during prayer you ask.

How can I have kingly gestures being leader of the poorest of the poor,

truly I tell you I am not at all good but a hypocrite you can be sure.


I have been nominated by popsiclesociety for the SUNSHINE BLOGGERS AWARD

Thank you so much…… I know that as a blogger she is a lovely person and it’s not possible for everyone to know her personally because she is very suppresive so far her personal life is concerned.She loves to share her joys only but rarely she reveals her hardships. Infact she is very daring and she ignores her sufferings as if it’s nothing but a part of life. These are all that I have learnt about her from her writings.(If anything that I have said doesn’t match with her traits I am extremely sorry for ) So she is a lovely person follow her posts especially the beautiful places she loves to visit and you will come to know a lot about her.

The Rules:

1 .Thank the blogger who nominated you

2.Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you

3.Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4.List rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post /or on your blog.

5.Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog post.

Popsiclesociety’s questions :

1.What is your favourite colour and why?

My favourite colour is white as it symbolises purity and chastity.

2.Are you eating for surviving or are you gourmand?

No,I am eating only to survive. I don’t enjoy parties, I don’t love delicious food, I don’t like chicken, mutton,beef or pork. Even on Sundays I eat vegetables or fish.I practice mortification by eating less. While eating, the faces of hungry children and women reminds me of their hunger so usually I don’t ask for food the second time, I stay away from sweets and desserts.

3.Black, red or white grapes?

White or light greenish ones.

4.What is your favourite pasta dish?

I like masala pasta.

5.What about your favourite cake?

Chocolate or fruit cakes with a coffee flavour.

6.Are you eating fresh salads?

Yes,I love fresh salads as well as fruit salads (tossed salads)

7.Sweet or spicy?

Certainly spicy.

8.If you are a woman:dress or pantsuit?And if you are a man :suit or casual?

I am sure I am a man so I wear casual.

9.If you are a woman:high heels or flat shoes?And if you are a man :Oxfords or sneakers?


10.Do you like your birthday day?

Yes,I do like my birthday like many other people, I recite special prayers on February 17

11.And the last one :have you smiled today?

Yes,I always smile.

My questions:

1.What is your favourite colour and why?

2.Are you eating for surviving or are you a gourmand?

3.Black,red or white grapes?

4.What is your favourite dessert?

5.What is favourite pasta dish?

6.Are you eating fresh salads?

7.Sweet or spicy?

8.If you are a woman:dress or pantsuit?And if you are a man:suit or casual?

9.If you are a womsn:high heels or flat shoes?And if you are a man:Oxfords or sneakers?

10 Do you like birthday day?

11.And the last one :have you prayed today?

My nominees:



3: savvyraaj






10: shanksalty


No obligations all

Thank you again for your support and happy blogging all.


In any field of work a person comes to know about the pros and cons of that industry slowly and steadily,especially those who like to take things seriously or to stay longer in that sphere.Similarly in blogging there are so many things to learn from the veterans, it’s not enough to write but one has to read and follow the posts of successful people to find out the secrets of success.I had not known about the different awards for bloggers of different niches. I came to know from the posts of other veteran bloggers and it’s a matter of great joy that the succesful people are honoured in a very special way for their contributions.It not only helps the great but it certainly supplies great strength and enthusiasm to the small and the budding(newbie) bloggers.

The Milestone Blogger Award

The Milestone Blogger Award is to recognize those bloggers who go out of their way to help fellow bloggers reach those milestone markers in blogging.Milestones in blogging can be big or small.They could include reaching a certain number of followers on different platforms.It could also include helping others improve their blog with constructive criticism.Or just simply reading their work and sharing it.

Purpose of this award

It’s a way to acknowledge all those bloggers who have helped you and other newbie bloggers to learn the ropes.The ones who guide others through all the technical stuff and continue to offer help daily.A blogger can nominate another veteran or rather very helpful blogger for this award to show those in the group how much they have helped you.

Rules of the Milestone Blogger Award

All awards must have a few rules so here are the ones for this award.They are not difficult, nor time consuming just a few details to make it special

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2.Give at least one milestone they helped you to achieve.

3.List three goals you are currently working on

4.List five nominees and include a link to their site.

5.Give at least one reason for each as to why you have chosen to nominate them.

6.Give a link back Midlife Milestones,allowing others to read it’s origin.

and so on.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is,basically, peer recognition among the blogger community. Bloggers nominate other bloggers that they feel are”creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.” There are days when I do not feel that I deserve any recognition.That I feel like I am failing at this endeavor and should just quit.I am eternally grateful for the support of my fellow bloggers.They are there to lift each other up and help them in all sorts of possible ways to ensure that they don’t give up.

The blogger awards are a kind of a chain letter. The nominations come from the heart and each award helps further our reach and increase our readers.So while they can seem frivolous,they truly are a welcome tool in the bloggers corner.

Rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award

Each award has rules we need to follow so let’s cover what Sunshine Blogger Awards is.

Thank the blogger who nominate you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.

Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the blogger award and write them 11 new questions.

List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post /and or your blog.


The Liebster Award is a virtual award given by bloggers to other bloggers.You must have an award yourself to be able to nominate someone else and the idea is to celebrate new bloggers who show great potential. Only bloggers with less than 200 blog followers can be nominated.

The Versatile Blogger Award

This award is for fellow bloggers, when you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page.Or,of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

Honour those bloggers who bring something special to your life whether everyday or only now and then.

So what’s holding you back great bloggers spend time,find the perfect topic or subject which you love to write and win the world. It’s all yours spread love which is very contagious and I am sure your sweet little heart will certainly be crowded with so many great people ever ready to enter your heart.



Spending my time in reading a lot your awesome post,

praying for all just to stay away from frightening deadly ghost.

How lovely & sweet are your posts so full of wisdom!

All that are electrifying I am saving in the chrome.

Writing is very interesting but reading is wonderful,

so I am reading more & more to write well by using my tool.

The more I am reading I am elated to see your pen’s magic,

I am sure by following you all I shall surely learn the trick.

Writing an awesome post daily is a gigantic task,

it certainly requires patience the way for hours in the sun we bask.

How do you manage the schedule and what really inspires?

Is a question that haunts me always and what are your desires?

It’s a totally different world where you all help one another,

guiding others with suggestions is a matter that you all bother.

Great varieties and different niches make it a lovely place,

you all succeed in writing what you want is a matter of grace.

I wish to write something daily but I beat about the bush,

to get rid of inconsistency I know I require someone to push.

Unlucky as I am can’t follow those who follow my JOVIAL post,

it’s so sad that I can’t serve my guests I am really a worthless host.

Somewhere something has truly gone wrong so I am losing all my hopes,

I know I shall regret later on for not using all the good scopes.

My sixth sense warns me of a strange or sinister thing is likely to happen,

If a deadly heat wave finishes us all just say ;where will I be then?

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