Nomination for Liebster Award.

I thank dear Blanca for considering my  Blog of some use and for nominating.I am grateful to her for this attitude of her.I am mentioning the link of her blog ‘Journey In Finding God’

It’s really very encouraging to nominate bloggers of your choice but I find it difficult to choose a particular blogger for the nomination.Different bloggers are experts in different category or niche .I am not at all an expert so I refrain from nominating .I love to read contents of all the bloggers.

I love posts with beautiful photographs,especially photographs of the nature.I love posts of spiritual upliftment,Herbal medicines,health tips and stories from the lives of the poor and needy.

I enjoy the posts of Dear Blanca as she is always having a message of salvation in most of her contents.I am sure she will continue her work of spreading the word of God to enrich her blog.She is intelligent and pious so the good Lord will help her in all her endeavors.Once again I thank dear Blanca from the bottom of my heart .

For every other award the rules are simple:

Thank the blogger who nominated you,and provide a link to their blog with award logo.

Answer the 11 questions given to you.

Nominate 11 other bloggers

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Blanca’s questions to me:

1.What special talent do you have?     

I love to sing,play the synthesizer,I love gardening.I love to speak to the masses.(Public Speaking).I love Exorcism.I like to chase demons out of possessed people.

2.When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in the year 2019 ,January 3rd.

3.One thing that you love to learn from blogging.

The understanding of different bloggers and their support towards other bloggers.

4.What is your profession?

I have been teaching since 1998

5.What are you thankful for?

I am thankful to the savior for his special care for me.

6.Where do you see yourself in 5 years I shall be a famous preacher.

7.One of your favorite quote

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”-Mathew 5:9

8.Something new you wanna try..

Certainly ,I am preparing myself to preach the word of God in the future.

9.What’s the thing that you like most about yourself?

I am a God fearing man and for that I can give the devil a tough fight whenever he tries to tempt me of lust and greed.I need very little food to survive.

10.What three words describe you the best?


Straight forward


11.One of your favorite film and why?

Children of God.

This film is all about sharing whatever you have.

Wish you all a happy weekend.Take care.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


I shall sing a song of joy and true love, the joy not of this earth but of above. The pleasures are followed by sorrow, little joy creates uncertain tomorrow.

Drink the honey of the living rock, make it subject of your daily talk. Taste and see the Lord is very good, with him no worry of your food.

Never doubt in God’s love & kindness, even you Don’t have much but less. He does all for the good of our life, let’s accept all that’s peace and strife.

The dead and the ailing in the street, the healthy,prosperous,poor & unfit; all are going through a litmus test, trust in him he will turn it into best.

We all need to clean the innerwears, it may cause illness is our worst fears. In the same way let’s clean our heart, entry of Satan’s virus may we shut.

Works of Satan though we can’t see, a clean body & soul will be virus free. With so much wisdom we’re hopeless, for treatment just look at Jesus’ face.

Thanks for your co-operation.


Ability is useless unless it’s used. One of the interesting facts of life is that most people die before knowing their capabilities,their talents.It is so,either because of lack of knowledge,guidance or determination.It is because of this reality we find the wrong person in the leader’s chair in many renowned concerns. This is because of the lack of farsightedness of the employers. All these facts have made human lives really miserable.We find the cruel person for a compassionate job,a dishonest person for a sacred job or a job that requires sanctity,an uncharitable person for a charitable society and so on.How are such organizations run? Some works must be done to retain the post otherwise the employers will remove him.Another important trend in today’s world is that the underprivileged people or the victims have learnt to tolerate all shorts of inhuman attitudes from the higher authorities. They have a wrong notion that they deserve the worst attitudes because beggars cannot be choosers.

The problem is finding the right person for the right job,there are enough efficient people to hold different portfolios but a good number of people are not ready to compromise.The malpractice of making use of helpless people illegally for one’s interest has become a common thing. There are states and countries where different organizations have been formed to create efficient workers, sportsmen etc.Here we can consider the performances of sportsmen in important games like SAFGAMES,OLYMPIC GAMES.Some countries always top the list of medals whereas some so called powerful countries dance around with one or two medals for ages.They have no interest in making use of human resources in this regard despite having human resource ministries.If they think of using it then there is politics, there is a question of influences and money power and so on.

There is a famous saying of William Shakespeare ‘Some are born great,some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’. This means everyone has a chance to be a champion in his /her respective field of work.So there is no question of disappointment. I remember the fact that the job of a barber was once looked down upon but today it is considered an art for which one must undergo rigorous training and a great barber of our time is a celebrity.So if the requirement to excell in any field is complete then there’s no need of looking back.

After all a few are born great with silver spoons in their mouths but the rest of the people struggle hard to achieve greatness.So why be gloomy for failures?Just cheer up and prepare to conquer the world.There was a time when the youths didn’t know what they should do to earn but today with the help of the world wide websites many chances have opened up, so many options are there to follow,so many ways of having online classes from experts for different vocations.Just decide what needs to be done and follow the path of your choice and be an expert to be a celebrity.The world is ever ready to accept anyone who is skilled and confident of his/her capabilities.

Remember, a talented person is like a valuable diamond so your whereabouts cannot suppress you in any way.Make use of the spark in you just like a match stick,if it is lighted and thrown in a proper place then it will be a devastating fire, thousands of fire engines won’t be able to put out such fires.So when you know you have it in you don’t just ignore it make use of it and you will find success is knocking on your door.

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Sunshine Blogger Award.

Thanks a lot to dear Anjali Tiwari for considering me of some use in the bloggers world.I am sharing Anjali’s profile link for you all to go through and enjoy her writings do remember to check her stories.

Rules of the award:

•Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.

•Answer the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

•Nominate 11 bloggers as per your choice and ask them questions of your choice.

•Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.

•List the rules and display a sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and / or your blog site.

Questions are

Why do you blog?

I blog to remain free from other worries and stress of daily life,besides a personal reason.

What makes a blog good?

Certainly the topics and the contents.

Whatever your blog is about ,when and why did you get interested in that topic?

I felt like writing when I realized that I have a lot to share with the other people to make their lives easy and cosy.

If you had to choose one of the blogs you’re nominating that is your single favourite…

Every blog is really unique with it’s own unique identity, hence I shall not be able to nominate any special blogger.I am very sorry.

What “genre(s)” of your niche do you like best?

I like to write on Spirituality and motivation .

Besides whatever your blog is about ,what is your hobby /interest/talent?

I am a singer and a musician,I can compose music of my own,I am a public speaker.I love gardening ,I love to learn languages,I love to draw,I am fond of herbal plants and the nature.

Which of your posts has been the most popular?

Blessings of the dawn,Knowledge,Loneliness,whoever sows injustice will reap calamities etc.

What motivates you in life?

The life styles of the poorest of the poor inspires me to live a very long life for them.

Is this the first time you’ve been nominated for this award?

No .

Do you ever feel nervous before publishing a blog post?

No,because I know that I have nothing to lose as I have to leave this world empty handed almost the way I had come to this world.

Once again I thank dear Anjali Tiwari and bless her ,so that she will find success in all her endeavours.


Reading a great book ‘KNOWING GOD’

The talk of the season is Covid 19 and it’s the cause of our headache today.We all know that everything seems to be uncertain.Strong and stout people are wishing adieu every day and every moment .All our hard work is of no use today ,Our status and wealth is also of no use today yet there is something that is very soothing and is of so much strength that those who have acquired it or are trying to acquire it are living a peaceful life even during this pandemic.Are you really interested in knowing it ?Aren’t you tempted to acquire it?Don’t you think that to save your beloved ones you must acquire it?If our heart is leaping with joy to receive that strength to live a normal life during this period of uncertainty then please don’t stay back but come forward to receive it gladly .

Yes,it is a relationship with the person who has control over everything on earth and in heaven.We require it to be truly healthy,wealthy and powerful.we need to know God to have full control of all that is there around us and above us.Yes my beloved friends it’s a lovely book named “KNOWING GOD” authored by J.I Packer.It’s a mindblowing book to harness the power we have in ourselves.We are not at all helpless but we do not know the art of using God’s grace and I tell you all to read the book if you have the time.

All of us are related with the Omnipotent yet we do not know him well.It is like a conjugal relationship where a man loves a woman for decades but in the eleventh year due to a misunderstanding the relationship is broken.They decide to live separately. In the same way sometimes our relationship or the bond with the living God is also very weak because we have not known him well.This book has elaborately explained almost all the important verses of the chapters of the Holy Bible.Reading the bible and understanding it are two different sides of a coin, I mean a coin in our hands has both the sides but to know what is there on the bottom of the coin we must turn it otherwise we will know only about the top side.This great book will help to turn everything inside us to understand what God is trying to tell us through the verses.

The part of the book that has touched my soul is “THOU OUR GUIDE” .I quote”To many Christian’s, guidance is a chronic problem.Why?Not because they doubt that divine guidance is a fact,but because they are sure it is.They know that God can guide,and has promised to guide,every Christian believer.Books and friends and public speakers tell them how guidance has worked in the lives of others.Their fear ,therefore,is not no guidance should be available for them,but they may miss the guidance which God provides through some fault of their own.When they sing: Guide me,O thou art Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak,but Thou art mighty, Hold me with Thy powerful hand: Bread of heaven Feed me now and evermore -they have no doubt that God is able to lead and to feed,as they ask.But they remain anxious,because they are not certain of their own receptiveness to the guidance God offers. Not all,however,have yet come so far.In our day ,as we frequently noted already,knowledge of God has been obscured -turned ,in effect ,into ignorance of God -by the twisting of our thoughts about God.Thus ,the reality of God’s rule,God’s speech,God’s independence, God’s moral goodness,even God’s personality,has been queried not only outside the Church but inside it also.This has made it hard for many to believe that divine guidance can exist at all.How can it,if God is not the sort of being who can ,or will,give it?- and that is what,in any way or another ,all these suggestions imply.It is worthwhile therefore,to recall at this point some of the basic truths which divine guidance presupposes”.

This is only a part of the book and there are so many other mindblowing facts to read in it.I am really enjoying it.It is strengthening my faith in the love of the Lord. Thanks a lot for reading and if you wish to be a part of the evangelization work then please share it .

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Sufferings of Souls

Soul cries when it is wounded or imprisoned.What is hurting the soul as to make it cry?It is nothing other than sin.

He who lives sinfully,belongs to the devil(1Jn.3:8).So when we commit sin we get an external master.If we repeat sin we get many masters.Each one tries to give different directions even contradictory directions at the same time.The person will then be in confusion and eventually suffer of mental disorientation. Jesus gave an example of such a person in the land of Gerasene.A man with an unclean spirit came to Jesus.The man lived in tombs and no one could secure him any more not even with chains.All night and all day,among the tombs and in the mountains,he would howl and gnash himself with stones.Catching sight of Jesus he ran up and fell at the feet of Jesus.When Jesus asked him,”What is your name” ,he replied,”legion,and there are many of us”.There were six thousand of them.These six thousand masters gave him different directions and tortured him.He became mad and tried to kill himself .It is the same with any one who is under sin.We must have only one master namely Jesus and one father namely God the father.            (Mt.23:9-10)

The Bible constantly reminds us of the dangers of sin.Secretly killing the child in the womb or openly killing someone is a grave sin because the cry of the murdered soul goes to God for justice.Cain killed Abel in the open field .The earth opened it’s mouth and drank the blood of the innocent Abel.This blood cried from the ground .Cain could not hear the sound.No one but only God could hear that sound.God came immediately and asked Cain,where is your brother Abel?Cain excused himself saying,”I do not know”.No excuse is valid  before God.”They cry in anguish and God hears and rescues them from all their troubles.He is near to the broken hearted,he helps those whose spirit is crushed”(Psalm 34:17-18 )     


Follow Jesus! He knows the trail from earth to heaven very well!!!

I told my experienced hiking friend where I wanted to hike… He told me he had been there several times, but said, “the trail is tricky – You’ll need a detailed map.” He recommended the use of a wonderful phone app, “AllTrails”, that showed me the way. It depended upon the experience of several professional […]

Follow Jesus! He knows the trail from earth to heaven very well!!!


Everything is in it’s place and seems to be okay,

but tomorrow is uncertain that you all can say.

For a common good of all ;don’t we all pray?

We don’t know why sometimes oursleves betray.

The world is so lovely and so very beautiful,

we’re so engrossed that we ignored life’s golden rule.

With hearts full of love slowly and silently we faltered,

that’s why we find today everything has been altered.

The powers we enjoyed yesterday have been taken away,

we did misuse it often so it’s time for us to repay.

The powerless and needy people we allowed others to slay,

So long the sun shone brightly we didn’t make hay.

It’s time for us to seek now God’s forgiveness,

so that if I die tomorrow I won’t have to hide my face.

The evil one has taken away our dear God’s grace,

so sad it is with our beloved ones we have to keep a distance.

Don’t say that we haven’t been kind to those who lived in fear,

rather say that all those who tried; we were there to cheer.

Whatsoever it may be it’s time to say a little prayer,

so that the kind Lord may take away our worst nightmare.



I think it’s improper to ask you all about your wellbeing because we all are living in a same world of misery. A world where we are puzzled or at a fix ,we don’t really know anything about tomorrow or the next week .The media is telling us everything in details but at the same time it’s also telling us to not to be scared. We are intelligent so we know that everything is not okay.

In such a circumstance we have great message of hope because the Messiah can change messy affairs into a sweet message of joy and hope so let’s read the message of the Holy Bible .”For surely I know the plans I have for you,says the Lord,plans for your welfare and not for harm,to give you a future with hope.Then when you call upon me,I will hear you.When you search for me,you will find me,if you seek me with all your heart,I will let you find me,says the Lord. – JEREMIAH 29:11-14

So we know the intentions of our good Lord,he is not going to put his beloved ones into trouble,but we must allow him to destroy our old homes to make palaces for good people to live in luxury.We can notice that lot of things are happening on this earth which is making us gloomy. Does that mean we love the people of this earth more than him; the creator who created the beautiful things of this earth?Certainly not,that means we ought to allow him to make the necessary changes for a better future .Perhaps he knew that we all will be disheartened that is why we find a message of hope in Chapter 29 in the book of Zeremiah and there after a stern message in the same book in the next Chapter.

Let’s read “Look,the storm of the Lord!Wrath has gone forth,a whirling tempest;it will burst upon the head of the wicked.The fierce anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind.In the latter days you will understand this”. JEREMIAH 30:23-24 The message is crystal clear to all of us .There’s nothing hidden in it .We have to understand the texts of both the chapters then we won’t feel bad rather we will be brave enough and allow the storm to pass on ,the dark cloud of death to pass over so that the bright sunshine of hope and prosperity won’t be far.

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My beloved blogger friends,I haven’t written a post for more than a month.I have lot of queries about life and death.I wonder about the way of lives of people across the world.Life is really an invaluable gift for everyone.We realize the value of an object when we are about to lose it.Yes great souls it is a time for me like many others to thank the Creator because almost 5,00000 of people have already died in the last four months but I am still alive.

It is a matter of grave concern for me because I feel that I have to perform my best to live up to His grace.I have been showered with a special grace to carry on to uphold the dignity of the great Creator.I cannot ignore the blessings of science but just like many of you I also know so many people who relied on it and have expired.

It’s high time that we realize the need to live a life of righteousness. It is not enough to feed the body but it is very important to find the real food of the soul too.A body with a dead soul is of no use ,it is the leftovers of the evil one.I don’t really remember whether I have written anything about what I am going to write now.Even if it happens to be repetition doesn’t matter because this message is very important for all of us.

I pray for the departed soul ,may the Lord take care of all those who have left this world recently.Believe me I think they were good souls ,they were all ready for the Lord.If you ask me ,’Why did the Lord take away the people with good souls?’ The answer is simple ,the Lord wanted all of us to repent before the devil also starts reaping .There was a time when we used to skip our night prayers on the pretext of our duties.My dear friends we must not forget the fact that we all had enough time to pray and read the word of God during the lockdown. It isn’t possible for anyone to show excuses.

The fact that Satan has nothing to do with clean souls is very true.A person with a good soul whether alive or dead works only for the Lord,but an unclean soul works for Satan on this earth but the satan is doubtful of that soul ,there is a possibility of repentance on this earth and once such a soul comes across a good soul then he will no more belong to the devil.So a time is coming when the devil will try to kill people with an unclean soul so that he will be forced to work for Satan even after death.He doesn’t really want to take a chance of losing his beloved followers.So let’s water the roots so that our souls can blossom.

Thanks a lot for reading

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Irrespective of caste,creed,faith and gender almost everyone is in search of peace and unconditional love,which is not available for most people.But does that mean the search must end? Certainly not because in most cases we are smart,we know that where there is a will there is a way so based on that saying we don’t stop until and unless we find it whether it’s synthetic or authentic.

In today’s world we notice that there is an attitude of intolerance in almost every spheres of life just for the sake of self gratification and that’s because we consider every activity of ours as wars and as we all have learnt that ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ so we think that there’s no harm in putting other people in trouble for our own interest.So long we lived a simple life for the good of humanity we enjoyed the blessings of God through the wonders and powers of nature but the moment men decided to ignore the company of fellow human beings to deny him the benefits of his discovery or invention he called upon him unknown fears of curses.

At present the world is being ruled by that curse, when ever a person is in darkness he/she is not able to identify an object properly and so in today’s ultra modern world despite sophisticated spectacles and lenses people are blind to their blunders. The so called just or righteous people run lucrative business of arms and ammunition and speak or advice others to keep peace, they sell arms and at the same time they also threaten others to stay away from arms and amunition out of the fear of losing their own lives ,they take their oaths in the name of the living God but they rely on their own powers.

Let us read a passage from the Holy Bible,

What good is it,my brothers and sisters,if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds?Can such faith save them? suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.If one of you says to them,”Go in peace;keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs,what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. James 2:24-17

Today even the powerful person on earth is scared of another extra human being in his territory, in fact he is scared of feeding some other human beings for the sake of the security, safety and for foreign policy. It happens… it does happen when a person depends on human power and not on divine power.”Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day” as stated by John Milton, when the head of the family tries to bluff the other members of the family the family is slowly destroyed. When the members of a family live in sincerity and honesty the head of the family can’t be dishonest.Similarly if the head of a family is just and upright then the members can’t live a dishonest life.When the people of a nation are corrupted they can’t have a proper leader to lead them similarly when the leader is dishonest the people can’t be happy with their day-to -day affairs.

It is unfair to teach hatred and jealousy to one’s children because when they will be habituated in such evil activities and will not find other people to hate they will certainly apply it on their own people,their dear ones. It’s time that we reflect on our activities and vow to save others to ensure our own safety,security and our own lives.

It’s necessary to be truly God’s representatives on this earth and look after all the human beings of this beautiful earth without any biases and at the same time it’s very important to be just with the inanimate objects of the nature so that the nature is not allowed to take revenge for the many losses of human lives on the pretext of false patriotism.We can be ungrateful to the creator but the nature is faithful to him in all circumstances.The nature is always obedient to the creator hence the nature has the right to go against the people of a nation to show them the consequence of injustice,even the Good Lord may not stop nature’s fury to save a sinful generation.

When the blood of innocent people fall on the fertile soil of a country slowly and silently the soil becomes barren, when the law makers make laws for safety and security and provoke people by their speeches for the sake of success, they succeed but they face terrible calamity which often becomes the cause of their downfall.So even for the sake of proper growth of a lovely sapling in our courtyard we must say no to injustice,otherwise the sapling may wither as a consequence of our insincerity, ingratitude and our haughtiness.