Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ,so also our comfort abounds through Christ. If we are distressed, it is for your comfort and salvation; if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we suffer. And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.

As we come to the end of a blessed year it is our first and foremost duty to thank and praise the Lord for his love and care.

As we have lost many dear ones and near ones we also know so many people who have survived dreaded diseases and are living with us to glorify the mighty one .

Sin will always be there so that we remain ever faithful to the mighty one for his grace to stay away from sins.We have all sinned and have been forgiven because we have been called to be busy with the work of spreading the message of love.

We all are preparing to do something extraordinary in the new year not because we are very powerful but because we have received powers from above to stand beside the weak in spirit and enable them to fight against the prince of hell.

Prayer card credit :THE GRACEFUL CHAPTER

Thank you very much :Take careπŸ’–

25 thoughts on “OUR HOPE LIES IN OUR FAITH.

  1. Beautiful truths and reminders of God’s power and love. Prayed the prayer for Holy Spirit presence in my life.
    Praying for you brother, may the Lord pour down on you with greater strength and inspiration. ⚘

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    1. Thank you very much dear sister for your prayers.I am glad to know that you pray for me,the greatest gift one can give to another on this earth and heaven .God bless you abundantly and assure you of my prayers .Take care.πŸ™

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  2. What happened or what is happening, or what may happen , is His Will,
    We perform our duties and best we can do have faith in him and be honest and compassionate to his creation,πŸŒΉπŸ’•
    He loves his children and knows what’s best for them , Let’s take His name by putting full faith in him, He loves to bless us😊🌹

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  3. Wow, Francis, I am stunned you and I are on exactly the same page. HUGE confirmation for me that you recognize this to be a Spiritual War and that these battles are real!!! When you said:

    “We all are preparing to do something extraordinary in the new year not because we are very powerful but because we have received powers from above to stand beside the weak in spirit and enable them to fight against the prince of hell.”

    my heart, my Inner Guidance, has been saying the very same! We who have been walking rightly upon the Love and Light of Christ, are going to be the ones who will lead the way as those who have fallen to the wicked ways of this world, find out how betrayed they have been. We who are strong as Lions with the Spirit of God guiding us, have walked through hells in order to encompass even more Compassion in our hearts for those many whose lives will fall apart. We are united in the Love of Christ and with many like us around the world, we will show the fallen, the asleep, what LOVE is. Shine on!! You are a beautiful Soul!! Thank you so much for not falling for the evil of this world. I read Psalm 91 all the time! God bless you!!! xoxoxox

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    1. Wow!I am happy to know that I don’t make mistakes in finding people with true potentials to fight the battle behind the veils,a tough battle is likely to ensue soon and we have to guide many others to identify the powers of the evil one because the Satan because he is also using a modern technique of instilling evil as something which is natural.I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and blessings .As we are preparing ourselves to welcome the New Year we have to take every steps cautiously especially when the evil powers have been let lose since the beginning of covid and it is causing havoc everywhere.Stay blessed and stay indoors and pray for all.God bless you abundantly.Thanks a lot.Take care.πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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      1. Francis, I know that I know that satan’s power on this earth has been weakened so the battles ahead of us will not be as fierce as they had been in 2021. That is not to say there is much darkness to dig up and get rid of, for there is. God bless you!

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    1. Amen sir,happy to know that you have been praying for me ,please continue to pray for my good intentions.God bless you .Wish and pray for a Blessed New Year for you and all his children.Take care.πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΉ

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  4. Amen! Thank you for sharing your encouraging words and a comforting prayer of hope. We have God’s help and He will strengthen us where we need to be strengthen as we submit our needs to Him. Have a blessed 2022 Francis. Thank you for all the encouraging comments you leave on my blog. You’re in my prayers. May God bless you richly in 2022. πŸŒΉπŸ˜ŠπŸ™


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