A Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,it’s Christmas time …a time to be busy with various activities and yes we are really very busy trying to make people happy during this festive season.

Like you all I am also busy with the Church Coir ,rehearsal and arranging different speakers and carols so that I won’t be sorry later on for missing out the favorite ones.

Once on the eve of Christmas the Priest and volunteers of a church were decorating and after completing everything they were quite happy with their work.

Finally at midnight when they were about to start their service the Priest stood with the service boys and as he got ready to remove the curtain from the little manger in which they place a statue of baby Jesus.

To his utter surprise the Priest noticed the little statue of baby Jesus was missing .The volunteers were very sorry for their blunder.They ran to the godown behind the sacristy and found the statue of baby Jesus was lying wrapped in papers .

My beloved ones ,very often we forget all about Jesus during Christmas because of the worldly activities which have become customs or rituals that we feel we have to perform. Sometimes we find a void or an emptiness in our heart during Christmas season even after spending thousands of dollars for decorations ,clothes and food articles .

To me Christmas is nothing special because I find I haven’t done enough for the Christs of this earth ,they are hungry and suffering for not having enough clothes and food .

Thanks be to God for we find enough poor people on this earth so we don’t regret for not having an encounter with Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are not happy during this great festival meet your poor neighbor and share with him the least that you can afford and happily receive the real blessings of Jesus Christ.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas with full of love,peace and Joy .

Thank you very much.Take care.💝💖🌲

Image courtesy:pinterest.com

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