Whenever we think of love we also think of hatred because both are woven with the same thread.We don’t hate the person whom we don’t love and similarly we don’t love the person whom we don’t know.

Acceptance is also somewhat similar because we accept that which we love,we reject or abandon that which we hate or have no interest.

Rejection has become very common matter in today’s world because fake love is flying in the air.

Many of us are tired of the same love and are trying to have something new so we reject old materials as well as people.

Rejecting old materials and people has become a common matter nowadays as we are getting used to the fact of use and throw.

What should we do if we find we are not old but are rejected in the family and in work places?

We should strive hard to find some other ways or places where we will be accepted.

My personal opinion about rejection is,if an institution is not ready to accept me happily means I have some other call or some other purpose to complete .

It also means that I am talented but I have not used it and hence I am in a wrong place .

This is called redirection,whenever we throw a ball in the air it falls down on the ground because it doesn’t belong to space.

Nowadays same thing is happening to many people and it’s happening because we are not ready to make proper use of the God gifted talents.

There are so many, struggling to survive in a wrong place because the concerned people cannot afford to accept a multi talented person in a small concern.

It certainly is not their fault,it is our fault because we are misusing ourselves.

So let’s thank those who reject us so that we can carry our crosses up to Calvary to be crucified for our salvation.

Thanks to many such well wishers in disguise.I have been ridiculed and despised by so many to prove that I am not what they think I am.

So don’t remain behind others but bring out the best you have to prove yourself to the world that you are not what the world thinks about you but you are going to be what you are.

Thank you very much.Take care.πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΉ


  1. I love the title and I agree with it. A lot of us who are living a more conscious and aware life face rejection or non-acceptance for family and peer. I take it as a strong indication to find my authentic self and expression, somehow then right circumstances and right people show up in life – and gratefully some family learn to accept and see things differently.

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  2. When we understand who we truly are, we will be doing exactly what we are meant to do. As for rejection, I understand that person is not ready to hear what I have to say or accept me for who I am. That’s OK. I gently say goodbye and get on with my life. Great post, Francis. Thank you! xo

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