God’s love for us is the same today as it was yesterday but we only need to acclimitize/adapt to it by keeping ourselves worthy of his love.

If we need to feel it or realize it then we have to do everything with love .

It’s like an architecture who doesn’t need much of our plans in the initial stage ,simple verbal conversation about a new construction gives him the idea of the building.

It’s like a teacher who looks at a student and after a chat for a while understands about his ambition and his talents.

It is not impossible but very difficult to understand what the Lord wants from me if I don’t remain in touch with him through prayers,sanctity and mortification.

I have passed many exams with flying colors but since last 40 years I have read and have heard a lot about Jesus in different places and at home yet I am still lagging behind so many others in piety.

Many considers piety and saving souls is outdated in the present situation but we have learnt in the last one and half years that qualifications ,Jobs,intellects and riches have failed to save human beings ,what has saved us is the providential grace .

Thank you very much.Take care.

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