Spiritual posts are certainly very important in our day today life but sharing motivational quotes in between makes all of us enthusiastic of such spiritual posts.

We all are living on this earth therefore we have a moral obligation to perform our duties perfectly so that there is a decorum on this earth.

When we will be the citizens of Paradise we will be asked to praise adore and worship incessantly as there won’t be any requirements of performing worldly duty over there.

Therefore we need to be motivated to be successful and to avoid distractions.


Very often we fight shy of activities which seem to be tough but we ought to remember the fact that the very same activities are performed by human beings like us.


To be successful we only require firm determination and perseverance and above all self confidence.There are limitations but those are made by others,we have to define our own limitations because others don’t have any idea of our capabilities.Others make limitations based on their capabilities.


So many have ignored their own potential simply by looking at the perfect works of other people .We must not look at a perfect painting and judge our abilities because the person who is a legend today had perhaps begun his career with broken chalks and the walls of his/her rooms.So there’s no harm in starting any work with scratches.

Thank you very much.Take care.πŸ’—


  1. Quotes have literally felt a form of nourishment to me. like a daily dose of vitamin, especially those that inspire, resonate and keep me aligned with my inner knowing. I enjoyed your post, it is positive and beautiful inspiration.

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