I thank the Lord for giving us freedom to live our lives the way we like.We are so insignificant yet we have been rewarded because he had that faith in us when he created us.

He didn’t leave us like orphans,he has assigned an angel for everyone so that we can be guided whenever we are in trouble.

An angel is truly a powerful entity whom we can’t see but he can summon a thousand other angels if required to help us .

I remember a story of a pious young girl .Suzan was a beautiful girl who lived in a beautiful hilly region and one evening she was walking down a cobbled street when she noticed a fearful looking man standing beside the street with weapons but she was not distracted as she was reciting her prayers while she walked down towards her home.

After a few minutes she reached home,had a wash then took tea and  and sat in the parlour where her mom and sister were listening to that day’s news broadcasting.

She was shocked to hear the news of a young girl,who was molested and was wounded very badly exactly in that place which Suzan had passed few minutes before the accident took place and the wounded girl has been hospitalized .

In the next days newspaper she read that the police had nabbed some suspicious criminals to identify the criminal who had tortured that girl.

Suzan was very curious to look into the matter as she had passed that street on the same day and almost at the same time where the accident had taken place .

She decided to identify the criminal so she reached the Police Station in time.The Officer -in -Charge made all the criminals to stand in a queue.

Suzan began the identification procedure from the first one then the second one and when she reached the sixth criminal she screamed loudly and caught hold of his shirt and asked him, “why did you spare me when I too had passed that street when you were standing there with your weapons?”

The criminal said,”I could not harm you because I had noticed a strong and handsome person walking beside you in white robe.”

My beloved friends,never feel lonely because you are so precious to God that he has deputed a security guard for your safety.

If anything on earth fascinates you just ask your guardian angel to decide on your behalf to know whether its good for you or bad.

The battle is indeed a terrible one,no one can fight it alone and win it.

When Pharaoh’s soldiers chased the Israelites and tried to cross the Red Sea they were all drowned in the sea.They did consider themselves to be very powerful but that didn’t help them.

We have enemies so we have to be ready to fight a battle every moment because we belong to the Prince of Paradise .We are all princes and princesses so the Prince of Hell has arranged many tests and temptations so that we become his counterpart.

God never said that we are weak or feeble it is we who call each other by the names assigned by the evil one for the degradation of strong human beings .

Encourage all by telling them that they are indeed very strong and can win the battle that’s going on behind the curtain,inside our body,mind and soul.

Thank you very much .Take care.πŸ’—




    1. Yes madam ,we are always protected by a guardian angel and many of us have survived accidents because of the help of our guardian Angels.Thank you very much madam for sharing your thoughts and views.Take care.πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸŒΉ

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  1. The title alone holds such big truth! I believe in angels assigned by the Lord, as the book of Hebrews describes. As a retired law enforcement officer I can tell you numerous accounts of escaping harm.
    But brother, I have to disagree with this advice, “ask your guardian angel”. We are to only pray to God, they are only his servants and answer only to Him.
    Beckoning angels or “spirit guides” is a common tenet in witchcraft.
    Sorry, I have to add this, I hope you receive it with love of Chtist.
    Thank you brother for your encouraging posts.

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  2. I read a story about a missionary whose home compound was surrounded by bandits in the middle of the night. They didn’t enter the house,however. Years later, the lead bandit became a Christian and told the missionary they didn’t enter her house that night because it was protected by men dressed in white! God gives us a glimpse now and then of the reality:”For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11). Sometimes that protection saves us from harm; sometimes that protection saves us from the evil one, sometimes that protection isn’t needed because it’s time for transport to heaven!

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    1. Yes,the Lord’s works are truly amazing .His hands are everywhere,even in the place least expected and that is all to ensure that his faithful ones are safe and secure.His love is indeed wonderful.God bless.Take care.πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΉ


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