It is a message of patience and hope.If we are dreaming of an awesome encounter with the mighty one then we have to learn to wait till it’s time to receive a mighty blessing.

God sheltered Paul in the Arabian desert for three years and empowered him with the zeal of preaching the Gospel.He even sheltered him in the Roman prison where he wrote the prison Epistles;Ephesians,Philippians,Colossians and Philemon.

Mosses was under the guidance of the mighty one for forty years before he delivered the Israelites from the slavery of the Egyptians

God looked after Daniel for about seventy years in Babylon when he wrote the Old Testament book bearing his name.

We have so many people in the Bible who waited on the Lord patiently for his great commission and no one was belittled.

Don’t worry if you feel that you are unworthy because the Lord is capable of making anyone a worthy person provided we learn to wait on him patiently.

Mosses was dumped in a little basket to die in harness,Saint Peter was only a fisherman.Saint Paul was a criminal before he received the grace of the Lord.

Yet very often we feel that we are lacking so many things for example the strength to wait patiently,the grace to withstand sufferings and the wealth to help the needy and so on….

As human beings we know that our children will be employed only when they complete their studies ,I mean when they will complete their graduation or post graduation.

As a father I am ready to work hard till my son completes his post graduation as he is only in his 3rd semester of his honors graduation.

Why do I wait patiently? I do so because I know that I am helping him to prepare for his service hence he has to learn a lot of things before he is employed.

My beloved friends,when we understand that there is danger in taking up any responsibility without a thorough preparation then we have to learn to wait patiently till we receive the answer of our prayers.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born I set you apart;
    I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”-Jeremiah 1:5

So long we don’t find the real grace of the Lord to start something new means he is allowing us to be trained in that field with lot of joy and hope .

He is only preparing a way for you for us and also for me .Don’t make haste to jump into any venture without his grace,if we do then we will certainly be in the soup.

We have no objection to an unknown person jumping in the fire but we are always alert so that our loved ones are not in a fire because they rely on us .

Similarly when you, as a beloved child of God are trying to achieve something ,the mighty one will remove all that is evil in it,he will remove all that is toxic for your body ,mind and soul and only then you will achieve it.

So allow him to prepare all that you are trying to achieve and don’t forget to be in touch with him lest he feels that you are not interested in it.

Thank you very much,take care.Love you all the children of God.💗

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  1. Thank you brother. This is a very timely and important post, it really spoke to my heart. I am sincerely praying for the Lord’s guidance in serving Him, as ministries have come to a season’s end.
    While I am busy, I long for His burden and call upon my heart. I’ve had it for many years and seek it anew.
    Thank you Francis.

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  2. The title felt absolutely powerful to me, I loved it! The power of Surrender and Faith opens us to grace beyond our imagination. Grace gifts us the ability to act in ways that seemed impossible. Without it we are just struggling and flailing around. I appreciate how you explain this relation in simple ways with comparison to completing education patiently before seeking employment.

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