There is so much pain on this earth ,we cannot imagine the sufferings of an individual.Even my own people do not know my sufferings.

Whenever I am trying to create something new to satisfy someone I have to sacrifice something of my own.Be it an object,money or my time.

Doing some good acts for the satisfaction of someone whom I love is a matter of joy.

Everyone is busy trying to do something special for someone and in trying to do that we are spending our invaluable time .

If we all have done something special for someone then why are we unhappy?

When our happiness depends on someone’s attitudes or aptitudes then it’s merely expectations .

When our expectations are not fulfilled we break very badly .We don’t expect anything from a beggar whom we give a few cents or a dollar because we don’t do anything extraordinary.

We go beyond our capacity to make our loved ones happy .Sometimes we even forget what is legal and what is illegal and that sows the seed of despair.

Don’t go beyond your capacity to help your loved ones ,I mean in terms of legitimacy.

In relationships and affairs be clear with your capabilities or capacity.If you have to break your heart then do it in the initial stage.

You will find options and time to remake things.Only the creator forgives and forgets your shortcomings and helps you to find substitute.

If you sin for your children ,they will be cursed and they will not be able to know that .Finally when you will think you have done enough for them and it’s time for you to sit and rest they will dump you not because they don’t love you but because you had sinned for them .

Don’t blame them for this.

Nothing breaks a strong human being so badly as sin.It is sin that makes a person weakest at the age of forty it is chastity that makes a person strong at the age of ninety.

Sin doesn’t allow a person to die even at the age of ninety eight because you have to repay back whatever you have purchased using your credit card .

Once I had come across a beautiful quote -‘Sin is like credit card enjoy now and pay later’ I am sorry I don’t use credit card so I am not cock sure about this quote .

Anyway it’s time for us to heal so the best option is to stay away from what has broken us and that certainly is sin.

We cannot afford to live the life of criminals on this beautiful earth .We have to be happy with our goodness not with a huge bank accounts.If you have enough then praise the Lord and share with others .

If we don’t have enough wealth then let us try to be spiritually rich .We will know when and on which day we will die a happy death.

What is better;to have enough wealth and die any where and in any mishap or to have what we require and know when and how we will die?

It’s really very challenging to know every move of our enemy and every mishap of our lives. (even our death)For this we need nothing but sanctity,chastity and piety .

Try this ,this is more difficult than going to the moon or mars and in trying to achieve this ,it will enable us to stay away from what breaks us and will heal our invisible wounds of mind and soul.

Thank you very much ,take care.💗


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