And as he was going forth into the way, there ran one to him, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?-Mark 10:17

As billions celebrate Teachers Day in India,the thought of a perfect teacher has come to my mind.

I am sure you can guess it correctly because many of us will wonder at his style of teaching even today.

First of all he rebuked the person who called him Good Teacher because that is the secret of a teacher’s success.

Humility enables us to go on learning till our last breath.Humility draws the attention of more people than Pride.

The Mighty one didn’t only preach but practiced all that he preached.He taught his followers to wash the feet of others by doing it.

In the history of Mankind we have never ever come across a teacher like Jesus.He was so powerful that he commanded the storms to stop.        

He commanded the evil spirit to depart from a human body.He commanded dead people to rise to life.

Yet he remained silent when he was scourged,He was beaten and kicked by ordinary and powerless human beings.

The most important question of our time is ;Why did God die on the Cross?

A perfect teacher not only preaches but also demonstrates.

When it was a question of saving the whole humanity ,it was necessary for God to die as the cunning Satan wanted a huge surety for our bail.

Those who are acquainted with the terms and conditions of Judiciary will understand it better.

In the garden of Eden the Satan had used a single bait to trap whole humanity.

This pandemic has taught all of us a lesson that no one is vulnerable so living a life that Jesus had spoken of is really worth living and also worth dying.

If you know for sure that you are a friend of Jesus then you have nothing to fear .He glorified life and also death.

Today I realize that I have a lot to learn to be a perfect Teacher.I cannot demonstrate all what I teach and that is the cause of so much suffering on this earth.

By his teachings he showed all of us what kind of a place paradise will be.

What kind of people will inherit eternal life?

Thank you very much.Take care.💗

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  1. Francis, I was touched by this post. In my native country (Lithuania) we celebrated the Teacher’s Day also. It was on September 1st every year.
    Yes, a good teacher can change your life. It happened to me when I was a teenager. Jesus, was and is our teacher! “We know that you are a teacher who has come from God…”
    Best wishes to you and many blessings.

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