The most important aspect of human life is freedom.The happiness of a person solely depends uponΒ  freedom.Those who are behind the bars for having been sentenced to life time imprisonment understand the true meaning of freedom.

Freedom is like a fleshy fruit which we all love to taste frequently but if it is misused then we will have to eat foods of someone else’s choice and we  will have to learn to forget our fleshy fruit.

Its our life so we all have the freedom to chose how we will use it but if we want a life of our choice then we have to prioritize our duties.We can make a list of what’s really very important to materialize our dreams.

Here’s an example of a list.

1.Start the day with prayers of thanksgiving because we don’t give  anything to a person who is not grateful to us hence our gratitude for a healthy life is very important.

2.Stay away from people with negative attitudes.A rotten apple spoils all the good ones in the basket.

3.Don’t think or discuss matters which are not your concern but utilize that time in completing your task so that you can have enough time for siesta.

4.Don’t look at the life styles of very wealthy people because you don’t know the mental status of such people ,I mean if you are looking for peace then look at the poor farmer who works and earns daily and spends all ,then he sleeps when the sun sets and wakes up happily on the next day.He doesn’t grumble or worries late at night.Hence he has a disease free body.

5.Don’t try to copy others who are too busy to be rich and if you do then you are likely to invite the diseases of theirs.

6.Wealth accumulated by dishonest means can never ever be used for honest purposes.

7.If you know that whatever riches you have belongs to your only child then remember the fact that the consequences of your evil activities also belongs to your only child

8.Give what belongs to the King so that you don’t invite unexpected trouble into your own life.

9.Last but not the least if you are planning to go to hell please don’t misguide those who are trying hard to find a path to Paradise.If you do then I am sure he will facilitate you to enjoy a hellish life on this earth.

You can add many more like this and try to have a king size life for yourself.

Thank you very much.Take care.


  1. “Life per se, is pure, sure, true through Nature!
    It is people through living their lives negative and evil
    making their lives diluted in Life
    change your lives from evil and negative
    to pure, sure, and true through Nature (positive)
    and your lives will be
    consistent with Life’s purity that is sure and true!”
    _-Van Prince

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  2. Fancis, you again made me think. I agree with every word in your wonderful post. I also made some notes for myself to remember.
    Best wishes and plenty of inspiration to you!

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  3. These are such powerful reminders. It is so important to check-in for any leakages of our purpose and values of living – I thoroughly enjoyed your post for the same and reinforcing habits that I am forever cultivating. Gratitude and setting priorities truly do change the trajectory of life.

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  4. Excellent points my friend! Number four was especially noteworthy and something I try to remember when I forget all the blessings God gives. We do not know the mental status of those who have abundant material wealth.

    Thank you for sharing!

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