Hello dear ones,I have to change for my own satisfaction because I can’t be like anyone else.I am what I am so I must be a little different from the others,hence I have thought it differently.

I shall post spiritual matters only once in a week because I feel spiritual matters are truly sacred and it must receive due respect.

I personally feel that I must always carry my love and respect for my Lord with me and at the same time I have to ensure the fact that I can discuss or share matters of spirituality in a favourable atmosphere(congenial) and not everywhere.

I avoid going to places where I am not respected so It is my first and foremost duty to keep in mind the fact that my Lord is not a thrown away article .

I feel that I bring more abomination to my Lord than respect by sharing the invaluable message with everyone.

Can anybody invite the honourable President or the Prime Minister of a country to any place ?No,because he/She is respectable person so the venue matters a lot.

Hence after pondering over the matter I have decided to post less of Spiritual matters and more of worldly matters.

In today’s world billions follow Christ but only a few love and help the followers of Christ.I have felt it very often that is why Jesus is liked and shared only when a like minded or a friend posts it.Above all the intervention of the Holy Spirit is required to like Christ.

I have realized the fact that true love is with only a handful of people and most of it is in the holy book and not on this earth.

I know of people who are ready to help needy and poor ones with financial support of huge amount but are not ready to give a holy Bible free of cost to a person even when he has a almirah full of New Holy Bibles which costs not even two dollars .

Have you thought about it ? I know of disciples of Christ having huge library of books on different spiritual matters but are not ready to share a single book even though I have told them that I shall deposit the price of the book before taking it for a few days.

Actually that is only for them not for a common person like me.I am not at all disheartened but I am telling you facts so that you can prepare yourself for the worst .

Even when I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord and yet I can’t like his teachings posted by an unknown person that means I need a thorough cleansing .Would anyone do that if someone would post his/her mother or father’s picture?

Certainly not,in that case we would simply be elated to like it and be overwhelmed by that person’s courtesy.

Very recently one of my good friend had approached a preacher of a Church for his son’s admission and the preacher had shown him the broken windows of the Church and had told him that he requires a lot of money to replace those windows .My friend understood his language and returned home with no hope of help.

Actually the broken windows are never changed because those are the real baits for earning .Jesus is no more a Lord to many but has become a commodity.You like it or not it’s a fact.

I really need to change for my happiness ,I can’t make everyone happy.I can write well only when I forget about the critics and the world .So I need to take my stand even when other people feel bad.

Thanks a lot for your support and prayers.Take care.๐Ÿ™

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22 thoughts on “CHANGE IS COMING

  1. You write about this heartbreaking reality with great truth and equal conscious care. God’s word is truly sacred and if channeled through us it is our responsibility to respect where we place it and ourselves. I am learning this lesson in my own way. I am grateful for the grace that helps me recognize the energy and intention of what is shared and expressed in the name of God. Your post empowers to stay on the course of Truth and Love, spiritual or worldly.

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    1. Thank you very much for your support because truth is bitter so many will fight shy of this post of mine.Actually I don’t mind going to hell so that the others can find their way to Paradise .Take care.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒน

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      1. You are very welcome. Only the awake will truly understand your post. Some others need more or a lot more time to accept that kind of clarity. I believe Truth and Love are what create a version of Paradise right here. I am always happy and grateful to connect with those who shine a light like you do with Truth.

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  2. As Christians we should always discern what Christ has called us to do. I will continue to read your post regardless of how often you are able to post. We represent our Lord Jesus Christ and that all that should matter. Blessings to you my friend now and as our Lord continues to lead you.

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    1. Thanks a lot dear sister for your support and prayers.I don’t suffer for my own troubles but I do suffer a lot for the sad plight of my dear brothers and sisters around me .Please pray for the Christians across the world.Take care.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒน

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  3. Francis, it’s your calling to write this blog, share with us God’s words and inspire us.
    This is not an easy path you chose but God is with you and will lead you on this path.
    My best wishes to you!

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