Why People don’t Talk about their Trauma

**This is a re-blog, originally posted from the “Don’t Lose Hope” site. I found this piece so insightful as to why talking about trauma with others is difficult. For me, the biggest issue has always been negative feedback. It’s been most hurtful when I’ve shared my trauma with someone I care about, and that person […]

Why People don’t Talk about their Trauma

5 thoughts on “Why People don’t Talk about their Trauma

  1. Good post. When you’re in the fire, few people want to get near. They don’t have the patience to listen nor the commitment to reconnect, even to be a prayer partner.
    I was greatly disappointed by others when trauma unraveled my life. Paid ‘Christian’ counselors could not help. I finally saw that God hemmed me in, to be all to me. When I read “Your statutes are my delight, they are my counselors” I received that truth.
    I have no regrets. Had I not found myself alone, I would never experience the revelation of truths about our Father in heaven nor the great Counselor and Teacher – the Holy Spirit. I would not have been utterly dependent upon God, trusting in His sovereignty over all things. Nor would I know the healing love of our Good Shepherd and Savior, which stands apart from all others.
    Sorry if I said too much!

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  2. I always thought that sharing your trauma with your loved ones is healing. But sometimes we get responses that hurt us. It’s complicated…
    My very best wishes to you!

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