These days a lot of people are complaining of not getting enough support of the Lord because the places of worship are closed.

Many of us are fed up with the kind of life we are forced to live in the event of shut down.

After all we all are social beings hence an unsocial life is intolerable to us.He has given us almost everything to be happy but we cannot make use of it.

Do we value his grace ?Amazing grace must be taken care of or else it will go back to someone more worthy of it.

A child brings out the best only when he/she is allowed to live with books,copies,pens,pencils and drawing materials.

Jesus is often helpless when we keep him in a dirty filthy stable in our heart with our greed,lust,envy,anger,gossip and so on.To bring out the best from him we ought to give him a perfect place in our life.

If we need a special grace from him then let us consider him as our priority and then it’s easy to have what our heart desires.

He is a loving father,friend of all those who invite him to one’s heart.He is carrying with him all that we require and he is ever ready to give it to us only if we love him.

He had began a journey with his heavy cross in search of little love and his journey is on sometimes he is knocking on the door of your heart sometimes on the door of my heart …...

He is doing that not because he needs love but because he knows that we all are begging for everlasting love from door to door and he cannot tolerate that.

He knows it well that only he owns everlasting love.He died on the cross with outstretched arms,inviting you to remain with him .

I am sure you will do it and win his love.

Thanks a lot ,take care.

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  1. πŸ’œ Goddess Loves YOU!!! More; just don’t get on The Wrong Side of YOUR!!! Mother



  2. Francis, beautiful and well thought out post. I have learned God is not found in a building or a religion but right in my very own heart. I’ve learned to have a relationship with God as I go about my every day. I searched for a long time to find a church I felt good with but I found none. The God that many religions teach is not God who I know and love. It is time for humanity to realize God lives in each and every one of us. And when they do, this world shall be transformed.

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing your invaluable thoughts,God is more of our internal feelings and understanding than its external.I am sure you are very close to him because he has helped you to find him in humanity.Take careπŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ˜Š

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  3. Francis, you always find the words to reach our hearts and souls. That is so true that we are begging for love but forget that love is always with us, He gives it to us. Unconditionally!
    My very best wishes to you and your family!

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  4. The Savior does need a clean place to stay inside, like you said. He also wants to be our priority. In this world of constant distraction and stimulation from technology, we must make an effort to put Him in the forefront of our minds! Good Post Francis!

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  5. Sometimes Jesus allows you to drown in the water but He never do that for killing you. It is for your realization that you are made for Heaven and that you need Him and so when you humble yourself Jesus exalts you to the highest of the highest. Jesus loved us first but it is very important to know what we Christians need to do to follow Christ?
    1) Obey His commandments not out of the burden of responsibility but as gifts of love.
    2) Deny yourself. and Follow Him.
    3) Pride should be out of mind and out of sight. You can never enter Heaven with pride. Pride is like Carbon Monoxide. You cannot smell it nor touch it but it destroys you & everyone near you.
    4) The last but the best and the first most important duty- To serve and love others. Because all the commandments and laws of prophets are based on ‘Serve and Love’
    A last very imp thing- When we bath we take a soap to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria. Similarly God gives us a special kind of SOAP to clean ourselves.
    S- Scripture
    O-Observation (Part of self-inspection)
    A-Application (Applying the word of God in practical life.)

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