β€œDo not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces”.-Mathew 7:6

Christ didn’t want to share the heavenly riches with everyone.He doesn’t want his followers to force people to accept his teachings.He is the Prince of peace and he can create millions for his praise and worship.

After all the message of Christ is a Royal gift which is meant for the meek and humble.It’s not meant for all.

So many fight shy of the messages of Jesus and it doesn’t mean that they don’t need the grace but they are not destined to receive healings and the grace to be happy and prosperous.

Poor people are here on this earth since ages and out of them only a few learnt the art of becoming rich .The art of becoming rich is also prevailing since ages .

Transforming one’s status doesn’t depend on one’s thoughts of the mind.Law of attraction doesn’t always help a criminal to become a saint or a beggar to become a billionaire.

There are millions who have been dreaming of becoming wealthy for decades but they cannot be so because it’s predestined.

The creation of our first parent Adam and Eve tells us of the existence of different forces on earth;one is evil and the other is good.

Perhaps many of us don’t know that every moment the Lord is trying to bless thousands of people in different parts of the world and the Satan knowing it very well puts something of his own in as many people as possible prior to that.

People who are gifted by Satan are not eligible to enjoy the gift of the mighty one.So many people are suffering of ancestral curses.We know that we are trying hard to lead a pious life for the sake of our children but very often we fail.

Not everyone can be the residents of the Buckingham Palace, not everyone can be the member of her Majesty’s family however hard we try,however rich we become ,however intelligent we become.It’s not possible in this life.

When Jesus was on the Cross only one out of the two thieves repented and sought his forgiveness.Jesus had forgiven him and had said, certainly you will be with me in my Father’s house.

Even though Christ has the power to take all of us to heaven the Satan won’t allow someone else to use what belongs to him.

Thanks a lot ,take care.



  1. πŸ’œ Mammon; this is why Brother Jesus chased The Pharisee Money Changers Out of His Fathers House…so Beware ALL Ye who ARE Slaves to Mammon; for Ye Shall Be Found Out and Punish YOURSELF!!!


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      1. πŸ’œ YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome and No Worries SupaSouBro, just Be Careful with How to Interpret Religious Tomes like The Bible; there ARE so many Deceivers who Deceive and They DON’T Look Like Deceitful , Deceivingly, Deceiving Demons Delivering Deceit, so Beware of They who ARE Deceivingly Deceitful and Wallow and Ptofit in Decadent Deceit


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      2. πŸ’œ It’s a Pleasure to Share and Serve; please Stay Strong and Serene


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