The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

Yes,the kingdom of Heaven is a treasure hidden underground.Once an ordinary man found it and the moment he realized that he has found huge wealth he was so overjoyed that he hid it .

As he was an ordinary labour whose job was to dig the ground thought for some time and then he decided to sell all that he had to purchase that plot of land .

He understood that nothing was more valuable than that plot of land where the treasure was hidden so he was able to take the right decision.

First of all he found the treasure because his job was to dig the ground and he dug deep pit and that’s why he was able to notice the treasure.

Next ,he was working all alone so he had no competitors,he didn’t reveal the matter to any one so the price of the land remained the same and moreover no one stopped him from digging deeper.

The Lord is telling all of us to carry the huge burden ,to be kind to all despite the ill treatment we receive from others for trying to follow Jesus because our treasure lies in our humiliation.

He is telling us to work with love and patience because he is there in everything we do in his name .We only need to go deeper,means we have to persevere.

He is also telling us that the Kingdom of heaven is not just an ordinary or small object so we need to sell/ means to give up all the other things which we love more,which we value more.

To give up all the other insignificant things we require strength to withstand the sufferings of losing what we love.That means we have to do it gladly as we know that we are doing it for something more valuable than what we possess.

Finally we will know that we have been profited,we will be happy to know that we have become the owner of great treasure,we have made ourselves worthy of being the residents of the kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you very much.Take care ✝


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