Only ‘He’ can give you more than you can handle

On this earth we have problems if we don’t have enough and at the same time if we are given more than we require which we can’t handle.

People have been praying for decades or rather for centuries so that we can have enough of everything .Till then everything worked somewhat well except a few billions who suffered of hunger and illnesses.

The so called well to do people didn’t bother and had thought things would be the same as before.Sorry to say that the Lord is not at all deaf ,he had to pay heed to every child.He wanted to answer the prayers of the downtrodden people .So he has given us more than we require .

Aren’t we supposed to be happy with more than enough of everything ?Yes we should, no we should not is the reply.We are happy with only what makes us happy and not what makes us sad.

Yet,some how we are having sufficient of grace and curse.The problem is that we didn’t want sufficient sufferings then why is that here on earth?

The answer is we had sowed the seeds of sufferings for some other people whom we didn’t consider to be our brothers and sisters and very interestingly they have multiplied and have spread among the sowers.

So long we had enough but not more than sufficient we could manage ,we were able to handle it but when we have excess of sufferings,diseases,hatred,envy,adultery,exploitation and abortions we cannot handle it .

That’s the mess created by the Satan but it’s converted into a message by the Saviour.We only run to the Lord when we cannot handle it ,we pray only when we are in trouble,we shed tears only when our dear ones are having breathing problem.

I am sure you must have heard a mother telling her naughty child who is busy playing in the dark at night that there’s a demon out there near the courtyard.

It’s very risky to create fear in a child but that’s the only way a mother can make her sleepless child sleep instead of playing .

We needed a messy state of affair very badly and we have it and I am damn sure it’s not going to be over very soon because a thorough chastisement is required to remove the waste products from this beautiful earth (Including me ,I don’t know because I love to commit sins.I have made people commit sins) where everyone would fear the Lord and would start keeping things in an organized way.

Thank you very much.Take care.


15 thoughts on “Only ‘He’ can give you more than you can handle

  1. You are so right Francis. This is so true.

    ” We only run to the Lord when we cannot handle it ,we pray only when we are in trouble,we shed tears only when our dear ones are having breathing problem.”

    Jesus said that the truth would set us free. Thanks for sharing the truth. Take care and God Bless.πŸ™πŸŒΉ

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  2. πŸ’œ Very Well Put SupaSoulSis; as a Non-Believer this is simply an Opinion, an Observation about Our Human Behaviour and ‘Free Will…perhaps it is Satan Causing These Issues or maybe it’s Contradiction-In-Terms from The Bible Confusing Believers; regardless of which version, Even More Confusing…a very important thing that Occurs To Me is that The Divine Masculine Desires to Dominate The Divine Feminine which is Very DisRespectful to Our Mothers, Sisters and Other Female Relatives


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  3. Good points brother. He gives us more than we can handle to humble us and make us dependent upon Him. “If you only pray when you’re in trouble…you’re in trouble.” True, true! Press on Francis.

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  4. Francis, it’s an excellent post that made me think. I like very much what you said about being happy. “We are happy with what makes us happy…” That is so true. And we have to be courageous in many different ways.
    Thank you!!! Stay safe and healthy and may God bless you and your family.

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