My beloved mother.

There’s a saying that ‘God could not attend physically to every one at a time so he has created mothers’.

It’s only a saying but it’s very meaningful because only mothers can do that which no body else can do.

Mothers are special beings on this earth as they make sure that this earth is  beautiful for her children.

She ensures that there ought to be enough love and care on this earth for her child.

It’s really very hard time for children and mothers because the dreaded disease has deprived so many children and mothers from completing their last rituals for the dead mother or children as it is forbidden to hold/hug a dead mother affected by coronavirus and cry for the last time before the cremation or burial.

I have increased the schedule of my prayer timing from twice a day to four times for all the mothers and their children so that this terrible pandemic would vanish from this beautiful earth by the grace of the mighty Lord.

I seek forgiveness for all ,I beg you my Lord on behalf of all to not to hold the iniquities of anyone “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”.

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Thanks a lot ,take care.

27 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

  1. Very sweet post. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom and all those who take care of children. Some women are childless and yet they give so much to the children around them.

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    1. Thank you very much.I am glad to hear of those childless women who are helping children around them.I pray to God to bless them abundantly with children to praise God and to glorify him through their blessed works.🌹🙏

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to women and especially your own mom. Is she still alive? I think I read from your posts that you are married and have kids so Happy Mother’s Day to your wife, and mom!

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  3. Dear Francis, I wasn’t able to see this post yesterday but I am here today and I wish your beautiful mother all the best!!! God created mothers that they will be always for us and having faith in us.
    May God bless your beautiful mother and all your family!!!

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