It’s time to reflect on the subject called rationalism or wisdom,it is indeed a messy topic because billions had acquired it and yet have perished in vain.

I don’t mean that we all would live for thousands of years but it’s high time that we choose the appropriate means to live and die happily.

You might feel that why there’s so much discussion over life and death?That is the sole and primary purpose of every human being on this earth.

In fact, today there is so much of misunderstanding over life and death on this earth that States against states,countries against countries are trying to have the best of everything to live stronger and longer.

It’s a current issue prevalent in the world depriving billions; of a life of dignity,depriving the basic necessities and inviting curses on the people of so called dignified citizens of the super power Nations by exploiting God’s beloved children ofย  under developed countries.

I don’t blame or criticize people of any Nation but history tells us that in the past and also in the present the so called followers of Jesus Christ had ruled and are ruling over people of other nations in the name of religion and had deprived them of their rights and had also sown the seeds of division and hatred.

I am not a judge, in fact I am not supposed to judge others but I certainly have a duty to find out the reasons of our helplessness.This is nothing but fake wisdom.

Let’s not rejoice over our fake wisdom for true wisdom comes from the fear of the mighty Lord and such wisdom doesn’t teach us to despise others or to sow seeds of hatred and injustice.

It’s time to shun wisdom that minimizes our life span and carries all of us towards an uncertain future.

We are all independent and are free to choose whatever suits us but it’s a folly to carry on with anything that is detrimental to our well being and happiness.

We have to decide whether we belong to the Lord or to the evil one.Perhaps it’s time for the world to see whether I truly belong to the Lord or to Satan.My consequences will clearly shout aloud to the people of this world about my true goodness or my evil and fake goodness.

Thank you very much,take care.



  1. Francis, you wrote a very profound post that touched my heart and soul.
    “Letโ€™s not rejoice over our fake wisdom for true wisdom comes from the fear of the mighty Lord…” Yes, fake wisdom deceives you. Thank you!!!
    My very best wishes to you.

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  2. Great message Francis. Yes, we should choose wisdom that comes from God. Not just for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of others as well. May the Lord help us to see what is good and choose wisely. Take care. ๐Ÿ™

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