It’s really a serious issue that needs to be resolved.Do you know anything about the issue?Very simple yet its complicated because we all love to be called as confident people.

Undoubtedly we are confident of our thoughts and the actions.We are the people of Twenty First Century ,a century ahead of all that we have left behind,a century with a revolution in technology.Are we confident of our well being?

In my previous posts I had written in a nutshell about the blessings and works of science.Yes,science and technology has been so mesmerizing that we have forgotten the most important thing in the life of a human being.

That’s our love for ourselves.We are not able to love ourselves because of our busy schedule.We have no time to take care of ourselves yet whatever we are doing ,we are doing it for our good.

I have a question to ask ;who is confident of enjoying the next day’s sunlight? You might have the confidence but I am not so confident because sometimes I don’t follow the rules of the nature.

The steps to fight a foreign body are ;we have to value the gifts of the nature for instant the darkness ,it reminds us to take rest but we have the artificial lights to go on with our tasks even late at night.

This is the most dangerous aspect of modern men and women.The nature has calculated everything very accurately to enable us to live for hundreds of years like the people of the Old Testament .Literally we have no love for ourselves and that proves we don’t love our dear ones.

The creator also knew that as human beings we all would love ourselves hence he has given all of us the greatest commandment “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

So ,let’s not think badly of ourselves ,let’s not feel that we are helpless but let us make a resolution that we would take proper care of ourselves , love ourselves and boldly stand against all odds whether it’s a natural calamity or a pandemic .Then finally we would certainly be the winner over battles of human beings and also of the devil .

Thank you very much.Take care.



  1. Confidence comes from caring… That is true and that is also true that caring comes from love. Francis, you always find something that makes me think. Thank you for being you!!!

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  2. 💜 Tell YOUR!!! Parents How YOU!!! Really FEEL!!! and Then YOUR!!! “Confidence WILL!!! Grow…” in Leaps and Bounds EveryOne; if YOUR!!! Parents ARE Dead, visit their last resting place, their graves


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  3. I’ve never looked at Mark 12:31 from that angle before, Francis. It’s definitely difficult to love others if you don’t first take some care for yourself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts provoking post. Take care of yourself. 🙂🙏

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