There is hope of survival for everyone because he is risen.He had fallen many times while carrying the heavy cross but he had decided to rise for all of us .

That’s the spirit of Easter ,we have to do something for everyone because our success lies in it.

It’s useless to be successful when so many people have fallen and are not able to rise again.

Whenever we feel that we won’t be able to complete a task ,we ought to look upto the cross for strength.

He didn’t complain of being punished for no fault of his own because he knew that was a great opportunity to save mankind.

Sometimes his story and ours don’t match because we try to find opportunity for our own interest but he sought for ways and means to save mankind.

He was trying to resolve a matter that existed from the beginning of creation .The banishing of our first parents from the garden of Eden for the sin of disobedience.

Before him people had accepted life and death as it is but he wanted to change the system,he wanted to pay our debts in full so that we won’t remain slaves of the Satan.So that we all could have a choice to enter into Paradise.

So it’s time to rejoice and remain alert because the devil has failed in all his efforts to tempt Jesus hence he will try hard so that we don’t become victorious like our Master.

Wish you all a Happy Easter ,take care.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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20 thoughts on “HE IS RISEN

  1. Yes, the devil does try very hard to keep us from being victorious. But there is victory in Jesus. Thanks for that reminder Francis. Happy Easter to you and Silvi. πŸ™

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