Affliction enables a fortunate person to go closer to the Omnipotent

We all are travellers with our own interests trying to follow the path that seems to be more comfortable.

But more interesting fact is that as simple human beings we cannot always be in a state of joy and happiness.

That’s because we are living on this earth for a purpose and we cannot determine what our purposes are or would be.

The saying “Man proposes and God disposes” is very true because we are experiencing it every moment.

We have to understand the fact that a father would never inflict afflictions on his dear children unnecessarily.If we are tired of afflictions then it’s because he is planning something worth having.

Yes beloved ones a father is ever ready to die to save his children .He is the one who can convert a messy affair into a lovely message hence we ought have a strong faith even when things don’t happen the way we expect.

Happy are those, who are suffering and are tolerant to afflictions inflicted upon them because that is the bridge which takes them closer to the loving father.

So be brave and have all your undertakings ,assignments blessed before you start a new venture so that you can have a profit of hundredfold.

Thank you for reading ,take care.


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