I am the vine,you are the branches.

Why do we need to share spiritual matters frequently?’At the time of Patriarch Noah, people on the earth were very wicked.Their minds were constantly filled with violence,evil thoughts,and they did many terrible things.’

They were not only punished but they all perished because they had separated  themselves from the good Lord.They were feasting instead of fasting ,they married and remarried they ignored the message of the Lord so their intelligence could neither save them nor their off springs.The flood washed them away  when it was least expected.

The pandemic has changed many things but notΒ our attitude towards our neighbours and our activities.Many have decided to be united with the Lord to grow and be fruitful whereas the others have taken it for granted as a time to fulfill their dreams in a diabolical way.Let’s ponder over the verse mentioned in the beginning of this post and find out the reason for living through him( Jesus Christ) ,with him ( Jesus Christ) and in him ( Jesus Christ)

‘He who abides in me,and I in him,bears much fruit’ now the question is; who can abide in the Lord?Certainly a god fearing person,a person who not only prays and reads the word of God regularly but also puts the word of God into his own life and practices it accordingly.

‘I in him’ what kind of a person does God abide in?A person who is considered a vessel of love,peace and chastity.A person who is growing every moment and is multiplying in all his dealings .

I can’t say that I love the Lord ,I pray daily and I have literally nothing to save because I am always helping the needy and yet if I say that I am homeless,jobless and dying of dreadful disease then there is a major problem with me.

In such a case one needs to have a good examination of conscience to find out whether I am dwelling in the house of the Lord or not.“I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever” -Psalm 23

If I am truly dwelling in the house of the Lord then I am supposed to grow and flourish and my beloved ones and I won’t be victim of pestilence.I won’t live like beggars and be a borrower on the contrary I shall be able to distribute to the needy .

“The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does”-Psalm 145:13 If anyone says that he loves the Lord and abides by the statutes of the Lord but he is always in trouble then other people would have doubt in the word of the Lord and also in the promises of the Lord.

So before I wrap it up I humbly request you all my beloved ones to spread the message of living with the true Vine otherwise; if we are separated from the Vine then in the coming days life would certainly be miserable because I am damn sure that we are passing through a series of chastisement and it’s only the beginning.

We can’t afford to be reluctant in the matter of spiritual upliftment because we love each other, we have our beloved ones to look after and above all we ought to live to work for the greater glory of God.

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Thank you very much.Take care

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