Success is contagious,it is success that enables others to dream of great things.Great things don’t happen by chance ,it is the outcome of a determined person’s little effort.

The first condition of success is consistency because success is like seedlings so there is the need to water them regularly and prune them whenever necessary.

People who are scared of failure usually stop dreaming because such a person suffers of lack of confidence.It takes time to believe in one’s capabilities ,self respect and trust which is very important to move forward.

People with lack of faith and lack of self esteem sometimes take worst decision like suicide.So to dream of success one needs to believe that he or she has been bestowed with unlimited potential to grow like the others .

The growth of others aren’t the same as an individual so when a person’s capabilities don’t match with the others doesn’t really mean it’s failure.We all are gifted with different talents so that after putting in enough effort we are able to produce something unique.

The strange thing is that whatever we are lacking today on this earth are because of our attitude of copying others ,we often dream to be like our hero but the fact is that the world needs something which has not yet been discovered.

When we try to be like someone whom we admire and fail we give up .We give up because we are different from our heroes,we are not ready to accept the fact that we need to make use of the qualities we possess to create something totally different from the others.

Not utilising the raw materials available at ones disposal is a tragic fact of a human being.It’s pain that enables us to achieve gain.It is not comfort but constant perspiration that prepares a person for something mind blowing,something startling.

The different awards available on this earth conferred to people who take the pains to do something really different teaches us the fact that we must not fight shy of sufferings and failures to achieve what we are working for.

The best way to achieve what seems to be unachievable is to have indomitable spirit to accomplish what we have decided to do and then success will always be around us because SUCCESS IS THE BEST FRIEND OF PEOPLE WHO FALL FREQUENTLY AND YET RISE AND RESTART AGAIN AND AGAIN.

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Thanks a lot .Take care.


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