It’s dark ,but there is a hope of ray because of the cross.

I will make them a covenant of peace and banish wild beasts from the land,so that they may dwell securely in the wilderness and sleep in the woods.And I will make them and the places all around my hill a blessing,and I will send down showers in their season;they shall be showers of blessings”.-EZEKIEL 34:25-26

The Lord speaks of a covenant of peace with ‘them’,he didn’t mention anything about all the people of this earth.Very specifically he shows his immense love and blessings for those special people who would never ever cease to honour the mighty Lord.

I personally feel that the Lord has spoken about this earth not literally of the woods or the wilderness because we have converted the beautiful earth into a barren land by our sins,by our iniquities and pride .

The Lord speaks of a covenant of peace because this world is devoid of peace as we have become arrogant .He is not assuring all of us of his peace but only for ‘them’,those who are ready to value his peace ,to those whom he considers to be his children.

The Lord assures his true followers that he would banish wild beasts from the land for their safety and security.He is capable of doing it in fact the devil has already started to cleanse this earth of all the deadly human beings because we have empowered him ,we have made him our king with all our atrocity ,vengeance,hatred,lust and greed .

If the head of a family is kind and generous then peace reigns in such a family similarly when a tribe , generation or a community possess cruelty and is worshipper of evil practices will have the devil as the deity and thus assigns the devil to create confusion and unrest in the society.Today’s world is more under the control of the evil one than the Good Lord because we don’t assign him to bless us ,we don’t accept his sovereignty over us.He wishes to control every action of ours but we have to surrender to the Lord and invite him to save us from sinking.No one sinks in living water and dies but possess everlasting life because he is the Living Water.

The Lord wishes to cleanse all around his hill for the sake of his own children.Just imagine how loving Lord we have.We ought to be worthy of his blessings.We have to cleanse ourselves to receive his blessings.No one serves delicious food in dirty broken dish,hence we need to be blessed containers to hold his love ,peace and his blessings.

Let us accept the Lords invitation and enjoy his love ,peace and the showers of blessings without which we are about to perish.

Thank you very much ,God bless.🙏

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