I am just a speck of dust,

taken care of by my Lord.

He breathed in me his power so just,

to make use it well as he can afford.

He has been loyal to me,

since ages unknown and untold.

Though I have been unjust to him,

He’s given his blessings to unfold.

I have been loved by so many people,

since I have been blessed from above.

My Lord controls my life’s real role,

even today he’s begging for our love.

It’s unfair to seek for more joy in life,

his grace is enough for positive vibe.

Extreme joy creates uncanny affair,

A world where none is ready to share.

Thanks for his grace to keep us alive,

for piety as achievement to strive.

We are helpless without his grace

on disturbed roads how do we drive?.

14 thoughts on “HE NEEDS YOUR LOVE

  1. β™‘ SHE!!! The Lady Goddess asks NOTHING!!! of YOU!!! other than Be Genuine, Authentic and Honest; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that “God” The “Lord” is a Coward



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