I remember a saying of one of my senior colleagues,he used to say ‘Colleagues are not friends’.I had thought about it a lot and then I realized the real meaning of the saying .

My colleagues are always working with me but sometimes they can relax only if I work a little extra on behalf of them.That means they won’t like my relaxation or my leisure time in my work place.

In every spheres of life we have to face difficulties and struggle for the well being of our beloved ones.Usually no one fights a battle daily for an unknown person .We don’t ignore the rain the flood and natural calamities for someone whom we have not known or spoken to .

I don’t know whether you would agree with me but I have realized the fact that the longevity of my beloved ones depend on me .

If I live a disciplined life and if I follow the rules of life properly then I shall be able to live a disease free life and that’s a lovely news for my dear ones .They would enjoy a sound sleep,they would have a stress free life.

The Title seems to be a bit different I mean it’s full of negativity .To some extend it’s true but I don’t mean it that way .I would love to be cautious of such negative thoughts .

I am following more people than my followers but I don’t want to be a competitor because I am a part timer ,I don’t earn anything from my blog .I know that there are people who are trying their best to be consistent and are also trying hard to read my posts.

In the same way I have been reading the posts of so many people who doesn’t read my posts .Your niche is interesting to me that doesn’t mean my niche would also be interesting to many others .

I have a purpose for my topics and sometimes that’s very personal so I mustn’t expect everyone to be my followers.

The positive points are,we are cautious because we dont’t want to lose our beloved ones and our followers hence we love to shoulder responsibilities.

We are trying to be consistent because our good friends wait for us ,they love to see us performing well.

I am a bit disturbed hence I am not able to cover the other aspects of the Title .I shall be glad if anyone of you would spare a few minutes and bring out the other positive sides of the Title of my post today.

Thank you very much for your company .Take care .

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  1. I appreciate what you say about followers and following. We are all juggling with same amount of time available in the day. We follow people we like or topics that are interesting to us, same is true of our followers. It is very compassionate of you to acknowledge this dynamic. It might become impossible at a point to follow and read and all our followers.

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    1. You have a very broad mind ,having a very broad mind is the key to success in any spheres of life even in family life.Expect nothing from others and you will be the happiest person in the world.Simply consider that your works are not up to the marks for the other people so they are ignoring it ,it’s not negativity but it will make you work hard so that others will appreciate you and one day they will prefer your works before preferring the works of others .It’s difficult but try to grow in that way and you will be the winner even after losing many things at the end of the day ,month,year and life.Thank you very much for the beautiful comment.Take care.πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ™

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      1. You are very kind. I am continually training myself to keep no expectations, offer without seeking validation. It is not easy always as you rightly say, it does add strength & peace bit by bit. You are very welcome.

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