Colgate was a tither throughout his long and successful business career.He gave not merely one-tenth of the earnings of Colgate’s soap products;but he gave two-tenths,three tenths and finally five-tenths of all his income to the work of God in the world.

During the later days of his life he revealed the origin of his devotion to the idea of tithing.When he was sixteen years old he left home to find employment in New York City.

He had previously worked in a soap manufacturing shop.When he told the captain of the canal boat upon which he was traveling that he planned to make soap in New York City the man gave him this advice:

‘Someone will soon be the leading shop maker in New York .You can be that person.But you must never lose sight of the fact that the soap you make has been given to you by God.Honor him by sharing what you earn.Begin by tithing all you receive .’William Colgate felt the urge to tithe because he recognized that God was the giver of all that he possessed,not only of opportunity,but even of the elements which were used in the manufacture of his products.

Give and there will be gifts for you,a full measure,pressed down,shaken together and overflowing will be poured on your lap”. Luke 6:38

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  1. β™‘ …and Goddess, Mother; who does ALL The Hard Work while God, Father merely plants a seed



  2. I believe wholeheartedly in Christian charity. We are called upon to share our blessings w/ those less fortunate. Unfortunately, the idea of tithing is often misinterpreted.

    Televangelists urge the so called “prosperity gospel” on their followers as a kind of reward system. Give to me (and my self-enriching “ministry”), and God will reward you w/ wealth and riches goes the message. That distorts God’s promise to care for us, reducing His blessings to a material level.

    The other shortcoming of a decision to tithe a certain percentage of our earnings is that we may be tempted to believe that satisfies our obligation to God. ALL we are and ALL we have already belongs to God, and should be put to His service.



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    1. I know that I shall spread the message of true love with vigour and zeal incessantly so long you will continue to pray for me.Your presence and blessings are real inspirations for me.God bless and most welcome.πŸŒ·πŸ‘πŸ™

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