Birth Anniversary of the Saint of the gutter

Today the world is commemorating the birth anniversary of the Saint of the gutter,Mother Teresa.I couldn’t meet her personally though I got thousands of chances to meet her .

I was living in Kolkata very close to AJC Bose Road ,it was a distance of five minutes walk from Dehi Serampore Road .

Almost every evening I walked down the footpath on AJC Bose road and I had noticed the Door of Mother House with a message “Mother Teresa in”.

Perhaps God had a different plan for me so as a young boy I never felt like meeting her or speaking to her.It wasn’t because of my haughty attitudes but my humility and simplicity that made me feel very small so I didn’t dare to press the calling bell.

After her death I have come across many sisters of Missionaries of Charity who had worked with Mother Teresa.I remember one particular nun in whom I had noticed the similar attitudes of Mother Teresa.Her name is Sister Therese Marie.At present she is a superior in a state called Rajasthan.She had told me many facts of Mother Teresa.

One incident that touched me very much was ,one day Mother Teresa had gone out to seek help from the rich business men of Burra Bazaar and there she had put forward her right palm for help to support the orphans of her homes .The business man immediately spat on her palm.Mother Teresa was so humble and determined that she wiped her right palm on her uniform (Saree) and said to the business man that she got whatever she deserved and put forward her left palm and requested him to give what the helpless abandoned inmates of her home deserved.

The business man was shocked at the attitudes of that little humble nun and finally he agreed to help her .

Her indomitable strength and faith in the Lord made things possible .There were times when she was not sure of the ration of the next day for her inmates .Like angels people poured in with more than what was required .

I personally have seen very rich people drove in at Sishu Bhawan with gifts for the abandoned children which included new clothes ,food articles,sweet meats etc.

It is matter of great joy that we have an example of a soft spoken person’s success in following the footprints of our Lord.She started with a rented room and today there are homes in almost all the countries of the world .

I stay very close to a home run by the sisters of Mother Teresa and I was called many times to assist them to take the dead bodies for the last ritual .My family members and I feel privileged to be close to her home.I thank the Lord for sending such people to inspire us with their examples.

Thank you very much for reading.

24 thoughts on “Birth Anniversary of the Saint of the gutter

  1. Such a beautiful post Francis! What an example she was. May God give us servant hearts like hers. Thank you for inspiring and sharing. Take care and God Bless. You and Silvi are in my prayers. ❀ ☺

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