Children are indeed beautiful flowers to all of us.We all love children, whether it’s our own or someone else’s. Parents without children live a very sad life,to them life is monotonous. They do almost anything and everything to have a child.Similarly there are parents who tolerate all kinds of tortures in the family just to remain close to their kids.They can’t even dream of being separated from their kids.Children are so important for this world that almost every human activity is connected to a child,for examples..hospitals,nursing homes, schools,colleges,shopping malls etc.Having children and bringing them up in the proper way are two different dimensions.

Practically speaking children are abused in many ways in today’s world.Even the parents’ hectic schedule is a bar to a child’s proper growth.The love and care of parents have been replaced either by different gadgets or by the caretaker/governess. Here I confess my disability to spend a proper time with my own son,who is writing his ISC Examination.(completing his 12th standard) Sometimes I regret for my sin of not spending time with him.I felt, I should give him the best education for which I work from dawn to night.When I go for my work in the morning he is in his bed.When I have my lunch he is in the school,during his dinner I return home after my work.

So it is very important to have intimacy with our children,to be close to them for a part of the day. If we fail to spend time with our kids then after a certain age they may not talk to us openly rather frankly.They may not speak of their problems or fight shy of their beloved ones.They have their sufferings of their own and they keep it in their heart.In this way they create a load for themselves.which becomes heavy after certain time and anything may happen when list expected.In today’s world the worst accident that is occurring in many families and the consequence of such accidents can’t be understood easily.Abortion(filicide) is that accident which spoils the family and with it the single kid. Trying to have a single issue to ensure that one child can be brought up in a proper way is a way to total destruction.

Sorry to say it is filicide, that is spoiling the present nuclear families.Single child certainly doesn’t know about one or two filicide in the family but a hatred grows in the living child against the killers of his /her own brother or sister (parents)naturally.Such a child is usually arrogant,disobedient to the parents and can even revolt against his/her parents in some matters concerning his

own life.Perhaps the blood understands or considers the parents as enemies.Another important cause of child’s change of attitudes is the abandonment of old parents (Child’s grandparents).Again it’s the blood that declares a cold war against the parents.Situations like this are really deadlier than a real war.Peace in the family is totally destroyed.Parents either become very arrogant and impose conditions which are often not acceptable for the child or become mentally and even physically disturbed.In such a state sometimes one of the parents try to come closer to the child to save him.A differences of opinion emerges.If it is not nipped in the bud then arises the question of separation and finally one sin compels to commit more sins and then a hellish state of affair is created in the family.So beware,don’t dare to ignore child’s total needs by means of filicide.It’s not enough to give the child the worldly things but we must keep in mind the fact that children deserve real affection and support in the family with brothers and sisters,parents are sometimes not enough for a funfilled and jovial life.


  1. Los Padres y los Hijos son las más grandes Bendiciones en la vida humana..nunca es tarde para darles todo nuestro Amor.. para superar las adversidades de la vida con nuestros seres queridos debemos mantener nuestra paciencia, oración, confianza y entrega a Dios..🙏💥✨🙏

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  2. Es un placer para mí, visitar y leer vuestro interesante blog, disfruto mucho. Bendiciones Infinitas querido amigo Francis🙏💥✨🙏..!!

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