My love for my Deity is different from many other affairs,

it’s really very unique as he looks after me and cares.

My own praises and prayers to him is enough and sufficient,

for he never abandons me and he is ever present in my tent.

I remember him always so I sit to pray early in the morning,

that’s what makes me different from others & a unique human being.

After the day’s hard work when I return home late at night,

I forget all the other tasks and thank him which makes me upright.

I am so unworthy that I don’t praise and adore him on my own,

his love for my prayers enables me to follow the path he has shown.

It is such a divine relationship that he won’t allow others to spoil it,

he has allowed this affair to go so far cause he has considered me to be fit.

Do we call else one to love our dear ones when we are unwell or ill?

Let’s not force others to love our God it’s a matter of heart we have to feel.

The name of our God is so sacred that it can’t be uttered by any Tom & Dick,

hence we must not force others to utter it as it’s a reverential trick.

Isn’t a poor widow mother happy with the call of ‘Mom’ of his only son?

Why do we need unknown people to praise our God and make it a fun?

He can create billions of angels in a moment for his praise and adoration,

he doesn’t want the love of all as many are agents of devil among his creation.

Image courtesy:pngtree.com

29 thoughts on “DIVINE LOVE

  1. Dear Friend, I want to share some thing to you. The God is one names different, religious approach is different for sure. So there is no your God or my God he is one the boss of universe. Divine love is unconditional and no restrictions on one another. The same God you pray live in my heart and mind and its vice versa. So spread the love of peace and happiness and it must be with out restrictions and conditions. We can see the God in the shape we imagine it’s one’s own thoughts and he comes in all forms. If we believe only.

    I thought I must say this to you after read your post. Let God bless all to peaceful days and happy Contented journey every minute. Cheers. 🌷

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    1. I agree with you and I also have no problem in sending my son to your house for few days because you are a kind and generous person but I have problem in leaving my son with an unknown person for few hours.I hope you will understand what I am trying to say. Thank you very much.

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      1. No worries Francis. You don’t need to send your son alone and I can’t baby sit any one either in busy work days and more over I also not sure of his choices etc it will be a trouble , but when you are having holidays pls welcome with every one in your family to Hong Kong so I can arrange to show you all the city and wonders. Also note that no one believe another as you said unknown people but people become friends when they believe trust another human. Hope you follow such path when you wish to make friends. Cheers. 🌷 ✨ 🌷

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      2. Thank you so much dear.You are an amazing person.It’s really my pleasure to have come across such an interesting person.By the way my son is a college student. Pray for him.God bless you.πŸ™πŸŒΊπŸ™πŸŒΊ


      3. I do understand the sensual approach you have on religious aspects. You have liberty to follow all such you like and practice. My comment was only about broadening the diversity of heart s wave length. Wish you a splendid week ahead. Good luck. Happy smiles. πŸ€ 🌷 ✨

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