My beloved friends,today I am not about to write a post like other days but  I would like to thank the good Lord for his love for me and for you all as it’s a very special day for me and for my well wishers.

On 17 the August afternoon as I was returning home from my duty I fell down from my bicycle exactly on a busy road named National High way .You won’t believe that the particular time of the day is full of traffic(very heavy vehicles) on other days but that day When I fell down on my left side with all my weight weighed only on my left palm, there were no vehicles ,neither on the left nor on the right.The moment I fell, for a moment I felt that my left arm was missing so I sat in the middle of the road for a while to contemplate on my sad plight ,then I took up my bicycle and walked a little distance and crossed the road .

Thereafter I made a call to my son to help me as I was feeling helpless and soon my wife and son had come to my aid.I was saved once again for a purpose and the devil failed to kill me because of that blessed purpose.When I am destined to live for a great purpose nothing can destroy me .It was the love of the Lord and your prayers that foiled the plan of the evil one .So I thank the Lord for his saving grace and love.I request you all to thank the Lord for saving me .

At present the X-ray report says that I have a crack on my left elbow so the Doctor has prescribed 10 days of medications and if it doesn’t improve then the doctor will opt for other options .I am supposed to keep my arm in a sling pouch so that there is less movement .I Request you all to pray for me for quick recovery .

Interesting fact is that I was not able to sleep well at night for the last few weeks,I slept late at 2 or 2.30 AM and woke up at 5 AM so that was a big problem for me .After the accident I am able to sleep well despite the severe pain .I was suffering of insomnia.The accident saved me from some other major problems as numbers of covid 19 patients are sky rocketing every day.

I am sorry to say that I cannot reply to the questions which have been put forward by as they have nominated me for the Sunshine blogger Award.Please do check their fantastic blog ,read ,comment and share as they are our well wishers,our beloved ones.I am sharing their link    for you all to check their Blog.                                     I thank you dears for nominating me for the Sunshine bloggers Award.God bless you abundantly.

I also thank asthaisha for nominating me for the GREAT ACHIEVER MAHASIDDHI BLOGGER AWARD. I am adding the link of her blog .Please read ,comment and share her blog posts .She is a star blogger hence I am requesting you all to check her lovely blog named Writing feels good .She is an educationist so I am sure you all will enjoy her articles.                           I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your well wishes for my speedy recovery .God bless you abundantly.🌹👍🙏

Once again I thank all the blogger friends ,brothers and sisters for your support.Take care.Thanks a lot.


  1. ♡ What about YOUR!!! Mother; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Boys and Men NEGLECT!!! Goddess, Their MOTHER!!!



  2. Francis, you were blessed and saved by God that day when you fell down while riding a bike. You are safe and soon will be healed. I am sending my prayers on your way and please get well soon.
    God bless you ever and forever!

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