I shall sing a song of joy and true love, the joy not of this earth but of above. The pleasures are followed by sorrow, little joy creates uncertain tomorrow.

Drink the honey of the living rock, make it subject of your daily talk. Taste and see the Lord is very good, with him no worry of your food.

Never doubt in God’s love & kindness, even you Don’t have much but less. He does all for the good of our life, let’s accept all that’s peace and strife.

The dead and the ailing in the street, the healthy,prosperous,poor & unfit; all are going through a litmus test, trust in him he will turn it into best.

We all need to clean the innerwears, it may cause illness is our worst fears. In the same way let’s clean our heart, entry of Satan’s virus may we shut.

Works of Satan though we can’t see, a clean body & soul will be virus free. With so much wisdom we’re hopeless, for treatment just look at Jesus’ face.

Thanks for your co-operation.

7 thoughts on “THE LORD IS GOOD.

  1. โ™ก The Lady is even better; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that “THE LORD” planted a seed and SomeTimes Walked while The Lady carried YOU!!! for Nine Months; so Respect YOUR!!! Lady, especially YOUR!!! Mom and Mother Nature


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      1. โ™ก No worries; mothers work harder than fathers EveryOne



        โ™ก God Plants The Seed in A Brief Moment of Pleasure; then Goddess does Most of the HARD WORK!!! with Nine Months Body Shape then Squirming, Noisy, Weeing, Pooing, Really Cute Little Brats; every time I Touch My Belly Button I AM Reminded



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