Ability is useless unless it’s used. One of the interesting facts of life is that most people die before knowing their capabilities,their talents.It is so,either because of lack of knowledge,guidance or determination.It is because of this reality we find the wrong person in the leader’s chair in many renowned concerns. This is because of the lack of farsightedness of the employers. All these facts have made human lives really miserable.We find the cruel person for a compassionate job,a dishonest person for a sacred job or a job that requires sanctity,an uncharitable person for a charitable society and so on.How are such organizations run? Some works must be done to retain the post otherwise the employers will remove him.Another important trend in today’s world is that the underprivileged people or the victims have learnt to tolerate all shorts of inhuman attitudes from the higher authorities. They have a wrong notion that they deserve the worst attitudes because beggars cannot be choosers.

The problem is finding the right person for the right job,there are enough efficient people to hold different portfolios but a good number of people are not ready to compromise.The malpractice of making use of helpless people illegally for one’s interest has become a common thing. There are states and countries where different organizations have been formed to create efficient workers, sportsmen etc.Here we can consider the performances of sportsmen in important games like SAFGAMES,OLYMPIC GAMES.Some countries always top the list of medals whereas some so called powerful countries dance around with one or two medals for ages.They have no interest in making use of human resources in this regard despite having human resource ministries.If they think of using it then there is politics, there is a question of influences and money power and so on.

There is a famous saying of William Shakespeare ‘Some are born great,some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’. This means everyone has a chance to be a champion in his /her respective field of work.So there is no question of disappointment. I remember the fact that the job of a barber was once looked down upon but today it is considered an art for which one must undergo rigorous training and a great barber of our time is a celebrity.So if the requirement to excell in any field is complete then there’s no need of looking back.

After all a few are born great with silver spoons in their mouths but the rest of the people struggle hard to achieve greatness.So why be gloomy for failures?Just cheer up and prepare to conquer the world.There was a time when the youths didn’t know what they should do to earn but today with the help of the world wide websites many chances have opened up, so many options are there to follow,so many ways of having online classes from experts for different vocations.Just decide what needs to be done and follow the path of your choice and be an expert to be a celebrity.The world is ever ready to accept anyone who is skilled and confident of his/her capabilities.

Remember, a talented person is like a valuable diamond so your whereabouts cannot suppress you in any way.Make use of the spark in you just like a match stick,if it is lighted and thrown in a proper place then it will be a devastating fire, thousands of fire engines won’t be able to put out such fires.So when you know you have it in you don’t just ignore it make use of it and you will find success is knocking on your door.

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28 thoughts on “THE POWER OF SPARK

  1. Like what Wayne Dyer said, β€œDon’t die with your music still in you…” this is one of my favorite. And the first lines of this beyond content reminds me of that. You have such power with your words that speak of truth and harmony. Plus that spark that lights you up. Thank you for writing this brilliant piece ✨

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    1. I am humbled by your comment, I feel blessed. I request you to pray for me and bless me so that I shall be able to write for humanity before I depart.Thank you very much.Take care.πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ™

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    1. Thank you very much dear for your suggestion,pray so that the good Lord may enable me to use my talents for the greater glory of God.I am glad that you liked it.Take care.πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ™


  2. I love this post and have thought about this topic myself for a while. There are so many talented people in this world who never find the opportunity to express their gifts, or never develop it. We all have a reason for being here and when you find that diamond and it shines it’s brilliant. Thank you for the wonderful post!

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