Reading a great book ‘KNOWING GOD’

The talk of the season is Covid 19 and it’s the cause of our headache today.We all know that everything seems to be uncertain.Strong and stout people are wishing adieu every day and every moment .All our hard work is of no use today ,Our status and wealth is also of no use today yet there is something that is very soothing and is of so much strength that those who have acquired it or are trying to acquire it are living a peaceful life even during this pandemic.Are you really interested in knowing it ?Aren’t you tempted to acquire it?Don’t you think that to save your beloved ones you must acquire it?If our heart is leaping with joy to receive that strength to live a normal life during this period of uncertainty then please don’t stay back but come forward to receive it gladly .

Yes,it is a relationship with the person who has control over everything on earth and in heaven.We require it to be truly healthy,wealthy and powerful.we need to know God to have full control of all that is there around us and above us.Yes my beloved friends it’s a lovely book named “KNOWING GOD” authored by J.I Packer.It’s a mindblowing book to harness the power we have in ourselves.We are not at all helpless but we do not know the art of using God’s grace and I tell you all to read the book if you have the time.

All of us are related with the Omnipotent yet we do not know him well.It is like a conjugal relationship where a man loves a woman for decades but in the eleventh year due to a misunderstanding the relationship is broken.They decide to live separately. In the same way sometimes our relationship or the bond with the living God is also very weak because we have not known him well.This book has elaborately explained almost all the important verses of the chapters of the Holy Bible.Reading the bible and understanding it are two different sides of a coin, I mean a coin in our hands has both the sides but to know what is there on the bottom of the coin we must turn it otherwise we will know only about the top side.This great book will help to turn everything inside us to understand what God is trying to tell us through the verses.

The part of the book that has touched my soul is “THOU OUR GUIDE” .I quote”To many Christian’s, guidance is a chronic problem.Why?Not because they doubt that divine guidance is a fact,but because they are sure it is.They know that God can guide,and has promised to guide,every Christian believer.Books and friends and public speakers tell them how guidance has worked in the lives of others.Their fear ,therefore,is not no guidance should be available for them,but they may miss the guidance which God provides through some fault of their own.When they sing: Guide me,O thou art Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak,but Thou art mighty, Hold me with Thy powerful hand: Bread of heaven Feed me now and evermore -they have no doubt that God is able to lead and to feed,as they ask.But they remain anxious,because they are not certain of their own receptiveness to the guidance God offers. Not all,however,have yet come so far.In our day ,as we frequently noted already,knowledge of God has been obscured -turned ,in effect ,into ignorance of God -by the twisting of our thoughts about God.Thus ,the reality of God’s rule,God’s speech,God’s independence, God’s moral goodness,even God’s personality,has been queried not only outside the Church but inside it also.This has made it hard for many to believe that divine guidance can exist at all.How can it,if God is not the sort of being who can ,or will,give it?- and that is what,in any way or another ,all these suggestions imply.It is worthwhile therefore,to recall at this point some of the basic truths which divine guidance presupposes”.

This is only a part of the book and there are so many other mindblowing facts to read in it.I am really enjoying it.It is strengthening my faith in the love of the Lord. Thanks a lot for reading and if you wish to be a part of the evangelization work then please share it .

Image Courtesy:Intervarsity Press

4 thoughts on “Reading a great book ‘KNOWING GOD’

  1. Amén. Muchas gracias Francis, por compartir este interesante libro, más en éstos tiempos dónde es necesario evangelizar, dar a conocer al Dios viviente que nos ama Infinitamente y nos invita a que no desaprovechemos éste momento de encontrarle y descubrir los misterios de su Gracia y Misericordia para con sus amados hijos.. Bendiciones Infinitas 🙏❤️🌹🕊️💥✨


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