Sufferings of Souls

Soul cries when it is wounded or imprisoned.What is hurting the soul as to make it cry?It is nothing other than sin.

He who lives sinfully,belongs to the devil(1Jn.3:8).So when we commit sin we get an external master.If we repeat sin we get many masters.Each one tries to give different directions even contradictory directions at the same time.The person will then be in confusion and eventually suffer of mental disorientation. Jesus gave an example of such a person in the land of Gerasene.A man with an unclean spirit came to Jesus.The man lived in tombs and no one could secure him any more not even with chains.All night and all day,among the tombs and in the mountains,he would howl and gnash himself with stones.Catching sight of Jesus he ran up and fell at the feet of Jesus.When Jesus asked him,”What is your name” ,he replied,”legion,and there are many of us”.There were six thousand of them.These six thousand masters gave him different directions and tortured him.He became mad and tried to kill himself .It is the same with any one who is under sin.We must have only one master namely Jesus and one father namely God the father.            (Mt.23:9-10)

The Bible constantly reminds us of the dangers of sin.Secretly killing the child in the womb or openly killing someone is a grave sin because the cry of the murdered soul goes to God for justice.Cain killed Abel in the open field .The earth opened it’s mouth and drank the blood of the innocent Abel.This blood cried from the ground .Cain could not hear the sound.No one but only God could hear that sound.God came immediately and asked Cain,where is your brother Abel?Cain excused himself saying,”I do not know”.No excuse is valid  before God.”They cry in anguish and God hears and rescues them from all their troubles.He is near to the broken hearted,he helps those whose spirit is crushed”(Psalm 34:17-18 )     


19 thoughts on “Sufferings of Souls

  1. Soul cries from suffering in many other forms as well other then sin. To give you an example, my soul has cried so often when I see the plight of so many people today being destroyed physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually. So much evil going round these days that if you get stuck in that muck you are done for. With God on my side, and in my heart, this is the only way I have survived the insanity that is raging about.

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    1. Very true,as loving children of God we ought to feel the pain of others around us ,especially when they are suffering of physical,mental ,financial,emotional and spiritual exploitation. They cannot find a way out of this unpredictable maze.Thank you very much for your love and concern.🌹👍🙏

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  2. “when we commit sin we get an external master. If we repeat sin we get many masters”

    Wow so beautifully explained. I only now became fully aware of that.

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  3. Thank God the Father that we have victory over sin through His son Jesus Christ. He saves those who come to Him with an honest heart. ☺ Thanks for sharing the truth, Francis. This was a thought provoking and encouraging read for me.

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    1. I thank the Lord and request him to make use of me and other blessed people like you for the spread of his message to those who have not heard of his blessed death on the holy cross.Take care.🌹👍🙏

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