Everything is in it’s place and seems to be okay,

but tomorrow is uncertain that you all can say.

For a common good of all ;don’t we all pray?

We don’t know why sometimes oursleves betray.

The world is so lovely and so very beautiful,

we’re so engrossed that we ignored life’s golden rule.

With hearts full of love slowly and silently we faltered,

that’s why we find today everything has been altered.

The powers we enjoyed yesterday have been taken away,

we did misuse it often so it’s time for us to repay.

The powerless and needy people we allowed others to slay,

So long the sun shone brightly we didn’t make hay.

It’s time for us to seek now God’s forgiveness,

so that if I die tomorrow I won’t have to hide my face.

The evil one has taken away our dear God’s grace,

so sad it is with our beloved ones we have to keep a distance.

Don’t say that we haven’t been kind to those who lived in fear,

rather say that all those who tried; we were there to cheer.

Whatsoever it may be it’s time to say a little prayer,

so that the kind Lord may take away our worst nightmare.

Image courtesy:pinterest.com

9 thoughts on “WORST NIGHTMARE

  1. Such a great poem, Francis. There’s so much truth in there. It is time to pray and draw closer to the Lord. He is gracious. He will always be gracious. Even in these troubling times He continues to work.

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