I think it’s improper to ask you all about your wellbeing because we all are living in a same world of misery. A world where we are puzzled or at a fix ,we don’t really know anything about tomorrow or the next week .The media is telling us everything in details but at the same time it’s also telling us to not to be scared. We are intelligent so we know that everything is not okay.

In such a circumstance we have great message of hope because the Messiah can change messy affairs into a sweet message of joy and hope so let’s read the message of the Holy Bible .”For surely I know the plans I have for you,says the Lord,plans for your welfare and not for harm,to give you a future with hope.Then when you call upon me,I will hear you.When you search for me,you will find me,if you seek me with all your heart,I will let you find me,says the Lord. – JEREMIAH 29:11-14

So we know the intentions of our good Lord,he is not going to put his beloved ones into trouble,but we must allow him to destroy our old homes to make palaces for good people to live in luxury.We can notice that lot of things are happening on this earth which is making us gloomy. Does that mean we love the people of this earth more than him; the creator who created the beautiful things of this earth?Certainly not,that means we ought to allow him to make the necessary changes for a better future .Perhaps he knew that we all will be disheartened that is why we find a message of hope in Chapter 29 in the book of Zeremiah and there after a stern message in the same book in the next Chapter.

Let’s read “Look,the storm of the Lord!Wrath has gone forth,a whirling tempest;it will burst upon the head of the wicked.The fierce anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind.In the latter days you will understand this”. JEREMIAH 30:23-24 The message is crystal clear to all of us .There’s nothing hidden in it .We have to understand the texts of both the chapters then we won’t feel bad rather we will be brave enough and allow the storm to pass on ,the dark cloud of death to pass over so that the bright sunshine of hope and prosperity won’t be far.

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  1. The pandemic has completely changed our lives. Fear takes over one because of the number of deaths we have carried so far. It is time to reflect on life and have faith and hope that at some point you will return to normality through the work and thanks of the Lord.

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