My beloved blogger friends,I haven’t written a post for more than a month.I have lot of queries about life and death.I wonder about the way of lives of people across the world.Life is really an invaluable gift for everyone.We realize the value of an object when we are about to lose it.Yes great souls it is a time for me like many others to thank the Creator because almost 5,00000 of people have already died in the last four months but I am still alive.

It is a matter of grave concern for me because I feel that I have to perform my best to live up to His grace.I have been showered with a special grace to carry on to uphold the dignity of the great Creator.I cannot ignore the blessings of science but just like many of you I also know so many people who relied on it and have expired.

It’s high time that we realize the need to live a life of righteousness. It is not enough to feed the body but it is very important to find the real food of the soul too.A body with a dead soul is of no use ,it is the leftovers of the evil one.I don’t really remember whether I have written anything about what I am going to write now.Even if it happens to be repetition doesn’t matter because this message is very important for all of us.

I pray for the departed soul ,may the Lord take care of all those who have left this world recently.Believe me I think they were good souls ,they were all ready for the Lord.If you ask me ,’Why did the Lord take away the people with good souls?’ The answer is simple ,the Lord wanted all of us to repent before the devil also starts reaping .There was a time when we used to skip our night prayers on the pretext of our duties.My dear friends we must not forget the fact that we all had enough time to pray and read the word of God during the lockdown. It isn’t possible for anyone to show excuses.

The fact that Satan has nothing to do with clean souls is very true.A person with a good soul whether alive or dead works only for the Lord,but an unclean soul works for Satan on this earth but the satan is doubtful of that soul ,there is a possibility of repentance on this earth and once such a soul comes across a good soul then he will no more belong to the devil.So a time is coming when the devil will try to kill people with an unclean soul so that he will be forced to work for Satan even after death.He doesn’t really want to take a chance of losing his beloved followers.So let’s water the roots so that our souls can blossom.

Thanks a lot for reading

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  1. Beautiful written, we do not need to worry because God already knows the out come, we simply need to trust. This is why we need to stay in His word daily, God never promise that our journey here on earth would be easy, however he did promise Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) so lets us walk together with Christ

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    1. You pray for me so that the Good Lord will give me the grace to write only prayers till I breathe for the last time on this earth.Thank you very much,God bless you abundantly because you are an honest person with lot of sufferings in life.πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ™


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