The world won’t be the same again,
with it’s sufferings and pain.
The nature with all it’s landscapes
is lovely with the sun and the rain.

There’s no war and no natural calamity,
yet our sufferings are for our vanity.
We had thought we could hurt others,
exploit the way that suited all of us.

We can’t give life to a dead person,
but we’ve legalized the deadly abortion.
Killing is no more a matter of tension,
but to the creator it’s an abomination.

Creator creates lovely human beings,
isn’t involved in destruction of things.
The pestilences are the work of Satan,
as he enjoys our sufferings and pain.

The creator is also sad as we all are,
He puts in us courage and never fear.
The pandemic is here to curse our God,
to neglect his grace and learn to avoid.

We don’t bother and allow others to die,
for our wellbeing we respect every lie.
We have divided the world into two,
the best for us and the worst for you.

It’s time to feel the pain of the needy,
realize that we can’t afford to be greedy.
All that we’ve on earth is for everyone,
in sharing with others we can be fine.

The pandemic is only the beginning,
end of everything it will not bring.
It’s an opportunity to mend our ways,
repenting in time certainly pays.

A super power rarely fights a war,
as a real war is always far never near.
Being prepared makes things easy,
even at death bed we might be cosy.

For our survival we rely on brevity,
faith in God’s grace and our charity.
Don’t forget there’s power in his blood,
so don’t be sad just pray and be glad.