Hello beloved ones,we are passing through a very hard phase of life.We are receiving thousands of videos and messages to be strong mentally and of course physically. A times it’s tiresome but we can not ignore a good friend’s message so we are finding times to go through it to keep the bond of friendship and love intact.As you know well I can’t say anything that is not related to Spirituality,so I am Sharing with you all a very interesting fact of the Holy Bible.
We do find time to read the Holy books but the problem with few people like me is that we don’t understand the inner meaning of the sentences we read.We have read the Chapters of Isaiah so many times but we didn’t know the messages it contains.Since most of the countries are having lockdown to avert the deadly disease called Covid-19,it’s a long list of countries which have either enacted lockdown or are about to do it.Italy,France,New Zealand,Poland,UK,Israel,Argentina,Jordan,Germany,The Czech Republic,Spain,Norway and Denmark,India and so many other countries have restricted virtually all aspects of life for its citizens,including retail,leisure,worship, schools colleges and offices.
Most people have decided to be quarantined to save other people’s lives to ensure that the contagious disease is not spread. There are places where the citizens are still taking the matter lightly but isolation or to be quarantined is no more the verdict or order of the governments of respective states or countries but it is the verdict of the Living God .The date is 25th March ’20 today and the date tomorrow  will be 26-20 so beloved ones please spare a few minutes to go through Isaiah 26:20 of the Holy Bible.It states “Go,my people,enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you;hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.”-Isaiah 26:20
I don’t think it’s a coincidence, even the dates are mentioned in the chapter and verse.So it’s time to be happy and cheerful because the Lord is with us and it won’t be proper to ignore the message of the Lord.Let’s find a little time everyday to find other messages of the Lord so that we will be able to avert the other catastrophes in future.


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