The world won’t be the same again.It certainly is disheartening and also disappointing as we find healthy people dying helplessly. So much has been written about the so called disease called Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Social media is full of messages concerning the precautionary measures to avoid or avert it.I am also part of this planet hence I am also at risk, I can’t say that I am vulnerable to this disease.Like many others I have my beloved ones so I am also worried of their well being and last but not the least the people of this lovely planet.
We are passing through the Lent season means we are very close to Pasca or Easter.We remember how the Israelites were freed from the slavery in Egypt.The Angel of death passed through every Egyptian homes and killed their first born as their doorposts were not smeared by the blood of the sacrificial lamb.That was a worst pestilence which killed millions of  first born Egyptians including Pharaohs own son.
That pestilence was aimed at destroying the first born but this one Covid -19 is not going to spare anyone.Covid -19 is not the handiwork of the Almighty .It is the work of the Prince of hell.The Satan wants to remove all kinds of faith in the Almighty.He is able to do so because we have empowered him.As we all know that for ruling over people there is a need of the support of the majority and I am sure he has acquired it hence he is capable of doing all that he wants .He wants to inflict upon the people of this earth with all kinds of pestilence so that we will turn away from the love and  mercy of the Lord.He wants to see disappointment, hopelessness and total chaos in the society.
There are people who are happy to find Closed Churches and above all Satan’s source of happiness the cancellation of Holy Mass for the laity. Since the death and resurrection of Christ this is for the first time  he will find believers praying at home even on Sabbath. We cannot ignore our contributions to his temporary win over faith nevertheless it’s time to speak of hope.It’s true that we cannot go to churches and pray together but we can read the Holy Bible for sometimes.We can use the sacramental like holy water,Crucifix and blessed salt to use in all our food items.Catholics can make confessions if there are scopes for it otherwise reading the Holy Bible for at least half an hour will enable a person to have some of his/ her sins forgiven.The Satan hates the Holy Bible ,he shivers whenever a faithful reads it regularly.These are for the believers of Jesus Christ and for the people of other faith ;they can make confession to their own conscience and make a resolution to give up at least one evil practice of theirs .We are sinners so as an individual we know our weaknesses very well.We have to choose one such practice that is detrimental to the overall growth of a dear one, a neighbor,a colleague.It is the time to forgive and forget all the iniquities of others which have harmed us.It is the time to pray for our enemies ,those who want to destroy us.
It’s true that we won’t be able to celebrate the Easter in a proper way in the Church but we can reflect on his sufferings and death on the Cross.God is a loving father so he has the power to transform a mess into a message. It depends on our understanding the present situations and making a proper use of isolation and other activities during this sad times of our lives.
Covid -19 is not the end but it’s the beginning of a great battle between Archangel Saint Michael and Lucifer the prince of hell.Lucifer wants to prove to us that God is not a loving father that is why people are dying of this dreaded disease.Saint Michael needs our confidence in God to spoil Satan’s handiwork called Covid-19 .So we need to tell the Lord,”your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”We also need to tell Satan that we have sinned against God and our neighbours and so we seek God’s forgiveness for it .We have to tell the Lord that even if we all die of this dreaded disease we believe that you are our Lord and Master .The more people will take a little time to reconcile with the loving father the disease will become weaker and finally it will be  destroyed.If you don’t have holy water at home then take it to the Priest or the Pastor and tell him to pray over it in the holy name of Jesus Christ.In return give him something for the poor if you have anything.Sprinkle the holy water early morning in your rooms ,on your dear ones and on yourself, use it in your drinking water,food articles.If the Church is far away and Priest or Pastors are not available then take a little salt place it before you and all the members of the family kneel or sit before the alter and then shed tears for your sins and read the psalms and ask the Lord to bless the salt in the Holy name of Jesus Christ .Thank the Lord for everything and use that salt in the water and that very water will truly become holy for the Glory of God.
My sixth sense is reminding me of the destruction of almost all the artificial satellites in the space very soon.The Satan will certainly not be triumphant at the end as all his handiwork will be like the boomerang. So there is enough hope for the repentant prodigal children.The more we chant ,praise adore and worship him individually the more strong we will be physically as well as Spiritually.So pray for everyone and think that we have nothing to lose so long we are with the Lord.