It won’t be proper to say that we all are struggling to achieve our goals.For that end we all are trying hard as we cannot accept our failures in certain matters like the success of our offsprings.The success of our children depends solely on our good performance.Our failure to win means the sufferings of our beloved ones.So we are really cautious about certain things associated to our daily routine.In such matters usually we don’t compromise. Our troubles in family ties,our sufferings in our workplaces are all borne with ease only to make sure that our kids don’t suffer.

Very few speak or rather call our so called diligence as MORTIFICATION but it can be rightly called as so.Infact many would love to call it as sacrifice.The term mortification is used by sages,by celibate people who are trying to achieve a greater achievement like spiritual powers. So the common people fight shy of this term.Nevertheless this very term is important in the lives of true parents,for bringing up children in the true perspectives parents must deny certain things, certain attitudes to ensure the well being of their kids.

Why is it so necessary?It is necessary so that our children learn to stay away from certain things which are harmful for them, When children see that their parents are hard working,are very honest and loyal to each other they think many times before committing a serious mistake and try to avoid anything that will defame the family.Most of us know little of the hidden spiritual powers available for everyone on this earth or in nature.In fact everyone except a few pray or worship as a ritual.That is because there are no laboratories to prove the powers of prayers and mortifications in our society.

I want to bring out some points in favour of my sayings

-There is no need to believe it before realizing it,and to realize it we (Parents)must keep our eyes open to the surroundings around us.We must look at the parents of other children, and study for a while if they are performing well and then the reason for that. If they are not performing well then the reason for that too.

-You don’t have to believe in what I am writing,before judging it.Good parents are rewarded with good children on condition,and the condition is you have to be loyal to each other.You can’t for any reason spoil the relationship of faith between husband and wife.That is the true mortification a couple can perform for the best performance of the child.

The moment the relationship of faith is broken anything can happen.We all know that there are two different powers ruling the people of this earth.The Good and Evil the mysterious fact is that they don’t support each other in any case.Only when a husband is not loyal to the wife the evil power or the devil takes the chance to distract the child by enticing with different evil practices. Trust me I have studied it in more then a hundred families and the consequence has been worst owing to parent’s misunderstanding

In today’s world, we can not have good citizens without mortification the devil is scared of mortification and he is allowed to destroy family ties in a quarrelsome family, where their is no respect for each other, no responsibility , no self sacrifice. Parents ought to be pious.The dishonesty of parents allow evil people to make hell of their chilren’s lives.The hard work of parents can be useful only when children grow in a loving and caring family.Apart from genetic or hereditary reasons no child is supposed to be born deformed or handicapped.( I have already mentioned that there are no labs on this earth to prove spiritual powers.) It is because of the presence of evil power, that does the harm.Now if you ask me for a proof then I can only say that a perfect teacher never creates an imperfect student.Similarly when we human beings can give a guarantee of the products we make or manufacture then can The Good Lord/God make or create deformed children……? Ponder over it and let me know.


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