Every year we try to do something for the good of our soul during the Lent season,like avoiding non- veg for 40 days,staying away from those evil habits of ours which we can’t give up.It’s indeed a beautiful time for sinner like me as I really try to pray more at this time of the year.Chances like these are really rare as every year we miss some of our dear ones because they have departed. They are no more with us on this earth,they are in their resting place.

(I am extremely sorry I cannot thank the person who has created this beautiful card as I do not know the name of the person I hope the maker won’t mind and forgive me my ignorance)

No one can say whether next year at this time I will be on this planet or not.So it’s judicious to make proper use of this chance.Some say Lent is not mentioned in the Holy Bible, so why do people follow it?

It’s like calling that person dad whom my mom taught me to call,it was not known to anybody else, it’s not mentioned in any other book yet we follow our mom’s instruction.That helps a child to have a overall growth in the company of it’s parents.Some even say that the scripture tells us to practise our piety privately not to make a show of it and that’s absolutely correct.Still I would love to tell the world of my duties at this time of the year so that my well wishers will help me to stay away from those activities which I would like to stay away from because I am a human with weaknnesses.The pious and religious people who are aware of their duties throughout the year need not bother of doing anything special at this time.It is an ideal time to gather grace for oneself and for others especially for the sick and ailing dear ones who need God’s providential grace for healing.

Lent is the time of alms giving,saving something for the unfortunate ones.Thanks be to God for the many poor and helpless people around us. They are among us so that we can be charitable.Charity is the one and only motive of the God fearing people,without it we are really very helpless and aimless too.After all what matters to God most is our attitude.We cannot be enough with our charity but our trying to do it will help us to grow in the heavenly love of the father.The way of the cross good confessions and daily prayers for the next 40 days will certainly take us closer to God through our intimacy with our fellow human beings.Lent is the special season to think of our nothingness before the creator.Everyone has to go one day leaving behind either a huge wealth or little.How lofty is the work of charity before God and in the mind of man.It gives us a sense of satisfaction and immense joy which can’t be explained to rude and unkind people.It is the time to cleanse the soul of it’s filthiness. We should pray for those who hate us and are trying to harm us.It’s time to shed tears for the atonement of our shortcomings. Above all it is the perfect time to love everyone.Love covers a multitude of sins.It is love that helps an individual to survive even in hostile circumstance. A LOVELY HYMN FROM THE’ SING TO THE LORD’

“Love it was that made us, and it was love that saved us,love was God’s plan when he made man, God’s divine nature is love.

Born of God’s love we must love him,That’s why he made us to love him,but only when we love all men,can we partake of God’s love.

Love is a wonderful thing,Joy in our hearts it will bring,where there’s true love there is God and where there is God there is love.


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