I am very sorry to say that I have been inconsistent in writing a post on JOVIAL.I read posts of you all whenever I get a little time.It’s not that I don’t have anything to write about but like many others I am also suffering of my weaknesses. It’s not really physical weakness but it’s spiritual weakness.My worry is to be truly a righteous person but that is distant goal to achieve. Practically speaking I am little bothered about the deadly virus or any other dreaded disease because I know that there is someone who has taken care of me all these years.The Good Lord is true to his commitment hence he will not let me down when I am living for a purpose.The same applies to all the others,in the last 48 years great leaders,billionaires have left this earth empty handed yet I have survived like you all.This is a startling miracle for me and I can’t find ways to be grateful to him nevertheless I am trying hard to live a pious life but it’s not possible without his grace.

Trust me,the only fear that haunts me always is to grow spiritually in a world of fantasy. I have realized the fact that the true path to overcome fear is to fear the Lord.First of all we have to trust ourselves to trust the Lord.A man of little faith cannot have great faith without a miracle,without the power of the Lord.The Lord is the master of not only of the Sabbath but he is also the master of everything.He has the power over everything but to tap that power we have to be in touch with him .Whether we are trying to resolve our problems or not depends on our activities and the good Lord understands it well when we are trying to stay away from the statutes of this world to be closer to him and that is the sign of our healing.

Let us not give up our hope in the Lord,he wants to take up all our iniquities once again to save us all.His only pleasure is to look after the lost ones and that is why he died on the Cross .He has paid a ransom so that we don’t remain as Satan’s slaves.Friends, always find ways to present special gifts to friends.Satan also present gifts to those who are loyal to him but the sad fact is that the devil deals with things like hatred,lies,greed,lust,destruction, conspiracy and diseases. So whenever we are friendly with the evil one we receive presents like inspiration to commit evils and also diseases. It is the Lord who can free us from fears and phobias.He is the one who commanded dreaded diseases and even death to depart from innocent people of his time.So beloved ones let’s take the decision to live a chaste life to avoid chastisement .

13 thoughts on “HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR

  1. Spot on, Francis. This truly is a fantasy world we are living in. Unfortunately, the media keeps feeding us violent fantasy’s filled with hatred and vengeance. I pray that as we near Easter, the world will come together in peace to rid us of the virus before it spreads.

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