Dear Friends,I received a message of the medicines of CORONA VIRUS from a reliable person last night .I have no time to waste in sharing it hence I am forwarding it as I had received. With just 2 simple herbs the illness due to Corona Virus can be treated.My guruji,through his great grand fathers has got the knowledge transferred to himself.Two herbs required 1.Neem 2.Phyllanthus niruri(Keezhanelli).Grind equal portion of these leaves to a paste.Take a 50 mg ball sized quantity for 3 days morning in empty stomach.Do not take anything for 1 hour.This should be taken only in paste form.Powder or juice form will not work.You can prepare the paste and keep it in the freezer also for consumption. Taking these herbs will not have any side effects.Kindly help to spread the awareness.If you have anyone in China or any other place please tell them.We cannot send a Bhodi Dharmar to China but our message can be sent.Let us help and support our brothers and sisters in China.For more details contact Sivasankaran Vipraana Herbals 9094854442(WhatsApp)8667752935.


    1. They must have tried it on similar issues earlier.After all it’s a matter of test without any side effects.It’s a question of helping humanity from disaster.Thanks a lot for the valid question. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


    1. I hope the message reaches the right person.It’s a matter of grave concern across the world.I pray to the Almighty so that the herbs may be of real use to the affected.Most welcomeπŸŒΉπŸ™


  1. I am concerned that Big Pharma controls any release of treatment information. The recent breakthrough in Seattle leads me to believe something I’ve suspected for a few weeks. There may be another treatment on the horizon!

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  2. It could be a theory and it could help, but how sure can you be, Francis?
    Phyllanthus niruri could only treat chronic fever and Neem works as antibacterial, and we are trying to treat a virus in here. I am not saying it could not work, but how do you know its truly efficient?

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    1. I think the people who are treating it are quite sure that’s why they have given their numbers.As for me,I just wanted to share it with the hope of helping people who are affected.So nice of you dear for sharing your views. πŸŒΉπŸ‘

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