Tha silence of this earth and

chirping of birds makes a lovely dawn.

The mother deer walks in daffy way

in the meadow with her fawn.

The worms on the leaves & spiders in the cobwebs do struggle for life,

As the early birds make a meal of them,

the bees are scared to be in their hive.

I often think of the little birds why do

they chirp at dawn?

They thank the Lord for a lovely new day

and the time that has bygone.

It is a proper reason to be carefree

for which they gladly fly,

being superior we only walk and run

and stare at the birds in the sky.

If only I could fly for a while I would

certainly visit paradise,

and peep through to find what the saints do

from their sleep the moment they rise.

As human beings do we pray at the

end of the day as we go to sleep?

If the answer is no then surely the

misfortunes unknowingly we reap.

The little worms and caterpillars are

so tiny yet have no complain,

even the strongest lion for all that he

receives is always happy in his den.

Then why are we so unhappy and sick

can’t find our way out?

It’s our grudges and hatred and ingratitude

that makes us always shout.

Our voices are there to speak sweetly

and sing praises to the Lord,

growling and howling are animal’s task

which human beings cannot affford.

So let’s vow to pray when we wake up at dawn

and also at dusk when it is dark,

wherever we may be jogging or running

at home or may be in the park.

The strong and the stout mighty warriors

have all left this earth in the past,

most of them had not known at all

the time when they breathed their last.

Friendship with the world does make

us feel glad and makes us very strong,

but ignoring God’s blessings of the dawn

can make everything go wrong.

So be in touch with him the one who

has made us out of love

and do remember he is in every

human being as he is believed to be above.

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