It’s Christmas time ,a time of celebration ,a time to be happy,joyful and elated. What about those who lived before the coming of Christ?Weren’t they happy and joyful?I do not know for sure but Jesus had to come to this earth because the representatives of God didn’t understand the true meaning of God’s love hence there was much sufferings as we find in the old testament ,they followed the rules laid down by Moses .They had the same kind of hearts like ours yet they were forced to follow some strict laws for fear of the society.

Charity then was confined within the clans and the own communities. Apart from that there was much hatred for the people of other communities, it was almost like untouchability. Laws like stoning adulteress in those days depicted a very clear picture of man’s heart.Perhaps it looked like a little better than a stable so the son of man was laid in a manger in the stable when he was born .God knew that to love man or to reside in man’s heart meant nothing but to be in a stinky place till the Last Judgement.

Even today my heart is in a very miserable state and the sad thing is that I received him in a stinky,dirty heart.I have taken for granted the fact that Jesus is habituated in residing in a filthy heart so it doesn’t make any difference and that is the problem which needs to be resolved.We undergo thorough search by security guards before meeting any earthly ministers or renowned dignitaries to ensure that he /she is not hurt in any way.The sad thing is that Jesus has little importance in the lives of many like me because of his immense love and forgiving nature, we don’t even think of cleaning our hearts before receiving him.

Another reason for his birth in a stable is that he wanted to make it clear that he would be easily accessible to the poor ,needy ,downtrodden as he allowed the shepherds who were looking after their flocks to come and see the prince of love and peace in an ordinary way.So Christmas is a message for the poor and the needy that they are blessed as He himself came to this earth in a very small way like them.Another great message for the wealthy is that they must help the poor and the needy to ensure that they are the friends of the Messiah,Jesus Christ .

However rich we may be but we need to approach the Lord whenever there is a need,similarly we can be acquainted with the Lord simply by taking special care of those who have nothing and be special ones of Jesus and thus enjoy the privilege to meet him whenever we want even if there’s a queue.

Wish you all my beloved ones a Merry Christmas.

28 thoughts on “WHY IS GOD IN THE MANGER?

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